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Monday, December 25, 2006
Case# Case# 9. Rose Desrochers OT None Of Your business!~YEA, RIGHT
Hi Gang, I am still around. Just noticed that this URL cannot be found anymore. Now, I wonder how that happened? Pretty strange to me. So, I just re did it.

Life is busy and the boys are taking all my energy. My life is changing, but I am hoping that by the time the New Year comes around, I will be back to blogging.

Case# 9. Rose Desrochers OT None Of Your business!~YEA, RIGHT
Now Rose, surely you had to know that I would know you are still coming to my blog, I guess hoping you could read something juicy and new about you. Well heck, your wish is my command. OT None Of Your Business!? But, you see, it is. YOU and your trollish ways are my business.

Oh, I am sorry, I forgot to tell you that I have it set up for someone to track your entries to my blog. I don't keep up with the visitors anymore, but they sure do. And they alert me when you come in. They for some reason can decipher (that means in case you did not know, unravel, solve, read, account for, etc. If you need more information on what that word means, LOOK IT UP!) I am sure if you ask Shawn real nice, he can tell you this can be done in this computer and technology age, especially if you pay a high dollar to have it done. (Or in my case, just a good friend, with years of computer knowledge and experience, and with a really good education!) I would have known anyway if I had read my files when they sent them to me. But, I was busy. That is what happens when you HAVE A REAL LIFE!

First of all, I would have contributed OT to misspelling on your part. (Thinking you meant TO). And told them so, and they just laughed as they told me that this is a new and interesting side to hiding tracks concerning a proxy. They even went so far to send me this link, in case I wanted to share it with readers. (I could not send their link, as if I did, then you would know who my personal Internet Detective is! Can't have that, but in the future, I might tell you. Or they will. Heck, who knows, the Canada Police might tell you!)

Once I finally got around to reading the reports more in detail, I was not surprised. Main reason was NO ONE visits my blog under a proxy this many times. (Readers, keep in mind I did not show all of her visits, as it is all redundant, therefore boring.) Why would they? They have not been banned. And besides, what the heck do I care if they visit my blog. YOU ARE THE ONE AND ONLY PERSON BANNED FROM MY BLOGS because you or your husband had the arduous ambition to break in to my sitemeter, as you just had to know who reads my blogs. That is just sad. Not to mention dishonest, and wicked. I almost feel sorry for you. But, I don't. It just goes to show that you are still a troll. Just goes to show that I know it and will always know when you log in to any of my blogs, no matter how hard you try to hide it. (Which is also interesting, as you have stayed shy of Katie's Logue since you now know that I will never blog about you there anymore, which means that blog is now boring to you as you are no longer mentioned there.)

Oh, BTW readers, same name and same game, even though this is all I am allowed to share. Same Firefox, same everything. Just go back and read my previous blog on ROSE DESROCHERS BROKE INTO MY SITEMETER. If you take the time, you can compare for yourself.

Also, thanks to the service (you know who you are) that has keep me on track of her movements.

31 Oct 22:37:05 Firefox 2.0 Windows XP 1024x768 Germany
31 Oct 10:29:00 Firefox 2.0 Windows XP 1024x768 Denmark
29 Oct 22:59:44 Firefox 2.0 Windows XP 1024x768 Germany
26 Oct 00:55:31 Firefox 1.5.0 Windows XP 1024x768 United States

Now, ain't this special. And so much fun!

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