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Sunday, July 26, 2009
Case# 50 - In Review: Internet Harasser of the Month: EOPC - 10/2008
from EOPC
In the 4 1/2 years since this was first posted - Stone has NOT QUIT sending emails, even after we REMOVED THIS EXPOSE FOR 2 YEARS, EOPC received hundred of emails from him. Stone's threats to EOPC blame us for the most ridiculous things... example: if Stone gets spam from a Nigerian Scammer he thinks its US! LOL!

He has named some of our victims or any name he can glean off this site as US!! He calls us all sorts of names, threatens and has relentlessly chased around people he thinks are us; no matter what they do or don't do. It doesn't matter - Stone will find them and harass them. By his own actions, he has proved what his victims have said about him.

Nothing seems to stop this 'energizer bunny' of cyberharassment from bothering his victims either... therefore, we are, as per a request from his Victims, reposting this.


In early 2008, EOPC heard from Mr. Stone wanting to expose his Victim. While we were doing some background checking we then heard from his Victim(s). Stone was not pleased to hear we would not do his expose but rather, checking showed that his victim was actually the truthful one.

MANY of the predators have contacted us saying their VICTIMS are the "predators; harassers; attackers; liars... etc." We can often tell JUST BY THE VERBIAGE USED & SUBSEQUENT ACTIONS that this is complete PROJECTION on the part of the predator and EOPC is not fooled.

We have nothing further to say to Mr. Stone other than his none stop harrassment of anyone who tells the truth about him (including his misuse of law enforcement by telling them 'selective information' and capitaliizing on the different in the laws between his country and his victim's) and Stone's endless narcissistic rage will not prevent the truth from being out there.

October 2008

Gary Stone

Known Nicknames/ Identities:

The Toylanders (role playing site with: 'Gary' on lead guitar & XXX on bass)
Toylander Press International (fake company used by Stone to misappropriate copyrighted material)
TPI Management (Stone 'pretends' to be CEO)
Walter Crankcase (make-believe news reporter)
Drive-by Taunter (Stone portrays himself as a righteous vigilante against 'laxity and hackery wherever it exists')
Big Brother (used to stalk victim at - website now closed)
Jamestown (see above)
gjstone1 (on Yahoo)
backbeatone (on Gmail and in many forums)
Gary Stone or GStone (on Facebook)

An online search for 'backbeatone' brings up results for his postings in many forums around the world, however he has been working hard lately to erase as much as he can in order to cover his tracks. (sounds like Beckstead, Dunetz/ Yidwithlid and Jacoby to name just a few!)

Known Email addresses:

According to his targets:
Stone's primary Victim is the mother of a young child and lives in another country from Stone. She had very narrowly survived long and painful pre-natal and post-natal illnesses, and had been diagnosed with an extremely rare life-threatening condition. She was also recovering from the additional trauma of divorce. With the help of her family, she was JUST getting back on her feet with her pre-school child in a one-bedroom apartment. (uh oh, the Cyberpath's primary type of target! Vulnerable woman.)

Full of optimism for the future, in October 2006, she joined her first online discussion group purely for friendship and to discuss her writing work with other writers. In November 2006, the Victim was approached in the group by an alleged singer-songwriter named GARY JAMES STONE.

Stone asked if he could publish one of her poems on his website 'dedicated to original music and art – not for profit, but because it should be done'. She was flattered and happily agreed. Then he asked for another of her poems and a short story. She sent Stone and his family a Christmas card to thank him, and included a CD of her brother's original music which Gary Stone offered to include under the 'Featured Musicians' section of his website.

Gary Stone showered the Victim with praise for her writing (love bombing) and offered to create a web page for the spoof Agony Aunt column, which she had invented. Gary Stone also quickly began gathering together all of the Victim's other creative works to promote on his website, and asked her to cobble together a prototype for a book of poetry and short stories, which THEY might have published in the future.

As soon as any interest is shown by the [potential victims], they may be love bombed by the [predator]. This process of feigning friendship and interest in the victim was ...taken up by [predators] as part of ...luring people in. Love bombing is a coordinated effort ... that involves flooding [victims] with flattery, verbal seduction, affection and lots of attention to their every remark. Love bombing - or the offer of instant companionship - is a deceptive ploy accounting for many successful [seductions & lurings].

His Victim came up with the title of the book, compiled and edited it, and contributed about 50% of the content in the form of poetry, short stories, and digital images. Both Stone and his victim each printed off a master copy via and discussed taking it to publishers. The Victim made preliminary enquiries with publishers in her area, but nothing came of it.

The Victim later discovered that Gary Stone continued to sell the book online, but he took it down, along with his website, when the Victim withdrew permission in January 2008 for him to publish her works.

Gary Stone had immediately given the Victim the nickname 'Kinky', who was to be a 'character' in his on-website story: his 'roadie/groupie and rock news reporter'. At Gary Stone's request, the Victim wrote about 10 humorous articles under that pen-name in order to promote his website's story, but she neither sought nor expected payment for these.

Gary Stone, through love-bombing soon coerced & lured this Victim into cybersex via role-playing scenarios, which the Victim initially played along with IN FUN ONLY, starting with the 'audition in the shower' ; followed by romps 'in the office', 'on the beach', 'in the court-room', etc. Little did the Victim realize that Stone's probable mental derangement & magical thinking blurred the line for him between real and imagined events!

Narcissists know that if you kill, you are a killer; if you lie, you are a liar; if you abuse, you are an abuser; and so forth. So, they invent an elaborate fantasy to remain in denial of what they are - what they have made themselves.

They can't bear knowing they are evil, just as you or I couldn't bear that. So they make sure they UNKNOW it, no matter what. Hence the twisted thinking and elaborate facade.

Stone became very emotionally & personally intimate with the Victim and, in February 2007, he asked her to marry him to start a new life in the UK. He encouraged her to start planning a lavish wedding at a romantic Scottish castle.

Stone sent the Victim several very small, unsolicited sums of money via PayPal to start saving for their wedding. Victim felt swept off her feet by Gary Stone's attention (love bombing and mind control) and accepted his proposal on the basis that he told her he was 'soon to divorce his bullying wife.' This Victim was coerced into believing him, especially as Stone's wife began to send her abusive emails addressed to the Agony Aunt on the website.

You have but a bit part in this show. You exist to reflect his greatness in your interactions with him, period.

Notice that the narcissist [Cyberpathy is a form of Narcissism & Psychopathy] is essentially an author of fiction in which the hero is always some idealized version of himself. He edits reality on the fly to compose this work of fiction. It's how he supports his delusions of grandeur. HERE

Gary Stone convinced his Victim that his wife was a 'Bunny Boiler', so the Victim made just one polite reply and didn't respond to the rest of Stone's wife's abusive comments.

Gary Stone went into great and specific detail about how he 'could no longer tolerate his wife's and his son's abuse', including:

  • how his wife tried to smash his computer with a hammer and lobotomize him with a screwdriver;
  • how she had turned her bedroom into a shrine for her dead mother;
  • how she believed that one of her four cats was her mother reincarnated;
  • how he had not been able to face having sex with her for over 14 years;
  • how he had nightmares about seeing his wife naked;
  • how her many medical conditions meant that she was more of a patient to him than a wife; how she had financially destroyed him with overwhelming debt, and he could not manage on his income;
  • how his adult son constantly masturbated and urinated in his bed;
  • how he destroyed Gary Stone's musical equipment and regularly coughed phlegm on his guitar;
  • that his whole family was morbidly obese and refused to have the lights on at home because they could not bear to look at themselves;
  • that all the toilet seats in the house kept cracking under their weight;
  • that they had been in therapy for many years;
  • and that his teenage daughter was being monitored by Social Services because his wife hit her.

(sounds like the b.s. that other cyberpaths -- pulled on their already lured, seduced and controlled victims! You know the 'my wife abuses me, I don't love her anymore, it's you I want, my family are all psychos, I am the abused husband/ father.' PROJECTION!

Beware when someone BADMOUTHS the wife, girlfriend or supposedly soon-to-be-exes! If you don't give them what they want or figure them out? You're NEXT on their smear campaign!)

Martyr Man,

You will always be the victim, in every situation where someone tries to get close to you...You look for a strong-willed woman, latch on to her, but envy her strength and ability to express herself openly, so you attack her in vicious little ways. Ways so subtle that you can easily and convincingly deny any wrongdoing and make HER look like the crazy one for even suspecting that you are a passive-aggressive game player.

You played similar games with women before, and this was a chief motivator for their anger and "abuse" towards you... when you paint yourself as a martyr, you *always* fail to mention the emotional and psychological abuse you were inflicting on THEM.

That's right, Martyr. You are an abuser. You. Poor little cringing, eternally victimized you.

"But abusers scream, yell and hit, and I never do that!" you protest. "I'm not that way at all. I don't have the anger gene. I am completely incapable of anger."

What you are incapable of is the truth. But I am capable of the truth and here it is.

You ARE capable of anger. ...You no doubt carry this behavior on in your work and it is the reason most of the other employees don't like you. People tend not to like someone who does not do his share of the work and is sullen and resistant to new ideas. They are probably tired of your constant subterfuge and backstabbing. No doubt you also play the divide-and-conquer game, playing people off against one another.

Because you cannot assert yourself openly, you play psychological games designed to break [your victims] down, subvert their will, and subtly - invisibly - assert YOUR control.

That's right, Martyr Man. You want control. ...So you get a feeling of control by manipulating situations with a deft, invisible hand....

You remember to do the things YOU enjoy and want to do, and your friends think you're a great guy - the kind of guy who would do anything for his friends! (Of course you would - your reputation depends on maintaining an appearance of kindness and willingness, and anyone who doesn't know you WELL would say what a nice guy you are - you would do anything to maintain that image). ...

No doubt [your victim] has noticed the fact that after your initial, highly romantic and complimentary approach, you do a complete about-face once she's "hooked" - like Jerkily and Hyde. Once she's in a relationship with you, the kind and gentle and loving courtship behavior ceases, and the passive-aggressive battle begins.

When [your victim] challenges you about your behavior, you deny it, and make HER out to be irrational and crazy for even suspecting it. After all, the success of a passive-aggressive campaign depends on secrecy and camouflage.

You lie easily, leaving out little details like a wife you haven't yet legally severed ties to, and children that you almost never see. You haven't got a divorce, and you won't, because even though you hate your wife, you feel chained to her. You are dependent on her. It's a parasitic relationship. No doubt she was angry with you because you provoked her, getting a charge out of her frustration and rage, and taking full opportunity to twist the situation around until you could make yourself out to be the victim.

I haven't the faintest doubt you have cheated on her many times and lied to her many times, and that was the real cause of the attack that so wounded you emotionally. You brought it on yourself, but you won't admit that part. She's completely evil, in your little fairy tale, and you are the innocent little lamb, incapable of even the slightest twinge of anger.


Stone declared he 'had to leave his family as he could not tolerate living with them any longer.'

Stone's known websites (some may no longer be working):

Though taken down Jan 2008, Stone now threatens to re-upload the site using his victim's materials and to 'expose' me to the world, in order to force me to respond to him. He also does the same to EOPC accusing us of the most bizarre things, saying we did or said certain things -- and twists history out of proportion. It's beyond insane without a shred of credibility.

While trying to pass it off as his own - this site is FULL of the victim's photos, artwork & writing. 3 out of the 6 mail links on this home page are of his victim's doing. Following the links on his site leads you to more and more pictures and a blatant rip off of all of his victim's, again passing it off as his own.

NOTE: Stone has ZERO copyrights in any country over these materials. Obviously his websites are only being done to FORCE his victim to take him to court, where -- he has already declared -- he would represent himself and question his victim!. Like a rapist would question his victim in court! A Clear-Cut case of attempting to STALK & HARASS via the Courts. (NOTE: The victim's severe PTSD from Stone would cause the U.S. courts to allow the victim to NOT HAVE TO APPEAR under ADA Accomodations; therefore Stone would be bloviating to himself & a judge.)

Where Stone continues to sell a song for his profit, using the victim's voice

(blocked by Soundclick admin for posting abuse about me in blogs and forums)

Lulu Link (now removed)
Where Stone sold books for his profit, containing works by the Victim
Typical "playing the victim" baloney and luring in his victim! And remember, like many of our victims - she'd was in recovery from serious illness and childbirth issues and was trying to rebuild her life -- therefore VULNERABLE. So Stone targeted her like a hungry tiger! Now he won't stop because he's been exposed. He says he calls law enforcement to report us yet, here we are. He says he's taken down other blogs of our sbut we have no other blogs/ sites. This is it. Just silly!

More to come. Stone will stop at nothing to destroy his victim and now EOPC, who now knows too much, including involving law enforcement in his games & stalking members of EOPC.

(just the fact that this predator finds it necessary to have sent over 1000 harassing and accusatory emails in just 8 months speaks volumes to his pathology

From: Gary Stone (backbeatone@xxx)
09 October 2008 00:03:47

poor poor victim indeed. Well you have cyberpath now. Tell me xxx who said "i luv inf plus two" and where is my history? You've turned the story upside down, but that;'s entiredly consistent.
Listen xxx, why did you chose that photo? did you tell them whee it was taken?
I am dealing with the story peice by peice. First the orgins of that photo, what you and I inteneded to do with it. When the dodgy book is cleared and you dont show up to court, I will publish that, and then I am giving moonstone away.
After adding your lastest exploits. Your so pathetic.

From: Gary Stone (backbeatone@xxx)
08 October 2008 13:40:33

Since we spoke last, Ms xxx,
xxx and xxx hacked my acct and downloaded 49 bundles of MP3 files, exposing my ss number to xxx and ? others at MF software, dundee. As a result, I am filing an FBI report...for theft of company property, contained in that section is reference to several criminal and civil issues. But- there were also described several conspiracies involving a conspiracy to obstruct justice in a legal case in boston, as well as false statements made under penalty of perjury, that I had infringed on her copyrights, xxx filed DMCA complaints to, oronjo, and payloadz, not because she or he believed I had infringed rights, but because they wanted to keep shutting down the work, so as to get me to reach a threshold of shutdowns, to make a global complaint to google, to blacklist my e - commerace.

This was a sophisticated plot...probably involving MF software servers, and xpertise.

Both done in retaliation for welfare fraud reports. The unsettling thing, is, the victim has my e sig, and ss number, and with that, she can forge contracts, open up cc etc. These people need to be leaned on hard by your authorities,,,

the report to be filed is below. I no longer care about the privacy of criminals. xxxx's advantage is the abilty to project an air of sophisticated "butter would melt" image, and this is how she has got away with so much.

The ref to "clerk magistrate, is here because scottish authtorites mis directed me to local courts. This is an interpol issue.

(It's an elaborate plot? out to "get" Stone? sound familiar?)

social blight, tha you actually are.
From: Gary Stone (backbeatone@xxx)
08 October 2008 16:22:46
To: His Victim

for the next 20 years you wil bel monitored and on the map to every fraud, criminal dept, welfate and social services dept, immigration depts, in the Uk for the social blight, that you actually are, have nice life.

From: Gary Stone (backbeatone@xxx)
Sent: 07 October 2008 17:57:52
To: His Victims

I mailed dmca reg mail. The criminal charges they would not take, so you're people were wrong on that - they said contact DA essex county so I will do that, meanwhile I am filing direct to fbi, online -
(FBI's IC3 has a 7-8 year backlog )

From: Gary Stone (backbeatone@xxx)
Add contact Add contact
Sent: 07 October 2008 18:19:07
To: His Victim

It has to be filed with the US courts attorney gen office local in XXX, I guess every state has a US attorney gen, so I have to enquire of them, where juristiction is, meanwhile, you wil most likely recieve a notice about where to file your copyright infringment suit from each dig store. You know where of course. I will reshape the language of doc for FBI so as to suggest that you are on notice for these criminal matters. do that online

From: Gary Stone (backbeatone@XXX)
Sent: 07 October 2008 20:25:53
To: His Victim

saw counselor today...pre-requiste for going back per wife, etc, although, as you know, she belongs there, but - she wont go, for fear of being declaired an unfit mother, it appears like its me who has to go.

But. the goal might mean a civilzed sep, based on logic that 500/wk is insane now. a cheaper appt etc.

I discussed the past 1.5 yrs. and rolled around to you, I mentioned hints, "Amsterdam," etc, and calling my house, "go to scotlland" and what I later found out was your history. And your behavior later, XXX, the atmosphere in the house. jan feb march I said, "you would think she would avoid all this by erasing the stuff"

she said "but she's mentally ill"

I said "is she?:"

what do you mean

"she may be a T rex"

She acknowleded the possibilty, because she wondered why I didnt cut my losses...
"she broke into lulu, and the conspiracy stuff I dont see what choice I have, to secure myself so I can move on..the case in boston, is going to sq one, with the original cause
she's threatened that too

Obviously the other reason to go, aside from the rest, is to deal with the wiz of a wiz penoenon, to find out the wizard, was no wiz at all, just kid playing with levers.
To find it out in 30" for sure in Hampton, was too much."

"when do want the next appt."

So which is it xxx the T rex? Or the kid with curtain and levers?

The kid we can sympathize with, the T rex not.

filing here.
From: Gary Stone (backbeatone@xxxx)
Add contact Add contact
Sent: 07 October 2008 21:13:47
To: His Victim

filing here. The reason of normal people has failed for 10 months, that leaves the wiz of a wiz, or the raptor. I advised telling me if you were getting help, in case you showed some problem, advised help, and nothing. So T rex is possible.

STONE'S EMAILS TO EOPC (10/8/08) -- Obviously just one polite inquiry wasn't enough for him. And Stone hasn't read our disclaimers either... just rambles on & on. He was very anxious when he first contacted us - to expose his victims!! It didn't take too long in trying to slog through his writing that something was seriously wrong with his ever-shifting story. He isn't the first predator to do this -- a sure sign of pathology though. Apparently he's going to have his minions dog us too. He just goes on & on getting facts wrong or completely confused. Sad man.  We report, we do not involve ourselves.

from Gary Stone
date Wed, Oct 8, 2008 at 10:17 PM
subject plz keep this channel open

If you are interesed in bringing light to this equation, realize that it is possible you are dealing with either a./ a person who is mentally ill in XXX, or b/ a T rex I am not sure which it is, but. .I want to know, help me find out.

This is what she really is. Now look at her ma moon photo.. XXXX
two seductress images, and one proper childrens story image.
Now look look at her jj pages posted at soundclick. and bear something in mind...
she did this because I reported her for welfare fraud. Why?

Because *she* refused to document erasure of my e sig and ss number and all of my copyrighted works. Or formally separate from TPI. She did that deliberately, maintained silence about TPI, so she could prosecute what she is saying about copyright. You *do* have to do your homework.

My lawyers letter is attached as well. She has remained totally silent sincelate feb. You've have made a mistake. If you can prove to me, that she is not guilty of welfare fraud I will retract all I have said about her, and issue a formal apology. But I doubt you can, even I cant get that info. Last I heard, it was still being investigated. My intuition is, she has been slammed. And, you have screwed royally. Now, after looking at these photos, look at the blog, all the way through and wake up!

Do some actual research and contact XXX, lawyer, he has been following this for one year or more.

(Did we mention we found out Stone is on his THIRD LAWYER?)

from Gary Stone
date Wed, Oct 8, 2008 at 9:35 PM
subject you've made a huge mistake

You will find in time that you have been seduced by the very sort you claim to protect people from,,,

Meanwhile, I intend to prove it...follow the blog. And when I am done, I expect a formal apology, which I intend to print. If you refuse, this will be a law suit with little miss muffit as our star witness:

In a few months it will dawn on you what an error you have made. Every word of "moonstone: sex lies and skype " was true. Incidently, you may want to reread this. And I am actually a song writer.

The book has been edited. XXX made sure the first editor was chased off line. Her name is XXX XXXX. Oh, while your at it, plz read dodgy doggerel and suspect stories, and tell me why there's a copyright issue.

Then you are going to hear from XXX brother, and my wife. I havent cheated on her in 20 years, except with XX, she has a history, at least 4 probably more, married men.

Gary Stone

show details Apr 13

I believe this was meant for you fighter:

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: Lucy Johnson
Date: Wed, Apr 13, 2011 at 4:46 AM
To: Gary Stone

Hello Dearest One,
How are you today? I believe that you are doing well, i am happy to read your mail today, i am writing this mail to you with tears and sorrow. Like i told you in my first mail that My name is Lucy Johnson from Liberia in West Africa, Presently i am residing in the refugee camp here in Dakar Senegal, as a result of the civil war occurred in my country, I am 24 years old girl 5'9" tall. My late father Mr Raymond Ellis Johnson was the personal adviser to the former head of state
(Cooper Patrick) before the rebels attacked our house one early morning and killed him alongside with my mother, It is only me that is alive now and i managed to make my way to possible nearby country Senegal where i am living now as a refugee, Please I will like to know more about you. Your likes and dislikes and what you are doing presently. In this camp we are only allowed to go out only on Mondays and Fridays of the weeks. Its just like when someone staying in the prison and i hope by Gods grace i will come out here soon.

I don't have any relatives now whom i can go to, as all my relatives ran away in the middle of the war. The only person i know here is Reverend Pastor Chris Williams who is the pastor of the (Christ The King Church) here in the camp,
i live in the female's hostel, because the camp have two hostels one for men the other for women. i am mailing you through the office computer of the reverend father, the Pastor mobile phone number is ( +221765392690 ) if you call, please tell him that you want to speak with Lucy Johnson so that he will send for me in the female hostel. you can call me today if possible. As a refugee here i don't have any right or privilege to do anything be it money or whatever because it is against the law of this country. i don't have a job, and i don't have money and there is no food in the refuge camp for past one week, I want to go back to my studies in university because i only attended my first year before the tragic incident that lead to the death of my parents took place.

Please listen to this, i have my late father's deposit certificate and death certificate here with me because my father loves me so much as his only child that is why he gave me every information about that money. i will send it to you latter, because when my father was alive he deposited some amount of money in a leading bank in Europe ( Royal Bank ) which he used my name as the next of kin, the amount is $5.9 million us dollars (Five Million nine Hundred Thousand Us Dollars) i am the only person that is aware of it and as the next of kin, and the whole documents and contacts is with me So i will like you to help me transfer this money to your account and from it you can send some money for me to get my traveling documents and air ticket to come over to your place for a better life.
now i have called the bank and they told me that unless i have somebody who will represent me with all the documents that will be required that they are not going to release the money
(1) that i haven't reach the age of 27 years
(2) that due to the federal law governing the refugee camp that i don't have the power to transfer the money,
(3) that i am under the control of Senegal
Please my dear do not think that it's too early for me to tell you this, this is exactly why i contacted you,

because anyone that is this kind of situation, will be looking for a help in any where. I kept this secret out from people in the camp here, my dear for the illustration i made on this mail i will like you to keep it to yourself and don't tell it to anyone for i am afraid of loosing my life and the money if people gets to know about it, please don't tell anyone consign this secret i told you. Remember i am giving you all this information due to the trust i deposed on you. I like honest and understanding people, truthful and vision nice truth and hard working, i did make up my mind to contact you for this, please don't betray me, i trusted you that is why i contacted you yo help me out. My language is English. Meanwhile i will like you to call me around 11am GMT time to 4pm. i have a lot to tell you.
here is my picture.
Waiting for your reply.

from alisa.JPG (118K, 650 x 598)

Anonymous Commentot said...

I have spent some time around sociopaths. In their work you usually find them in positions of power and have control over subordinates.
Take for instance Gary Stone, he was a registered nurse and for many years the night manager. He had control over the nurses under him and god like control over his patients.
This was enough to satiate his sociopathy and allow him to lead a near normal life away from his job. That is until he lost his job, he scrambled for a few months before meeting the above victim and as the story above reads, you do not need to guess the outcome.
Sociopaths can be found in all lines of work, military, law enforcement, civil service, corporate management and small business owners but more or less in a structured environment to which the sociopath will play to their advantage.
Until, they loose their jobs or retire, then all hell breaks out and woo unto the first victim they latch onto. In my opinion the above expose and continued releases will in a sense become his new victim. It will allow him to analyze in great detail every word of each sentence and give him something to do with his time. His time, wasted as it is will be spent refuting the expose and using it as a stick to beat his victim with.
Great work EOPC! keep it up.
I can't wait to see the next installment.


from Stone's: Victim 1:

One might reasonably expect that the 3,500 mile ocean between Gary Stone and his victim would prevent him from attacking her. But he hunts her down - one minute like a love-sick puppy and the next like a rabid wolf - and his aesthetically-challenged face pops up on every website she visits.

Stone has relentlessly stalked his victim on the Internet for over 3 years now. During that time he has wrongly and repeatedly reported her for "welfare fraud" to innumerable authorities, including the FBI, the DWP, US Immigration, Scotland Yard, the First Minister for Scotland, MI-6, and even MI-7... which exists only in James Bond movies!

When Stone found online links to his victim's involvement in a volunteer group in her local community, he emailed the leader of that group making false, outrageous accusations that she posed a danger to children, in a misguided attempt to blacken her name.

In recent weeks Stone found online photos of his victim making a success of her volunteer work; he then stalked each and every person photographed with her and spammed their various Facebook pages with his incessant drivel. Naturally none of these victims read beyond the first paragraph of Stone's word salad before clicking "Delete and Block this User." It provided mild amusement among the victims for about as long as it takes to wipe bird crap off your windshield.

As a former nurse, fired for harassment and insubordination, Stone chooses to describe himself as a "retired nurse" on Facebook. He uses his alleged nursing qualifications to prop up his ego, and has the audacity to email his victim's endocrinologist (a world-renowned Professor in his field) with advice on how to treat her as a patient! Stone relishes taunting his victim about her illness, and regularly provides his own wild diagnoses and recommendations about her medication.

In all of these attacks on his victim, Stone really seems to expect to be taken seriously, when in fact he is making a global laughing stock of himself. Stone's ramblings provide enough material for an entire conference on pathology, projection and pathos.

Instead of Stone announcing to the world (on Facebook) about his colonoscopy, he should try trephination and stick the camera where his brain should be. [The first image here refers to The Stone of Madness:]

But Stone the Energizer Bunny knows no bounds! Wait until you hear what he does to his second victim...


remarks from Victim 2:


One would expect after 3 years of no contact with Stone he would get the hint: Leave us alone.

Stone is nothing but an amusement now. Seeing Stone rant and rave to himself on facebook/blog sites, where he replies to his own replies of replies... it brings a slight wry smile to your face knowing that he can't get to anyone now, knowing that Stone is tearing himself apart from the inside out trying ever so desperately to get an audience... Someone to validate he is the victim... Someone to acknowledge he exists.

Even his one and probably only friend Kevin Carey takes the mickey out of Stone; what makes it funny is Stone is oblivious to it. However, as a leading UK psychologist has pointed out, there is no cure for Stone's illness, no pills, no surgery and, no amount of psychological analysis or psychiatric treatment can cure him. The only treatment for Stone, is not considered humane in these modern times and is akin to the treatment of a rabid dog. The only hope is for Stone to get a new victim, someone that offends his inverted morals or (his lack of) moral subconsciousness.

Stone's ranting would have you to believe that [victim 1] has "bilked" the government for £millions of welfare money while [victim 1] has sexual relationships with every married man in the UK & France, "up to 4 married men a day" - and sends Stone' subtle signals that only Stone can interpret', which Stone has labelled "gas lighting". Somehow Stone sees the "gas lighting" as proof that [victim 1] still has a desire to have a relationship with Stone. "Subtle signals" is all that Stone has, as Stone openly admits that he has not received any emails from [victim 1] since Feb 2008 when [victim 1], in a very polite manner, told Stone to piss off and leave her alone.

These "subtle signals" - or voices in Stone's head - have led to a combination of 4,259 emails (to date) having been sent by Stone to [victim 1] and [victim 2] in the last 3 years: that's 3.8 emails a day, every day, day after day after day..., continuously for 3 years. That's not counting all the thousands if not tens of thousands of emails Stone sent to third parties trying to get [victim 1] and [victim 2] put in jail.

Not bad going for a blind man.

The voices in Stone's head have led him to believe that [victim 2] is the world's most prolific hacker. According to Stone [victim 2] is in control of Russian mobsters, has infiltrated government servers to remove evidence and has hacked the FBI (to plant evidence). Stone says that [victim 2] has complete control of the TOR proxy network and other proxy networks. Stone would have anyone that reads his crap believe that [victim 2] has complete control of his computer and internet connection, thus controlling all his email/blog/user accounts.

Stone phoned [victim 2]'s work with "evidence of hackery", Stone not knowing that [victim 2] had pre warned his employment of his cyberstalker. As Stone read off his list of evidence, he was on speaker phone, the whole office were muffling their laughter... Stone is now responsible for bringing humour to [victim 2]'s friends and a lot catch of phrases: "Don't do a Stone on me now", "Let's Stone-alize him/her" and "I'm going to get all Stone on your arse."

The "prolific evidence of hackery" that Stone has gathered trying to convince himself and the world, just so happens to coincide with a 14-month period that [victim 2] was being treated for a brain tumour - surgery, recovery and subsequent physiotherapy. Yessssssssss, of course, [victim 2] was in ICU with his laptop hacking Stone's computer on a daily basis.

Dealing with Stone is like walking barefoot in the park... in one horrific moment you realise you have stepped on dog faeces, you close your eyes preparing yourself to look down and, when you do, it just confirms that the essence of Stone has just squeezed up between your toes. As you clean Stone out from in between your toes you can't help but to laugh...

Yes, Stone is a lunatic; the wires in his brain are not crossed, they were just not connected to begin with. It brings a smile to one's face knowing that in the twilight of Stone's years the only purpose in his life is his obsessions. One could imagine Stone on his death-bed... "OHHHH the lights have dimmed, [victim 1] is sending a signal," and "WAIT WAIT, [victim 2] is hacking my pillow case."


EOPC is glad to see his victims have taken a humorous look at Stone's nonsense. We hope our members and supporters who this lunatic has tried to blame, harass and intimidate sees what a useless joke he is... and that he is only digging a bigger and bigger hole for himself.

Stone DID find an audience but it was only people who are as SCREWED UP or MORE SCREWED UP than he is!! Betsy Ashby and Laura Knight Jadcyzk!! Good going Stone!!! maybe they'll give you a padded cell together!

Stone has accused EOPC of working with his victims to ruin his life in some way, that we involved ourselves with his personal life, that two of us are old members we helped -- one who we recently learned spent most of last year in the hospital after having serious surgery (just like his Victim 2). So according to the all-important lunatic Stone, these and others are spending all their waking time with Victim 2 hacking Stone's computers and life... ROFL! Serious help is what Stone really needs.

If you know Stone please, please - get him into an institution where he can be helped as soon as possible so he can spend quality time with his family and enjoying his life instead of his making the pit of his own insanity bigger all the time.


It's hard to make sense of anything this guy writes. His thinking is like confused babble. The sad part is that someone this pathetic can make so much trouble for everyone. He's like a runaway train destroying everything in his path. Someone like this needs to be confined.
12:48 AM

Anonymous said...

This guy is a real case...

I hope the victims are prepared for a long siege - it can go on for YEARS. The good thing is that, if you state your case, back it up with documentation, hold your ground, and learn to not respond to the pathological, eventually everyone will see them for what they are: pathetic.

But that takes time.
5:34 PM
Anonymous said...

My GOD what a nut!! He thinks Fighter is anyone who calls him on his crap? Does he really think EOPC is all about HIM? Sounds like all the other exposed predators over the last 4 years.

He makes no sense and gets more bizarre by the minute.

This guy needs to be in a mental hospital. IMMEDIATELY.

8:20 PM
Anonymous said...

As I stated in my previous post;

"It (Gary Stones expose) will allow him to analyze in great detail every word of each sentence and give him something to do with his time. His time, wasted as it is will be spent refuting the expose and using it as a stick to beat his victim with."

My prediction has come true. As with a great many sociopaths, psychopaths and cyberpaths that have been exposed they live in a world of self denial and fantasy. Gary Stone has completely missed the point of his exposure on the EOPC web site. He just does not get the point that is being made there.

He, Gary Stone, is deliberately harming another individual in the world because, as a married man that had an affair with a single mother can not bring himself to admit he was wrong. Gary Stone can not face up to the truth of himself and tries to use everything (blogs, websites, emails, lawyers and the courts) in his power to punish his victim for HIS MISTAKE.

Gary Stone refuses to be a man and stand up and take responsibility for himself, trying his damnedest to make his mistakes the fault of his victim.

Copied from Gary Stone's blog site:

"But I now do have PTSD, and it is the result of the emotional spiritual and financial disaster [The Real Victim] has caused here.
[The Real Victim] will quote and even forge emails from me, she will cut and paste for effect, but she will never lay all emails end to end from January 07- January 08, because they would show her to be a master manipulator"

It's time to teach Gary Stone a new word to use.

Hypocrisy (hĭ-pŏk'rĭ-sē)

1. The practice of professing beliefs, feelings, or virtues that one does not hold or possess; falseness.
2. An act or instance of such falseness.
3. An expression of agreement that is not supported by real conviction
4. Insincerity by virtue of pretending to have qualities or beliefs that you do not really have

I find it just a tad bit hypocritical of Gary Stone to profess, project upon his victim that Gary Stone has PTSD.
If Gary Stone has PTSD and was true to the diagnosis of PTSD he would not spend all the waking hours of his day revising and writing new blogs to smear his victim with.

Now that Gary Stone has learned a new word or two (Hypocrisy, Hypocritical and Hypocrite) lets count the number of times he uses the new words from now on.
I guess all cyberpaths can be accused of being a Hypocrite.

8:42 PM
Anonymous said...

Gary Stone refuses to be a man and stand up and take responsibility for himself, trying his damnedest to make his mistakes the fault of his victim.

All the listed cyberpaths do that. ALL of them. No remorse, no empathy. You can't expect someone who - from reading his nonsense - is THAT SCREWED UP to be able to take responsibility for anything!! He's a nutjob!!

Pathology is the INABILITY to change & grow. Why should Stone or any of the other Cyberpaths listed on the right change? or even see reason? It's not on their agenda.

Just the things he accuses Fighter of doing/ being are beyond the pale. As a long time member of this site - even I know he's not just reaching; he's making things up out of whole cloth!

How does law enforcement not institutionalize this man?

11:23 PM

I couldn't understand a word of what Gary Stone was saying.

In trying to twist facts Gary just ends up looking like the pathological fool he is.

I think someone should order a straight jacket, a padded cell and some serious medication for Gary Stone because he needs it.

4:00 AM
Anonymous said...

24 hours is all it took.

Copied from Gary Stone's blog

"[Victim 1], because your love for me was role playing, and non existent for one year, does not deny the existence of TPI, all of what you did there you did under that rubric, and there is little remaining now except your hypocrisy. And your self indulgence. Even your humor is forever absent."

"Follow your credo, and mediate, or prove yourself a hypocrite with a vested interest and redicule the typos of a man declared legally blind."


In Gary Stone's constant drive to re-write history he has gone back over his posts and inserted the word hypocrite and hypocrisy. Fact is that a sociopath, psychopath or cyberpath's behavior can be predicted, if not suggest to them. Too bad Gary Stone will never take up the suggestion for him to turn himself into Mass. State Mental Hospital for the treatment he needs.

Lets see if Gary Stone can actually remember his history correctly.

Can he remember who Patricia Sh****** is? EOPC can expect to see this name appear is his blog soon.

Seems the above victims are not [Victim 1] and [Victim 2]


8:58 AM

My sister said ” don’t feed it anymore”, so maybe this is the best approach. The people involved have done things that I wished I never saw, frightening things, and they don’t see that they are being operated through.

I only have only comment on the blog that is referring people here, it is tabloidism. And false. 08 percent outright lies, 1 percent twists, and 1 percent truth.

Is he for REAL?? Can one person really be THAT screwed up that he can't see its all in his head and he's full of crap?

Can't his sister put him in a mental hospital for a while? This guy needs it bad.

12:51 AM
Victims Of Angela Buer said...

Gary Stone sounds so much like my harasser ANGELA BUER its scary. Angela Buer spends a lot of time on my victims blog searching frantically for any personal information she can use against me and the other victims. If you go to my blog you can see, just like fighter talks about the number of hours Gary Stone spends on here, how she spends LOTS of time on our blog and she uses the Los Angeles County Library! Typical narcissistic behavior. They think they are above the law. I doubt gary Stone even has a lawyer and any lawyer with any common sense would probably run!

7:31 PM
Anonymous said...

If Gary Stone has PTSD and was true to the diagnosis of PTSD he would not spend all the waking hours of his day revising and writing new blogs to smear his victim with.


This guy's psychotic!!

Does his wife know he spends this much time online writing to and about other people??

2:36 PM
Victimsofangela said...

We helped fighter expose him on another blog where he rants and he of course threatened that he had turned us into the fbi..What a nutcase! He en attacks us and states that we need to stop posing as victims. And fo course where he ranted is a palce that our cyberharasser posted a defamatory and malicious postings.

9:43 PM

victimsofangela - Stone now claims you turned on EOPC, called us stalkers, said you told him we hacked your site and set you up.

This man needs serious psychiatric intervention...

just look at his unreadable nonsense:

He is doing this to himself and is fundamentally unbalanced.

3:14  PM

EOPC was nothing but good and supportive to me.  I have seen Stone's new blogs.  He is out of his mind and twisting or misinterpreting what I told him.  Either than or he's making it up.

You keep on doing the good work you do!  Gaury.

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