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Monday, September 07, 2009
It has been a very long time since I have posted on this blog. I have thought about this blog so many times, and have had so many things I wanted to blog about. But my life in the last two years have been busier than I expect, and I was challenged with so many new roads and paths in my life, that my blogging was put on the back burner. BUT recently, I have fire in me to write about problems that are going on with Craigslist. (Besides the Craigslist killings, and lawsuits of their promoting erotica areas, which they have now stopped, as they CENSORED their own site.)

Just over a year ago, my husband bought a variety/used furniture store. I was told that Craigslist (from now on I will call CL) was great for free advertising. And in reality, it is, and did help our business a lot. But, one who advertises on CL has to deal with their ads being removed for no reason many times. In my case, I think other dealers are just jealous and will flag your ads for removal. When this happened to me the first time, I received a very nice email to go to the CL Flag Help forum. I thought that was great that CL would have a place to explain the reasons or explain things for you. OMG, I was astounded and shocked when I placed my question of why my ad was removed. I was jumped on, belittled, degraded, called names, faced vulgar language from a group of people in the Flag Help. Hmmm, how interesting.

Those that know me, know that I am going to investigate this. And I did. I would find the time to go to the Flag Help Desk 3 or 4 times a week. Just to read the questions and answers, but not to comment. I had to GRIT my teeth not to get involved in this. The CL Flag Desk (as well as their other so called Help Support Forums) sadly, is just a sad place for people who advertise on CL needing help, where they are ganged up on, degraded, belittled, insulted, called horrible names, and leave wondering WHAT THE HELL was that all about? The helpers consist of people who are total jerks, and they get their kicks out of trying to hurt people, being prejudice, using vulgar language, trying to push buttons to harm, deface and slander these innocent people who came there that needed help, and expected help. To laugh at them, carry on conversations that they can read about them, only to make them suffer, hurt and hope they accomplished their sick goals, as if to destroy them with their harsh and uncalled words. WHERE does CL get these people, and why do they not care that these hired or volunteered helpers are not helping at all?

I could no longer sit on this another day after reading the inhuman treatments of how these people were treated. I could not bare to see these people asking for honest help in a HELP SECTION to suffer being slandered in such a malicious way. Below is a very soft problem I recently read today on the CL Help Desk. This example is nothing compared to how they treated others. This person was treated nicely compared to others I read about.

An individual placed an ad to sell a boat, and in error, placed it in the wrong category, therefore it was flagged and removed. They asked for help of why their ad was flagged and removed. OMG, the responses were so fast. Name calling from the help desk of the individual being an idiot, stupid, dumb ass, can’t read, etc. It really ticked me off, as they made an honest mistake and needed help. NOT ONE person in the help area said anything such as “Your ad was placed in the wrong category. This sometimes happens. Just repost in the right category, and everything should be fine.” If any do not believe me, just hit this link and decide for yourself of the treatment that goes on there to people asking for help. I know that when people close this out, they are so angry, shaking their heads, in disbelief or maybe even crying. And this bothers me a great deal! People should not have to suffer for asking for help, and to be treated so badly. We are already in a time on this world where we have so many problems to bare, so many decisions we have to make just to make ends meet, and to face the never ending stress that life befalls upon us. Yet, on CL Help Flag, we have to face more from people that evidently have no conscious.

CL was designed and came up with a really good idea to allow people to advertise for free. And for those that have not had any problems with their ads, or had their ads flagged and removed, I am sure they swear by CL and how wonderful it is. But, I am sure their minds would be shocked should they ever encounter the problems with the Flag Help. Hopefully this blog will let them realize how lucky they are, yet alert them to the problems sporting CL. I am highly disturbed that CL allows such behavior in their Flag Help and other help areas to continue. I cannot understand why such a public name as CL, their owners and developers allow this to happen to innocent parties that are just asking for HELP. Especially since it can only lead to their discredit, and they have already had problems in the past. Do they just not CARE? I have written CL before concerning this and have had no response, and I am sure others have written as well. You would think this would be important to them.

CL in my opinion and what I have researched, could very well be setting themselves up for a slander lawsuit, in their Help area. Emotional impact of demeaning and defacing people is not something to be proud of, and they as a public service should take note of this.

I do not even know these people, but I plan to stick up and stand up for them, and try to put my thinking hat on and in motion to stop this Internet abuse. I am in the process of emailing the people that have been abused, and send them to this blog to post and tell their stories of their abuse on CL Flag Help. I want my readers to understand and to be aware of these problems. My intentions are also to promote and attach this blog to as many news and media groups that will listen to me and their stories. (This will include TV stations as well.)

I would also like to find away to set up a city free ad system to help people take advantage of. And a help forum where real help is given. This will take a lot and I will have to find volunteers that care, and where the help forum can be monitored. I think I can do this, as thankfully I do have a large group of friends that care and want to help others.

My final note is to all the people that have been abused, degraded, insulted and hurt within the CL Flag Help. You did nothing wrong going to the Flag Help and placing your ad for help and advise. The wrong was done by the helpers there. Write your story, as it is important of your abuse there. Use the Internet as a tool to show others.

My last experience on CL was not a pleasant one either. I expected it, as I have already read so many other horror stories. Below is my copy and paste. If they want to get me for copyright laws, OK.

Free Clothes ad removed < yngathrrt > 09/05 08:53:16
I am not here to ask why, as anytime I or anyone comes here to ask for help, people are harassed. I have a great deal of clothes that I wanted to give away, and in this day and age, people need clothes. So much for trying to help. This That and the Other in Hazel Green, Al has a huge lot of ladies clothes that we are giving away free. This That and the Other is a Variety/Furniture store and we do not deal in clothes, but after we cleaned out a house, there were also a ton of clothes in that house. These clothes are in excellent condition, and some still have their tags on them. These are only women clothes and the sizes are 8 to 10 and some plus sizes. Coats, jeans, shirts, skirts, dresses, etc. Come and get them. We will be opening at 12 today for our LABOR DAY SALE. Sept. 5th, 2010 Clothes are located at THIS THAT and the OTHER in Hazel Green, Al. Store is directly across the street from Hazel Green Elementary School playground in Taylor Village Store hours are Thursday and Friday from 12 to 6, Sat and Sunday from 1 to 5 (But many times you can find us a lot earlier on Saturday; Phone is 256-348-3440. We DO NOT accept CHECKS or CREDIT CARDS. Cash Only. Per Alabama State Law, we do charge 5.5% sales tax.

A FEW EXAMPLES OF THE RESPONSES I GOT. To long to list them all.

CAUSE YOUR BUSINESS SPAM < - > 09/05 08:56:57
is not appreciated in a generally private party section. yep. nuff of you
You're a self serving ass, enuff said. § < -- > 09/05 08:59:02
when you stop spamming < MyRedHandle > 09/05 09:00:09
then we can chat intelligently.
they basically sell garbage. I can see why < - > 09/05 09:01:56
they have to spam. Not to worry, should go out of business soon.

To leave a note on your story, just click the NOTES section at the bottom of this blog!

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Wednesday, September 02, 2009
Case# 51 Ed Hicks - Back in the News
EOPC's very first Cyberpath - Ed Hicks - has been caught living in KEY LARGO, FLORIDA for skipping out on his probation.

. (Be sure to leave a comment at that site!)

Hicks, who trolls the dating sites looking for innocent & vulnerable women -- was finally caught in 2006 after being profiled on the Dr. Phil show as well as "Very Bad Men"and charged with Bigamy. He got the longest sentence for Bigamy ever handed down in Virginia. A Felony Conviction.
But Hicks made a mistake -- once released, he NEGLECTED to check in with his Parole Officer, as legally required - in July 2008.

A warrant for his arrest has been issued from the Chesapeake Circuit Court.

If you click this link and want to verify
Hicks is actually a fugitive:
1. Select "Chesapeake Circuit"
2. Select "Begin"
3. Enter: "Hicks, Charles" in the Search by Name field
4. Then Click "Search by Name" button
5. The Criminal radio button should already default:

It will be the first case that pops up and lists the 'Status' as Fugitive! The Case Number: CR05A03857-00

Hicks compulsive use of online dating sites to find new prey led to another of his victims TURNING HIM IN!
Hicks trolls ALL the dating sites (just like Barber)
Known Aliases: Charles Hicks, Ed Hicks, Charles Greene, Charles Edward Hicks
(could be using a name we don't know at this time)

Don't allow him to prey on anymore trusting women!

Hicks has also been referred to as the "Dr. Phil Bigamist" (click here to see TV shows and a documentary about Hicks - Click on "The Man Who Married Too Much").
He sometimes uses the phrase he is "in love with love".
Additionally, he shows interests in kiteboarding, windsurfing, golf and sailing to his prey.
He usually lists his Race/ Ethnicity as 'Other'
He sometimes dyes his hair and lies about his age. He was actually born February 23, 1944.

Take a good look at all the pictures here and on Fight Bigamy of this remorseless predator who is now on the lam. These psychopathic men do not stop... he will continue destroying lives. Hopefully now he'll spend a few years in jail!

If you have been contacted by this man via an online dating site, you are urged to immediately contact the:
Chesapeake VA Sheriff's Department Fugitive Division
Phone: (757) 382-6159

Their address:
ATTN: Fugitive Apprehension Unit
401 Albemarle Dr
Chesapeake, VA

Keep a Predator/ Fugitive in JAIL!
ed hicks bigamist
Click here for FIGHTBIGAMY's Information on Hicks.

Write To:

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