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Saturday, October 21, 2006
AS promised, here is my blog on a great deal of information for those that are looking to understand troll behavior.

In my research concerning TROLLS (and other Internet horrors that fall closely) I often find myself back at WIKEPEDIA for many reasons, as they explain so much, and when they do, pretty much explain what I already think, but need some validation. So, pretty much, this blog is what I have found on Wikepedia, and while several links are given, I hope to summarize this in some degree.

The thing about Wikepedia, is when you go for some explanation, they lead you much farther and expand so that you understand much better. Well, at least for me. I use several keyword to search for things in my curiosity of my goals to understand. One of my keywords was INTERNET SUICIDE as I was hoping to further my knowledge of the statistics of people who have actually committed suicide due to Internet reasons. Which will be something I write about in another blog. Frightening stuff!

But, since I have been thinking about blogging about trolls in general and what it all means, I found myself at this link which is broken down into so much. For example, the Internet terminology of what a troll is. I think any of us that have encountered one, we have a good idea, yet for those that question this, the story of THE THREE BILLY GOATS GRUFF tells a great story as written in folklore and in children's fairy tales, of the troll sitting in wait under the bridge who did not at all like negative reaction to any outsiders intruding on what he felt his personal domain and stomping grounds, especially anyone who intended to graze where his grass was green and the parties did not have permission to cross their path! At least without consequences. Things really have not changed that much as far as INTERNET TERMINOLOGY concerning the troll, as the troll is still pretty ugly here and very GRUFF and threatening. They are usually found in public places on the Internet, such as public forums, message boards, chat rooms, discussion forums, etc., and exhibit behavior that is not quite apparent at first view (or views), but as time goes on, it is easy to see that their posts are rude, many times inflammatory, rude, repetitive, offensive, and as you recognize them more, it is easy to see that their post are off-topic, many times with disruptive messages with the intent to annoy, or antagonize existing members, yet at the same time manipulating members to convince them that others are trolls. It is a very vicious circle, and it works real well.

Many times, these trolls are SOCK PUPPETS where they come in as many alias, (Screen names and ID's and many times find away to use different IP addresses) and use this route well to deceive others to thinking they are the kinder ones, while in all actuality, they are the same one you have already encountered and lost trust in, so they just come back as a new one. While many times they may be hard to recognize, yet if an experienced user on the Internet, some times you can figure them out without much trouble as they come right back into the same boards with more experience than you would think of a "NEWBIE" and they seem to know just where to go and have an idea of the site's discussions, methods and members and rules, and finds the boards that are discussing similar things as the troll you are already concerned about. They even come in with names that are close or similar to the names they used (or still use) before. Yet, on the same token, if you do not have experience recognizing this, they can easily hide in the dark due to Internet technology with proxies, where they can come in without being recognize and the web servers sees them as someone they have never seen before with a new IP address and new location. There is just so much to this, and other horrors available concerning trolls under the link above given, which I think very valuable should be read. Other things that are discussed under this link is STRAWMAN sockpuppet, MEATPUPPET, DANK, and other valuable terms. Their is just so much on the Internet when it comes to trolls, as they come before our screens and interrupt our lives in so many ways, and go by many definitions. More definitions I even knew about until I clicked almost every link available.

And trolls many times hold positions to well known sites such as forum MODERATORS, and this is very scary.

A moderator in a nutshell is someone that has earned the trust of the site owner and has been granted special powers to enforce the rules of the site. Powers such as moving discussions to different sections, or "Lock and Close" discussions so that subjects do not need to be discussed anymore for the good of the site, or the postings are out of hand, etc. Pretty much, it is an administrative duty designed to help and enforce rules and conduct of the site in question. Depending on the site owner, the moderator is allowed to voice opinions and get into debates. And it is BAD NEWS when a moderator themselves turn out to be the worst trolls on the site, as it can possibly bring the site down. Especially when they have the power to edit or delete post for their own personal gain, not to mention ban members just because they do not like them, or worse, have before them all personal information, emails, phone numbers, etc., which they can (AND WILL) use if needed, no matter who it hurts in the long run, to include the site itself and any staff personnel involved.

And with trolls, THE TRADEGY OF COMMONS many times comes into play. This is very difficult to explain, but it is an excellent read, especially in relationship to trolls. Another great read to this is Some understanding is this by Garrett Hardin "Therein is the tragedy. Each man is locked into a system that compels him to increase his herd without limit—in a world that is limited. Ruin is the destination toward which all men rush, each pursuing his own best interest in a society that believes in the freedom of the commons. Freedom in a commons brings ruin to all."

Sadly, yet so widely seen now on the Internet, trolls are vicious and destructive and run circles or circles around us. Their intent, never seen at first, but in the long run, is to disrupt forum and other Internet communities with inflammatory, ugly, sarcastic content in efforts to draw attention or engage in a heated confrontation. When people in forums post sincere messages concerning themselves, many times the troll will come in as understanding, and then come at you later as he thought you had their trust, but you may have made the mistake of arguing or disagreeing with them. And probably, he/she will not be alone. Although you questions his or her ways, he/she has already convinced others that you have singled them out and will make up anything and everything to convince them so. And it is an easy task for the troll, as they can come off so sincere and play the victim so well, and you are now the evil one, you are the troll. Many times the gangs with the trolls are good people and do not know any difference why they themselves fall victim to the same troll. But many of the gangs are trolls themselves, and ready to drink the life out of you right through your computer screen and sleep well at night with what they did!! The Internet troll behavior is like growing weed all other the Internet, and I expect it to flourish more each day.

I could go on and on about the Internet troll and what it has done to innocent victims and leaves bitterness in so many mouths so to speak. They can and will disrupt and bring down good sites, they can and will place members against members where flame wars evolve. They can and will convince many people that they are the victims so that others cannot see the real victims. They can and will destroy lives and businesses and make people questions friends they have known on the Internet for years. They give us all a reason to distrust every one, and to me that is so sad! It is not a new disease or what I call pretty much a virus on the Internet, but one that is becoming more profound to our computers. It is devastating. And needs constant investigation and reporting on. Self policing may or may not be the answer for some sites, but we have to start somewhere.

I want to write on this everyday of what I have seen so far personally and in my searches concerning it, but it will take more than my lifetime to get a hold on this. Others need to stop this like a sickness, or at least be aware and have some knowledge on it. It is a scary issue.

I hope this has educated some of how this is getting out of hand and control with trolls and "What Lies Beneath?" with them.

PS, if there need to be any editing to this, I will do it tomorrow. As right now, I am going to bed and hope that I do not dream of trolls!

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Thursday, October 19, 2006
Since we have moved and now live out in the deep country, my blogging time has become less and less, yet, I have so much I want to blog on and about, especially in regards to this blog of Trolls Flame Wars and Cyberstalkers, and the ultimate question of "WHAT LIES BENEATH?" Yet, chasing pigs and chickens out of my yard, and dealing with country living as a whole and enjoying my husband and children, takes time, and I welcome this, as I do have a life outside the Internet. And one I gladly welcome.

FYI to the readers, I must admit that I get several request, some anonymous and some not, to write a particular blog on a certain person that they think could be considered to be a troll, predictor, abuser, etc., and I want each of you to know that those who write me concerning this, that I take your request very serious, and to heart! And I spend a great deal of time researching all I can concerning the individual (or individuals) in question, before I jump in with both barrels loaded, as I do not want to shoot myself. In other words, I do not want to blog on anything without having all my facts straight to my personal satisfaction, or "all my ducks in a row" before I lead them across the street.

Over the past 3 weeks, I have had several request to consider doing certain blogs on certain people, possible trolls or abusers, outing someone, you know what I mean. The things that fall within "WHAT LIES BENEATH?"

Actually, my considering to do so, has prompted me to do this particular blog! It has given me a great deal to think about resulting from hours and hours researching personal request! And this blog, while it will not mention any sites or trolls I am considering, will express why I wrote this blog. I am going to give several links in a following blog that is well worth looking into, and I understand how that can many times take away from a blog as readers do not have the time (or do not want to spend the time) to click the links, therefore I will summarize what I got from the links.(Keep in mind that I consider these valuable links, and it might be a place, if not now, possibly in the future that you might want to read more about or save to favorites!) Keep in mind readers, if you are looking for something juicy, my links will involve pretty much what comes from WIKIPEDIA and things that will educate, but no story lines. At least right now!

Back to the subject at hand! Sometimes when considering to do a blog on these subject matters, it becomes very difficult for many reasons. Like I said, the majority have asked me to do this while their name cannot be mentioned. And I certainly understand and respect that, reasons follow:

1. They are telling me something in private, and holding the trust of others in protection within their hands.

2. They are concerned if their name is mentioned, they might (or will) be a bigger party of the larger target, or of the mess already at hand.

3. They are just plain scared and even considering me, whom they do not know, but just have heard about, to them, I could somewhat be a risk, and I understand that totally! I just might be another untrusting person at the end of their screen.

4. Many more reasons go into this, but I think the readers get the general idea!

My response to them is a noted few:

1. First of all, they also will be researched as well, as just because you are reporting a troll does not mean that you are not one yourself. In other words, just because you say it happened and it is true, does not mean so to me without much research. (Good to note, so far, all the people that have contacted me were very up front, and very honest! And I had no problems there! So far with all I have researched is very valid and very true!)

2. While I am interested, I have to deliver all I can to give the best information. In other words, I will spend a great deal of time to see all sides of the story, as this is only fair. Which means, nothing will happen over night, and the possibility of nothing will happen at all!

But, one thing always stands strong concerning their being confidential with me, no matter who they are, is the fact that if you tell me something in private, then my word is solid on all levels. I guess I am of the "old school" of the handshake and given word. These people do NOT know me other than my answers to them from what pops up from my keyboard and speaks to them through a computer screen. And I am of the opinion that if my blogs are to be successful, then I must uphold the integrity of being honest and discrete as I had promised them!

Back to the subject at hand!!!!


There are many terrible, horrific, awful abusive people that have control and access to the Internet. And what they do to innocent people is just game play to them! And "draining the blood of a grieving heart", feeds their soul and keeps them going! While people use the Internet as a valuable tool in a honest way, and scared when they do so, especially concerning a support agenda, sadly, that support can backfire on them, when they least expect it, due to the monsters lurking to rip their souls apart farther! And then the monsters leave and return with evil grins, and smirks upon their face. (Or many times faces!)

Hundreds of sites are set up as support sites for people, yet this is the perfect Internet playground for these SCUMBAGS that search and become a part of. They come in with their sweet angelic smiles and as time goes on, the HORRIFIC monster comes out with claws drawn, ready to rip the blood out of the innocent victims. Trust me, they know who they are targeting, maybe not at first, as others they see are stronger than others, so they take their time to out the most vunerable. They spend probably more time than I do trying to research and battle them on the Internet to figure out who will be their next prey!! Their lives depend on whom they see as the weakest! (Sometimes they are shocked,as the ones they thought as the weakest end up being the strongest) But the games contiune lurking for more!

And what is so sad, and angers me the most, is that these sites were set up and designed to be wonderful sites to help and encourage and give advice to people that have suffered through traumatic times and events. And the people that have searched for a place to, so to speak "To call home and to hang their hat", people who spent a great deal of time in their own research finding these places, which for awhile meet their needs. Yet, with the BLOOD DRINKERS after the INTERNET SOULS, confused the members, new and old, or the ones hoping to become a member. WHY? Because before their very eyes, they see gangs set in, and flame wars started, and probably think, "WHAT THE HELL IS THIS?" (Sadly, this is a well known scenario!) And the BLOOD DRINKERS were so happy that they could be a part in their trauma!!!

The thing about support groups is that when anyone joins, the members emotions are on high and somewhat guarded. This is expected, and should be understood!! I am talking about ALL support groups where emotions are within range of being #1 priority! Support groups that deal with parents death, children's death, siblings death, murder victims of friends and family, alcoholic groups, drug support groups, medical problem groups, emotional groups, wether it be psychical, emotional or verbal, dating groups, marriage groups, and the list just goes on and on and ON!!!!!!!!!!!! I have been members of some of these groups myself. My son and brother had a drug problem, my mother had a stroke, I have a medical issue. I with good reason searched groups out myself, and glad I did. My experiences luckily were good, and left when I felt comfortable and had found some closure. So, concerning this, I understood why one searches for support groups. And for many reasons! Just a few that I am mentioning from my own experience and what I have researched since then:

1. One can do it from the safety and comfort of their own home.

2. While they maybe shy on the inside world, the Internet gives them access to be more brave.

3. They feel more comfortable talking to others that are not in any relationship to them, such as family or friends, and feel comfortable talking to others that have "been there, or done that".

4. They feel that they do not have to worry about:
A. What religion they are
B. What sex or sexual preference they are
C. Their weight
D. Race
E. Looks
F. Political views
G. And the list goes ON AND ON as far as I am concerned!

And this works out real well, until you start to trust someone that may be the worst abuser you ever knew, by telling them personal things so important to you, and then betrayed you! They will gladly remember all this, copy and paste anything that can be used to discredit or hurt you and use it to their advantage while their fun begins at your expene! By drinking your soul! I know this is harsh, and sadly, the Internet is in many ways. Danger lurks all around us. Sadly, we must be careful of who we put our trust in, and that is to me so SAD. But, the blood drinkers are after us! And many times, when we least expect it, they sucked some of our soul from us, leaving us very weak and discouraged. And we sometimes allow ourselves to become victims, not knowing what we are doing. Not knowing who is lurking and out to destroy us, thinking we were comfortable in their trust. We sometimes bare our souls as we needed to "just get it off our chest", never having any idea that this might become public or exaggerated on, or just out right lies to be made of it. This causes great anxiety and trauma within one. Especially those that are honest! And as expected, one starts to question anything and all, especially within themselves. This is when the BLOOD DRINKERS of SOULS have accomplished their route, and feed on it. And SMILE on their way to their next victim!

So, what do we do? People that we thought were our supports, our good friends, members within members of groups are now distrusting one another. People that we trusted in sites have moderator's given now used and abused us, leaving us drained and distrustful? People that had positions that we respected and hoped support from. What now? These games played as if in a "Role Playing Game" of close to games that sell well on the public market and Internet, are close to what we see in reality of the Internet? Do we give up and walk away with total confusion, while we kick ourselves in the butt for spending so much time researching for a comfortable place to call home and excited about of when we slept good at night because we finally found a "comfort zone" and were eager to wake up the next morning to be a party to the new found comfort? Do we ever trust anyone again to tell things that we just need to yell out, but now the concern is "Be careful of what you say or wish for" as it can be misconstrued or revamped, or distorted, or made into total out right lies? And then you have to make the decision to defend yourself, knowing the possibility it might just make things worse?

I am not a religious person, so I cannot use comments such as "God wanted this to happen this way for a purpose". People, do not get me wrong, religion is OK with me if that is for you, and I have MANY wonderful friends that are religious, and I do not mean to be disrespectful to your ideas of life and God. In my eyes, maybe there was a purpose also, as I have always felt that the hardest lessons we learn, sadly those that hurt us most, helps us grow and mature. On the same token with this, a bitter taste is left in our life of being wary and untrusting and questioning ourselves in regards of who we can trust and who we cannot not, especially when it comes to who we can bleed our heart out to? How do we make that trip to venture into waters that we have no idea of how dark and deep they are, or shallow and inviting? And if they are dark and deep, and we take that route, can we manage to swim if the option comes up that we might sink? Can we be that strong?

I might be a bitter aging woman at the young age of approaching 53, concerning what my life has delivered to me. Many times I tell myself, "OK, I have been through worse" which makes me remind myself of why I pick my roads and friends very carefully now. And in all honesty, I still have an issue with trust. Sometimes I think that comes with maturity. The old saying of "Walk a Mile in My Shoes" does not sit well with me anymore, as shoes are fitted in many sizes, but emotions are not, and from what I have learned, and appropriate, I can walk a mile in shoes that do not fit, and even a mile, but I cannot totally understand your emotions, or can you mine.

But, I do know this for a fact! Many, many people have been through much, much worse than I have, yet, my life is not over yet! While that might seem negative, I was just pointing out that many things might come my way that will cause me to need support! We all as individuals deal with each of our problems in different ways, and that should also be appreciated, or at least, somewhat understood. Does this make sense?

My blog was set up to expose trolls or support and give advice, links, websites, etc. to people that have encountered trolls, abusers, predators, etc., that lurk behind our computer screens hoping to draw the life out of us (and trust me, many do in many ways. Don't ever think that people that are good and looking for support and become victims of their search just don't totally give up in life. That is another blog in the works!)

In ending, I am working on several blogs, and it takes a great deal of time, so if curious, bare with me. It appears that the Internet is just so full of people that want to traumatize, victimize, belittle, lie about, destroy, harm and DRINK THE BLOOD OF A GRIEVING HEART to feed to support their very being! Their very life style, their purpose in life!

But, in my research, I must be so careful to make sure I know well and report well of what I speak and blog on. And I also have to give leeway even in the trauma of what I see is going on, as I feel at the time it is dangerous to add fuel to a very blazing fire. I hope readers can appreciate this! In other words, I want to blog on some serious issues, and my intentions are to do so, but the sites that are in questions also need time to deal and heal with the trauma that has enveloped them. Danger zones are to high right now to do anything about it until they have the chance and opportunity to heal themselves. And while my blog is set up to reveal the trolls or abusers, sometimes wanting to do so for the general public, is not a good thing for the sites in question. Concerning the TROLLS, I don't give a damn about you, and chances are you will cross my path and I will do my best to out you, but right now I do have concerns about the members and the sites in question that I am working on. But your turn will come

AND I WILL REVEAL "What Lies Beneath?"


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Sunday, October 08, 2006
UPDATE~UPDATE~UPDATE~In Efforts to protect readers and those who comment, SITEMETER has been disabled and taken down!!!!
My intentions were not to blog about ROSE DESROCHERS for awhile, and just give it a rest, as pointed out to me by a good friend, there are many other important issues and subjects matters dealing with "What Lies Beneath?" that they know I have been working on, and I had hoped to blog on these soon. (Still will, but will have to wait for their turn, after this episode!)

Lately I have not been on the Internet much at all as it ties up my phone line (broadband will be up and working tomorrow) as I had placed some adds in the paper for my daughter to sell some of her things before she leaves the country. So, basically, I have just been on once or twice a day to check my email and sitemeter.

The other day I was concerned as while checking my sitemeter, I noticed that around 3 in the morning, Rose's IP address and one from the Netherlands, had been into my sitemeter. Rose's IP address showed that she came in directly from my sitemeter, which has always been set up for no viewers. The IP address from the Netherlands came into my sitemeter from I was concerned about this, but had so much to do and needed to get off the phone line.

Then, last night when I checked my email, I had an email that alerted me to this. (For privacy purposes, I am not giving the name of the person who sent it.)
Hi Katie,
I don't know if you realize this or not, but your site meter on your Cyberstalkers blog is public and Rose has been checking it out. I know this because she used your site meter to come to my blog (see below). She is too much.
Hope you are well,

I went to check on my sitemeter and sure enough, it was set at NORMAL so that anyone could view my sitemeter! My password has since been changed and set back to no viewers.

I have since checked my sitemeter closer and only Rose's IP and a few others, whom I know belongs to her groupies, and the person who alerted me, are the only ones that have viewed my sitemeter. And that goes to stand, as my readers have always known that I had my sitemeter set at privacy, so why would they even check it?

ROSE, what is it? Are you just so DAMN paranoid that you just have to know who visits my blog? Or, you just have to know who leaves anonymous comments? I am sure you realize this is illegal! Oh, wait, I forgot!!! Laws do not apply to you!!

I am considering taking my sitemeter off completely to protect my viewers, as chances are, if she was able to do this once, she will do it again!!

Any suggestions concerning this? And if you want to make an anonymous comment, email me and I will put it on for you!

I feel so sorry for the people that believe in ROSE, as they are just tokens in her games, and evident from this blog, that she cares nothing about privacy or laws with other bloggers!!


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Wednesday, October 04, 2006
Well, here is an interesting find!! Graham Cook from WritersWorld Limited reports on Writersworld Limited - Rose DesRochers - Page 3 - ScamFraudAlert (last entry at bottom of the page) that Google from the UK has removed all post concerning Rose Desrochers and WritersWorld Limited and is hoping that all of Google will soon follow.

Of course my mind sets into gear of "Let me see if this is true!" So, I click Cook's given link and then hit the UK Google and this is what I got! Your search - writersworld Limited rose desrochers - did not match any documents. WOW!! Not that is interesting, and quite apparent that Cook is working very hard to keep Rose from destroying his reputation and his business, and something tells me that he is not done and the fight is not over with her yet. I wonder what the outcome will be!

Since I am sort of on the subject line over at ScamFraudAlert, I thought the readers might be interested in the other links available over there. They even captured my PLACE OF HONOR on INVISION GRAPHICS (Hall of Shame). Not to mention a bunch of other spats concerning people and businesses with Rose! Dang, she sure has a way of pissing people off, and it appears that SCRUB from ScamFraudAlert is informing his readers about Rose! So, check it out if you want to know "What Lies Beneath?" at the links given below. TITLED ~ Stay Away From Rose & Shawn DesRochers ( TITLED ~ aka Rose DesRochers & Shawn DesRochers TITLED ~ Invision-Graphics (Shawn DesRochers)

I did notice that these links did have some redundancy in them.


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