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Tuesday, December 23, 2008
Case# 48 Online Targetting & Harassment
Cross posted, with permission, from EOPC

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by Aidan Maconachy


Most internet harassment goes on in chat rooms, messageboards and newsgroups, also via email. Internet law has tightened up since the early free wheeling days when there were very few controls in place. For example it's become a federal crime in the US to anonymously "annoy, abuse, threaten, or harass any person" via internet or other telecommunication systems. So it's on the books, if people choose to go after the bullies.
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If you do become a target of harassment or defamation, stay cool. Don't react or get into a flame war with the people doing the harassing. Make a point though of keeping a record - emails, posted comments etc, along with dates, times and any identifying information that may come in handy at a later date.

Depending on the stealth method used, you might be able to acquire additional info about the source of the attack. Legitimate services such as "nslookup" and "tracert" enable users to track hosts, IP addresses and MAC addresses. There are also professional services you can enlist that use the information you provide to dig for additional info. Make sure they operate within the law, as some are little more than hackers-for-hire.

As in any ordinary case of harassment, it's important to build the case and gather the evidence. Don't release any of this material to the person you suspect is behind the abuse, until and if you are prepared to go the distance.

If you are concerned about your privacy and reputation, it may be advisable lower your profile. Often disengagement and non-reaction stops harassment because most cyber trolls and bullies get their jollies from the belief that they are ruining your life.
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If there is no hidden history or baggage you are anxious to keep confidential i.e. criminal record or criminal activities, then continue to put your best foot forward.

It really comes down to the individual in the end. If you've nothing to hide - you have nothing to fear except fear itself.

This entire article can be read by clicking here

(all long but WELL WORTH A READ)

(because they have nothing to hide! their Cyberpaths do!)

Lissa Daly is a Cyberpath

The Stumbling Block

Masks of Sanity

(NOTE: What is really sad is that the Cyberpaths REFUSE to read these sites or apologize & own their behavior. They refuse because it conflicts with the twisted, whitewashed version of things they want to present to the world. Instead they play victim - say & project they and their families have been affected and the victim is bad one. ABSOLUTELY NO REMORSE FOR CAUSING THE SUFFERING IN THE FIRST PLACE AND NO ACKNOWLEDGMENT OF PREYING ON THE VULNERABLE)

Wonder who is telling the truth? Ask yourself -- what do the Victims above have to gain by admitting they got sucked in & used? And what do the Cyberpaths have to lose if the truth is out there?)

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Sunday, December 21, 2008
Case# 47 When Anger Comes to Your Homepage
Cross posted with permission from EOPC

by Todd Leopold

There's a whole world of people out there, and boy, are they pissed off.
anger Pictures, Images and Photos

On political blogs, the invective flies. Posters respond to the latest celebrity gossip with mockery or worse. Sports fans set up Web sites with names that begin with "fire," hoping coaches, athletic directors and sportscasters lose their jobs.

And though there are any number of bloggers and commenters who attempt to keep their postings and responses on a civil level, all too often interactive Web sites descend into ad hominem attacks, insults and plain old name-calling. Indeed, there are even whole sites devoted to venting, such as (one screed there was titled, "I don't give a flying f***, so f*** you") and

This is not a world Emily Post would want to be caught in after dark.
"The Internet can be a great tool," said Sara Black, a professor of health studies at St. Joseph's University who takes a particular interest in online bullying. "Like any tool, it can also be misused."

One reason for the vitriol that emerges on the Web, experts say, is the anonymity the Internet provides. Commenters seldom use their real names, and even if they do, the chance for retaliation is slim.
"In the [pre-Internet era], you had to take ownership [of your remarks]. Now there's a perception of anonymity," said Lesley Withers, a professor of communication at Central Michigan University. "People think what they say won't have repercussions, and they don't think they have to soften their comments."

Contrast that with a face-to-face conversation, or even a phone conversation, where you can judge people's moods from facial movements or vocal inflections, observes University of Texas psychology professor Art Markman. Second Life avatars grapple with reduced nonverbal communication

"It's hard to be aggressive when you're face to face," he said.

Moreover, he points out, aggression often carries a subtext of power.
"A lot of times, real anger is an attempt to get control over a situation where the person doesn't usually have it," he said. In that respect, comments to blog posts are attempts to strike back.

Those power games are innately grasped by children and teens, with schools serving as a perennial social laboratory.

Cheryl Dellasega, a Penn State women's studies professor, ticks off hypothetical examples that could have come straight from the scripts to "Mean Girls" or "Heathers."
"Girls who are getting teased come home and let their [aggressors] have it by putting something on their blog and starting a rumor campaign," she said. And instead of rumors simply making the rounds among peer groups -- which can be bad enough -- "they go out to a much bigger group, a worldwide group. The impact is devastating, and it's as easy as clicking a button."

"Kids don't realize that one post can destroy somebody's life forever," she added.

Indeed, such incidents have made headlines. In 2006, 13-year-old Megan Meier committed suicide after becoming attracted to a boy on MySpace who then turned on her. The boy turned out to be a hoax created by a neighbor family that included a former friend of Meier's.

In August, The New York Times Magazine did a story about trolls, some barely out of their teens, who antagonize others for the sake of "lulz": "Lulz is watching someone lose their mind at their computer 2,000 miles away while you chat with friends and laugh," one ex-troll told the publication.

Adults aren't immune by any means. A Japanese woman, angry at her online "husband," killed his avatar after he divorced her. A South Korean actress committed suicide after being harassed by online rumors following a divorce. Celebrity gossip sites are full of snarky comments about stars; reaction from readers is often brutal, turning the story into the online equivalent of a pile-on.

Markman is quick to observe that he doesn't believe there's more anger out there. But, he said, "there are more ways of expressing it on the Internet."
"We've all had interactions with unpleasant people, but we don't confront them. We take it out elsewhere," he said. "What the Internet has created is groups of people where there are no repercussions with being too aggressive."

Indeed, though electronically transmitted anger has parallels throughout human history -- the bitter letter, the village gossip -- the speed at which it travels, and the number of people who may come in contact with it, is something new, says St. Joseph's Black.
"[Electronic] media can increase potential for violence in a number of ways," she said in an e-mail interview. "First, it introduces ideas (good and bad) that people may not have come up with on their own. Second, it is easier to depersonalize the victim, facilitating perpetration. Third, aggressive behaviors may be reinforced with points, attention or status, especially in games."

Withers has seen that first hand. She teaches a course on the "dark side of communication" at Central Michigan, involving "the mean or evil things we do on a day-to-day basis," as she describes it: cheating, for example, or lying.

As part of the course, several of her students work on a collaborative project with students at other schools, and they come together in Second Life, the virtual reality environment. If someone isn't pulling his or her weight, says Withers, others can be harsh in their judgments -- harsher than in real life, because the anger is expressed at the person's avatar. Sidebar: Dealing with anger in Second Life

Which led at least one of Withers' students to forget that the avatar was attached to a real person.
"One student went off on another student and she was sitting in the classroom a few rows behind him," she said. "He knew she was there, but didn't -- there was that distancing."

Is there a way to restore civility to the Internet? Among children and teenagers, say Dellasega and Black, it's up to parents to exercise control.

"I think parents need to take responsibility," Dellasega said. "They give kids computers and leave them alone. ... When a child is 8 or 9, the computer should be in a public place. Kids should understand that using a computer is a privilege, not a right."

Schools can also play a role, she says.
talk to the hand Pictures, Images and Photos

Black adds that parents should set clear rules on behavior and build empathy in their kids by having them reach out to those who are different.

As for adults, human nature dictates that people will always lash out at others, whether it's over a perceived insult or simply because of a power differential. Web sites may ban the worst offenders, but they'll almost always pop up elsewhere, using a different name, e-mail address or even computer.
"Some people are just bitter and angry," said psychiatrist Dr. Terry Eagan, medical director of the Moonview Sanctuary in Santa Monica, California. "Sometimes, they're against everyone, other times against a specific group. That person can get really stimulated and can say all sorts of horrible things. But I don't think it's not like they didn't exist before."

Whether the problem will get control of us, or we will get control of the problem, is in the way we face up to it, he says. Anger, he says, is rolled up with anxiety and fear, and nothing creates more fear like a lack of understanding.

"I tell patients that I'd rather know everything about people; information is powerful," he said. "When the climate of the world is more fear-based, it permeates everything."


(we believe many of these people have a right to be upset and using writing as a healing & informational tool for them can be very empowering)

Cyberstalker: Felicity Jane Lowde

Victim of Mike Kennedy Speaks Out

My Psycho Cyberstalker

Too Good To Be Real

Victims of George Gonzalez Speak Out

Victim of Gareth Rodger Speaks Out

Victim of Lissa Daly Speaks Out

Online GangStalking Victim Tells Their Story

Survivor of Mr. Ed

One Victim of 'Sammy Benoit' aka Yidwithlid aka gridney Speaks Out

One Victim of Jason Capozello Speaks Out

One Victim of William Michael Barber Tells Their Story

Victims of Ellen Van Wagoner Speak Out

Victim of Dorothy Chambers Speaks Out

(readers -- if you know of others, please tell us!)

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Saturday, December 20, 2008
Case# 46 Steven Langley Guy - Game Playing Predator
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Steven Langley Guy

AGE: 50-51
FROM: Croydon, Adelaide, South Australia
on Soulseek (filesharing network);
smguy2 on

Suchiiben-Chan on MySpace

This man started an Internet relationship with me, telling me he was single, despite being married and the father of two young children.

When confronted with his own negative words about his wife and kids (written to a public message board) he attempted to deny it, then vanished.

He comes across as very genteel, articulate, refined, a classical music lover and a "gentleman." But all he's really interested in is playing games with vulnerable & trusting women over the internet.

I got the whole "you're the One, my soul mate" and "I want to be with you in the future" crap and he laid mind-control, romantic lures on me heavily.

When confronted, he called me crazy, denied it, then put me on IGNORE on all chat programs, probably blocked me and vanished. Like cockroaches do when you switch the light on.

I truly pity his wife - someone ought to warn her.
busted Pictures, Images and Photos

UPDATE - Mr. Guy tried to have this removed by posing as his ex-wife and his son by saying that Mr Guy "tried to commit suicide" because of this posting. He then sent threats to EOPC - all these things came from the same IP!! LOL!!

Mr. Guy has tried to sneak on to our support group and continues to come to this board in hopes to find some way to get himself removed without apologizing to his victim and/or to find ways to blame her and make himself look like the victim.

Sound familiar??

(unfortunately, sometimes the wives have been told - the predator/ husband lies to them and the wives believe it - and turn on the victim too. Or they stick up for the cheater and say it was a mistake.... please forgive him. Gridney/ YidwithLid's wife, for example, has participated in harassing one of his victims. Goodness knows what these guys tell the wives!)

What about the victim? Do these cheaters ever go back and apologize and speak openly to them? Help the victim heal? No!! they seem to just disappear/ run away/ change nicknames or trolling sites AND blame the victim for everything. Spare us, we hear that one pretty often and we know better.

Still we believe spouses/ partners should be told. - Fighter
pervert Pictures, Images and Photos

Another victim wrote us about this sick Cyberpath:

Steven Langley Guy goes by the alias Suchiiben-Chan on myspace & preyed on my compassion and good nature by pretending to be a 15 year old child who lost both his parents & had various friends die tragically in the past few years.

As a psychic healer, I took great pity on this "child", worried that he was suicidal & spent late nights chatting to him on myspace to give him hope for the future and support over the Internet.

It was only when I said that I felt he was an "old soul" that he admitted that he was "playing" (did it for fun) about being 15 and was, in fact, a man in his late 40's...!!!

That angered me & I deleted him as a myspace "friend" (he put in the request) as I abhor dishonesty! I feel his soul is tainted in some way & that he takes great joy / satisfaction in leading women down the garden path...!

In my case, I didn't buy his "little kid" crush comments about me as I am used to getting them but I can certainly imagine someone on a dating or social website being pulled into believing that crap.

These people should not be allowed to prey on the goodness / kindness of others and maliciously mislead/hurt people. It is unacceptable behavior and should not be tolerated.

Steven Langley Guy - you are an evil Internet Predator... may karma reap it's just reward. That's all I have to say.

This man has profiles on MySpace, Facebook, Bebo, LinkedIn and just about every single Social Networking site portraying him as a musician & scholar. He is a sick predator. Beware.

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Friday, December 19, 2008
Case# 45 Warning! Sicko Santa on the Internet!
Cross posted, with permission, from EOPC


Please avoid all contact if you see this man pictured below, dressed as Santa at a Christmas function, office party or mall near you this Christmas. He is a very cunning and conniving sexual predator who makes it his business to con & get close to unsuspecting young women (sometimes grandmothers) and their young children by playing his "I am a good guy" persona. Being "Santa" is one of his ways to get his foot in your door!
Douglas Beckstead is 50 years old, morbidly obese and tall with heavily greying, brown hair. He usually covers his face with a natural full beard at this time of the year. He wears bifocals most of the time. He lives in Anchorage, Alaska but travels extensively!

This predator knows how to put on the charm and charisma for attention, he craves the adoration and attention that playing Santa gives him. It also gives him easy access to young children and teens, he can touch them without their permission or yours.

Douglas Beckstead is a known online sexual predator & cyberpaths who has trawled the internet for many years, searching carefully for vulnerable targets. His eyes may appear kind in the beginning but please beware he is anything but.

He has a history of sexually & emotionally accosting vulnerable women and children both online and in the many local towns and cities he has ventured into over the years.

He has and will use his career or certain reputable forums to try to prove he is "trustworthy" and "respected." This is a lure, don't fall for it.

If this man approaches you or your children get away as fast as you can - please report anything suspicious to your local law enforcement agency - he is already well known to most of them.

Douglas Beckstead is a chameleon for the cause (HIMSELF) - from dressing up as the Easter Bunny at Easter time to his latest stint. Whilst working over in Iraq, earlier this year on assignment as a visiting historian; working for the Elmendorf Air Force Base. Beckstead had to wear a similar uniform to the real soldiers in order to "blend in". He used this and "blurred the lines" between his actual career and theirs. In other words, he was posing and alluding that he was as an actual soldier and had been "deployed" whilst trying to lure in more unsuspecting targets, when he has never been enlisted in the military. Take a look at his picture -- the military would never deploy someone that obese!

He does things like this for his narcissistic fix, to gain your attention and empathy - he feeds off of it.

Please scroll down and read a letter he sent to one of his numerous targets back in 2005 whilst he was playing Santa in the town of Fairbanks, Alaska. It certainly raises alarm bells.

Remember this man travels to prey and con - don't be his next target of choice.

For further information on Beckstead go to:

Stay Safe this Christmas,
Former Victims of Beckstead

>From: "Doug Beckstead"
Subject: Santa
>Date: Sun, 11 Dec 2005 18:12:19 -0900
>Okay, here are pictures from this afternoon. I'm including three of them. (EOPC is showing the one photo mentioned LAST)
>One has Sparkles and I (she's the clown who owns the Party Palace Shop and offered me the job). One is of me with my beard done up. This year I just used white grease paint instead of the spray paint stuff I've used in the past. (really healthy for the babies & chidren to breath in) I think it worked better and it comes out easier in the shower with
>hot water and shampoo. No more double and triple washes. And finally is a"portrait" of Santa. Alyeska hired a professional photographer to come and shoot their pictures. He used my camera and got a couple of me alone. (proof of the narcissist within - and a lure to string along more targets)

>These really look nice! One of the best ones he got was of me holding a newborn baby. She had a little Santa suit on, complete with a matching hat and even had her toes painted red. (he's getting too excited about this) She started crying (because she could sense danger) at first so her aunt stuck a bottle in her mouth and that shut her up. She'd pull it out quickly and the photographer shot a shot. In one of them she looks like she's sleeping and I'm sort of looking at her. It is really precious. Unfortunately I won't be getting a copy of it. But I think I'm going to try and find out if I can get one. (Thankfully for this family the photographer turned him down)
>So, here's this year's photos. I don't think I'm going to take my camera with me to the store (he usually does but is relying on the photographer this year). It's just one more thing that I have to keep track of so I don't want to mess with it.(not when he has so many targets, chidren & their parents to mess with)

>Oh, one thing I did figure out though, I kept my Levi's on under the Santa suit. I'll be able to simply take off the suit, change my shirt (my t-shirt gets totally soaked with sweat because the suit is really hot) and run a comb through my hair. (Smelly) I'll put a ball cap on after that so it doesn't look like I'm totally sweated up. That way I can enjoy some of the
>party, at least at the end of it. (Can't miss a beat, not with so much prey to trawl for)
>Well, here they are!
>Quando omni flunkus moritati.
>(stolen by Beckstead from Canada's RED GREEN SHOW - never an original thought!)

ONE MORE WARNING: BECKSTEAD IS CURRENTLY TROLLING FACEBOOK. One of his enablers who is clueless as to Beckstead's true pathological nature is one of his 'Friends.' Basically a cover!



Beckstead Preying 4U
Beckstead: Preying on Who Next?

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Wednesday, December 17, 2008

For more information on this, please see the link given. This was originally written on my first blog of THOUGHTS & CONSIDERATIONS (Katie's Logue) a few years ago, yet I feel that it is time again to share it here.

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Tuesday, December 09, 2008
Case# 43 Help Catch a Fugitive On the Lam!
EOPC's very first Cyberpath - Ed Hicks - is on the run!!
Hicks, who trolls the dating sites looking for innocent & vulnerable women -- was finally caught in 2006 after being profiled on the Dr. Phil show as well as "Very Bad Men"and charged with Bigamy. He got the longest sentence for Bigamy ever handed down in Virginia. A Felony Conviction.
But Hicks made a mistake -- once released, he NEGLECTED to check in with his Parole Officer, as legally required - in July 2008.

A warrant for his arrest has been issued from the Chesapeake Circuit Court.

If you click this link and want to verify
Hicks is actually a fugitive:
1. Select "Chesapeake Circuit"
2. Select "Begin"
3. Enter: "Hicks, Charles" in the Search by Name field
4. Then Click "Search by Name" button
5. The Criminal radio button should already default:

It will be the first case that pops up and lists the 'Status' as Fugitive! The Case Number: CR05A03857-00

Hicks has yet to be found. He could be anywhere but his compulsive use of online dating sites to find new prey could help find him!
Hicks trolls ALL the dating sites (just like Barber)
Known Aliases: Charles Hicks, Ed Hicks, Charles Greene
(could be using a name we don't know at this time)

Don't allow him to prey on anymore trusting women!

Hicks has also been referred to as the "Dr. Phil Bigamist" (click here to see TV shows and a documentary about Hicks - Click on "The Man Who Married Too Much").
He sometimes uses the phrase he is "in love with love".
Additionally, he shows interests in kiteboarding, windsurfing, golf and sailing to his prey.
He usually lists his Race/ Ethnicity as 'Other'
He sometimes dyes his hair and lies about his age. He was actually born February 23, 1944.

Take a good look at all the pictures here and on Fight Bigamy of this remorseless predator who is now on the lam. These psychopathic men do not stop... he will continue destroying lives. Help stop him!

It's suspected he's somewhere in the SouthEast U.S., possibly taking advantage of the trusting heart of yet another woman he met and lured online. Possibly In: North Carolina, Virginia, Maryland, Georgia, South Carolina or Florida. Could even be in California, as he has family there.
If you have seen this man or been contacted by this man via an online dating site, you are urged to immediately contact the:
Chesapeake VA Sheriff's Department Fugitive Division
Phone: (757) 382-6159

Their address:
ATTN: Fugitive Apprehension Unit
401 Albemarle Dr
Chesapeake, VA

Forward this to everyone you know -- help catch a Predator/ Fugitive!
ed hicks bigamist

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Sunday, December 07, 2008
Case# 42 The 'Don Juan of Con' Back At It ONLINE
If you or someone you know STILL INSISTS ON DOING ONLINE DATING or just MEETING NEW PEOPLE ONLINE -- be SURE they get this message...
WILLIAM MICHAEL BARBER (known as the 'Don Juan of Con') - convicted con man and bigamist IS BACK ON THE DATING SITES!!

They never change. They NEVER "learn their lesson." Conning people is a WAY OF LIFE and these predators go back to it ASAP!

Barber is currently using the email:
Barber is telling women he's 52 (shaving five - 5 - years off his age!)
Barber says he was "born in California" (LIE!)

from our friends at FightBigamy:
This is the generic letter he has been sending to unsuspecting victims, chocked full of run-on sentences, grammatical, and punctuation errors. You would think a guy who 'professed to be a doctor' would know better.

Barber1 Hi Angel How you doing today how is your health and how is your day going. i use to think that all me angels are found in heaven but now i can say i was wrong cos looking at your pictures on your profile you are such an angel. These descriptive little essays are hard to do. But hopefully it gives you a glimpse of who I am as a person. Cause I'm new to this online dating. So here it goes. My name is Micheal...was born in California. i'm 52 years old I'm the kind of man that treats woman so nice with kindness and respect them i care so much i like to take my woman on dates surprise her i am here to meet someone to trust and be there for her through anything. Someone to do things with and enjoy life with I want to share my life with that special woman who would be called my Queen i've a good sense of humor Loyal Genuine I love anything to do with the ocean and beautiful sunsets i love the rain i'm a very serious person Hoping to hear from you Well you can IM me on yahoo im at M_barber at yahoo dot com.

He professes to be
new at online dating, yet he knows that online dating sites will not publish a bona fide email address when communicating via their systems, so he spells it out -- as he is well aware that the dating site's software will not catch the email address if is written that way!

In the past, Barber has had a penchant for women named Joyce or Donna. THIS MAY have changed since his conviction & incarceration. In the past he's claimed to be a sports figure, a doctor, a private investigator -- even a P.O.W.!

By the way, this was on an LDS (Mormon) Dating Site! As we said yesterday - NO WHERE IS SAFE. NO ONLINE DATING SITE OR CHAT SITE IS SAFE!! No matter what their ads say!

Barber will change his information, get false identity papers and/or change his nicknames & email AS SOON AS HE KNOWS HE'S BEEN CAUGHT ON THIS ONE. BEWARE!!

Like Ed Hicks -- these predators/ con men DO NOT CHANGE. THEY ARE INCURABLE!

Write to EOPC immediately if you have any contact with this Cyberpath so we can pass the information along! (

For more information on Barber, including pictures of this serial predator:

Surviving a Bad Choice -- by one of Barber's many Victims

FightBigamy on Barber

Very Bad Men on Barber - click on "THE DON JUAN OF CON"

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