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Friday, June 22, 2007
Well folks, this will be my last post on Rose Desrochers. Before I go any further, let me say this, as I know Rose will be reading this, therefore she needs to know that it has nothing to do with all her idle threats towards me, and again NO, I do not accept your apology that you placed on your blog Thoughts And Considerations. I don't even know why you apologized, as me writing about you has nothing to do with me and you in reality. It all deals with your treatment and abuse towards others. I will admit that I did become interested in you after you banned me from Todays Woman as I was hurt a little and taken aback by your behavior. But my interest and why I write about you deals with the majority of others that you abuse and threaten, even if I do not know them.

One of the many reasons I am not going to blog about Rose anymore, is that she is right about one thing. There are other Internet abusers like she on the Internet and I do want to blog about several of these people. Another reason is that it is almost impossible to keep up with Rose and her new charades and I am finding it hard to answer all my emails from people sending me links of her recent behavior. Now, don't get me wrong people, I do appreciate all the links and hopefully will use several of those links in this blog, but there is no way that I can use them all as it would take me a month or more to do so. Besides, others that are interested in Rose can and will find them on their own if they need to. And I also thank the ones that had the intestinal fortitude to copy and paste for me on certain things they knew would be deleted before I got around to viewing it. The main reason this is my last blog on Rose is because I really do need to finish at least the draft of the book I am working on, and I just can't keep up anymore with all her drama and pity parties, problems about me on her blogs, other Internet problems and then the new MyLot problems. Which by the way, for those that do not know, Rose was banned from MyLot. The banned list just gets longer! (Rose, don't worry, I will not name you in the book, but I bet people who read it will know who I am speaking about!)

With all that said, I must forewarn you that this will be a long blog, and I do apologize for that. But there is so much I have to cover since it is my last blog and I know I cannot cover it all, yet wish I could. Even though I have been working on this for days trying to get it all in order, I am still having a problem of where to begin and how to put it in order, so please bear with me.

After much thought on where to start, I decided to begin this blog based on someone else's blog that speaks of Internet Cancer and was a member of MyLot and had problems there. I am not familiar with her problems, and even if I was, I would not bring this up in my blog. She writes wonderfully and brings out some great points concerning the people on the Internet that are like cancer cells. And I will not give a link to her blog due to the fact that she and Rose are friends, and I do respect that. Thing is, I did comment on her blog only because Rose kept bringing my name up there and how awful I was. And I finally decided to respond, as personally I was getting a little sick of it. Especially since the things Rose wrote were untrue. Anyway, all those comments have since been deleted, as well as others comments. Seeing that has happened, I feel safe in sharing my comment from that blog. Please note that I have added links to the these comment that were not in the comment section itself (except the Virus Head link) so that the readers can understand where I am coming from. I also placed words in parenthesis to bring out my comments in this blog related but were not actually in the original comments. I encourage the readers to read the entire blog and then if you would like to understand better to click the links! My commenents are just under your eyes!

XXXX, I have been reading this blog for the last two days several times to keep up with the comments, which with so many comments, it took awhile to do. LOL I promise to be civilized as believe it or not, that is my nature. It takes me a great deal of time to respond to things, as I don't just see me insulted or accused, but take a great deal of time to think on my response before I submit it.

First I would like to say that I understand your blog and treatment of what goes on in Mylot as well as the Internet in general. I have not been a member of Mylot so there I cannot respond to some of the problems that I see posted in the responses here. There is a great deal of cancer as you put it on the Internet, and as you stated in one of your responses "I am interested in bullying and getting it to stop." While Rose contends that I am the bully and sees me as a stalker, that is just not true, but I am interested in getting her bullying and hurtful ways to stop. If one should read my blogs, whenever I post anything, I always include links to prove my point. And I find her behavior unacceptable and cruel to so many. Now, I know that Rose has said that she would not respond here anymore, but I am sure she will read the comments. Therefore, with your permission, I would like to address Rose on a few things, especially since she drew me into this comment list.

Rose, I am not ShawnDay. And I don't know who Shawnday is? I assume that it is someone from Writers Weekly that you must have angered and has not gotten over it, as reading her words on Mylot, she brought up WW a few times. I know one of these discussions were deleted, but I did do a copy and paste before it was. Reason why I copied it was due to the fact that you were naming names, and mine was one of them. I have never been a member of WW, therefore never posted there. So, since I have made that clear, you can stop trying to antagonize me with cruelty against animals where people are catching squirrels and flipping them around and then thinking it is funny. Flying squirrel abusive video (readers, this link was placed in the comment section of a blog I commented on, and that comment has been deleted. Rose also has THIS BLOG UP as another abusive video relating to squirrels and directed towards me. Rose, why do you think cruelty to animals is funny? And I am sure the squirrel mug shots Suspect At Large were directed at me as well. Sorry, you have the wrong person. I went into mylot and read a great deal of ShawnDay's posts and replies and I would think anyone, even you, from reading how she writes and what she writes about, it is not me.

Rose, I did not put your picture or start the thread on the discussion site. (not part of my comment, but she was talking about a cheaters site) Actually, I made a comment on it in my blog so that you would see it as I knew you would be able to remove it. Just as I did a blog in protection of you concerning your blog being captured in porn. I stood up for you in that, regardless of how I felt about you. I also in turned wrote a blog telling everyone to delete links to my blog, as I did not want them to have their blogs caught up in that. I asked them to delete the links as while I made several blogs as how awful this was, they captured my blogs as well with the porn. You in turn asked several bloggers to write a blog about it so that their blogs would get on top, never considering that their blogs might be captured as well. Now, you can believe what you want, but I am telling you that I did not do that and you have no proof I did. Why? Because you just assumed I did it.

Rose, I did not report you to Paws and did not even know that you lost the ability to use Garfield until I read your blog. While I did not report you, I certainly can understand why someone did, as Garfield is a cartoon character whom many love, and on your blog you do have a great deal of sexually related topics and your children's blogs are linked to yours, and I am sure other children read your childrens blogs, which means that kids can get to your blog where inappropriate blog material can be found not suitable for their age.

Rose, I did not contact members of your site, but prior members of your site has contacted me many times. The reason they did so dealt with your abuse and unfair treatment of them. Now, members of your site has posted comments, for example Merriam, whom I left a comment to her and it was very nice and direct. And, for the record, I also have never sent you abusive emails, but I really cannot say the same for you.

Rose, I have never been contacted by any authority as you report. But, seeing how you are so insistent on believing this, the only assumption I can come up with is that you must have pestered them to death to know if they had done anything about it, and to sooth you, said yes. You might want to contact them and get more details, such as when they warned me, date, name of officer, etc. I am sure you will find out it never happened. And the reason why it never did happen is because I have done nothing wrong except report on my blog about you and your behavior in efforts to warn others about what XXX calls Internet cancer. I am sorry you do not agree with what I do, and would not do so if you would change your ways and treatment of others. (This link Anonymous Internet Harassment Federal Crime explains a lot, and BTW readers, this entire thread from her view point was directed at me from what I can tell. I am SO SCARED! I will go more into this further in the blog. There was another discussion that I believe has now been deleted where she actually said this person (referring to me) would have time to think about what I am doing in abuse concerning her as I would have time, hard time. Not the exact words, but I am sure you get the point!)

Rose, the owner of WILD MIND was not a friend of mine until after I posted on her blog. I have no idea where you got that from. Just another assumption on your part I assume.

Rose, I do not post as an anonymous user. Here or anywhere else. I did at Wild Mind once, and agreed with you and she that I needed to come out with who I was. So therefore, I did.

Rose, I did not join TW as an effort to get my mothers poems published. I joined as my paid membership at Authors Den was about to expire and I was looking for a new writing site as I did not have the funds at the time to renew it. I did not know at the time I joined that some anonymous member paid a life time membership for her so that I could post more of her poems there. And if we must go into the story of you banning me from your site, let me please explain my side of the story. I would have never known about the problems you had with the couple you were in a flame war with, if others Steve and your husband had not PM me to join in the discussion groups. The more I read them where you kept talking about this couple, I decided that I needed to check this out as many of my mothers poems were on your site and I knew my other siblings would not be happy about her works being on a site that was in flame wars with others. When I did check it out, it was evident to me that you were in flame wars with many. I spent 3 days thinking about this and a full day writing that heartfelt letter to you explaining why I need her poems removed, and showed it to two of your prior members before I sent it as I wanted to make sure that it was kind and you could understand my point of view. You came back with, THANKS FOR STICKING IT TO ME IN THE BUTT, plus much more. I am glad that I was careful to tell them to email me on a different subject, as I had already read that you read private messages. These two members stayed with TW until all the poems were removed, which took several days. If readers are more interested in this story or the letter, they can go to VIRUS HEAD!DRAMA AT THE POETRY FORUM under Katie's comment. Rose, it was after I had read all the things that were going on that I did contact the people you were having flame wars with and after you banned me.

Rose, reading your discussions on Mylot told me a great deal about you besides your abusive behavior, and I am sorry things for you did not work out there. And if I had been a member and saw Rage girl say she thought your daughter deserved to die, I would have commented on that right away as just awful and cruel. But, keep in mind that I also did look at your friends list and was very interested in THE LAW as I thought that might be your husband as he claimed to be a cop and was extremely abusive on ICQ. Since he had made few comments, it did not take me long to read. If I had been a member, I also would have commented on him calling a member there "White Trash" and telling that same member that while he did not believe in abortion, it might have been a good thing that she had one due to her offspring running around. And you actually had him on your friends list and did not say something about that remark? Not those exact word, but that pretty much sums it up. (I was extremely surprised that even you did not comment on this response since you feel so strongly about children and abortion. And you actually had him on your friends list and did not say something about that remark?) Concerning what I did learn about you on mylot is that you have been raped, you were in a abusive relationship, have medical reasons why you cannot work out of your home, and had an ectopic pregnancy. I already knew about your daughter and parents and you suffering from depression. If all these things are true, then my heart goes out to you. That is a great deal on anyone's plate. And enough to make anyone bitter, angry and much more. If you are having all these problems, I highly encourage you to seek professional help to deal with all these issues, and I am saying that in a caring way, so don't read between the lines. But Rose, having suffered from so much does not give one the right to be so abusive and threatening as I have seen you act toward people. I have tons of emails that break my heart on how you treated people. Along with their emails, I also have the emails that you sent them. It is truly sad.

Rose, you complain so much for people treating you as they do, but sometimes people get backed against the wall they come out fighting. Now, with that said, so the readers can understand a little bit better, I will use me as an example. While HALL OF SHAME is now deleted, I do have a copy and paste. On this forum, since you could not get to me, you decided to use my husband as a token in your game. A man that has never posted to your, ever got involved in any of this, nothing. But on your forum, all of his negative feedback's were displayed. And yet with those few feedback's displayed, you forgot to mention that he had another 2000 positive, feedback score of 99.3 and a Powerseller. You also approved of your friend placing a gossip blog on where she talked about his ebay site and my photo site was set to public and she used a picture of my dog lying in the laundry room on some dirty clothes as an example of how he sells on eBay. Your husband made a comment about me living in a trailer, which I did not, but lived in a beautiful turn of the century home at the time. But my thoughts were this. What if we did live in a trailer. Is he saying that people that live in a trailer are below him? If so, that is truly sad.

Now Rose, concerning your apology apology. I don't think so and will blog more about that when I have the time. Your apology did not come across as sincere at all. Especially since I have seen what has been written in other places. You need to understand that my blogs are to warn people before they get hurt or caught up in your drama. Stop the drama and pity parties I will stop the blogs.(OK People, decided to stop them anyway as I explained in the beginning of this blog! LOL) My blog have nothing to do with your old flame wars or me being banned from TW. And I am going to tell you this again, and I have reported this in my blogs before. You have a wonderful site at TW, well organized and user friendly and could be much more if you concentrated on that site instead of making havoc all over the Internet and having you name come up on google in ways that could hurt you.

Rose, do not fool yourself that I am the only one upset with you, as I am in a very long line and it keeps getting longer. Can you not see that many are upset with you? And look you up? I am not responsible for all that goes wrong with you on the Internet, so please quit blaming me for everything. And many users are anonymous when it comes to you as they are scared to death of you and what you might do. I am sorry if that sounds cruel, but it is the truth.

XXXX, I am so sorry this was such a long blog, and I hope you understand why I needed to post.


OK. That was the end of my comment. A comment that took me two days to write and think about and sleep on before leaving that comment. And to my amazement, Rose replied to that comment within the hour. So much for her not responding to that blog anymore. Now, I do not feel comfortable copying and pasting her comment to me, even though she felt it was fine to copy and paste part of my comments to her blog, therefore I will try and summarize her comments in response to my comment for you. Again, if you see things in parenthesis, these are my thoughts concerning her comments.


Rose DesRochers said (READERS, keep that in mind with all these comments directed towards me)

1. Rose says her son is 13 1/2 and her daughter will be 17 within the week and her children learn more in sex education than they do on her blog and most of her daughters friends are sexually active and she was to at that age also, so do I really think that topics found in the news about masturbation and sex facts is not suitable for teens, and that I should WAKE UP. (Rose, how you deal with your children and sex was not the issue here, and if you had read the comment without anger, you might have understood. Your views concerning sex and your children is OK with me, but what I was trying to point out is that your kids have blogs linked to your blog and their friends have blogs and links go round and round. What might be suitable for your children may not be suitable for other children and the way they were raised, and their parents might not be happy about their children, especially at the age of 13 finding a link from your daughter or son and going to your blog. Why is that so difficult for you to understand? Now go and wake the other parents up that have children that might be directed to your blog.)

2. Rose said that the Garfield comics are published on Yahoo within a site that ran the masturbation news article and kids could be see the comic character there and read the articles. (Did you express that to PAWS when they took your rights away to use Garfield? If not, go bother them about that and make that point. I made mine and I am sticking to it.)

3. Rose said I did contact members of her site and she has proof. (OK, I will give you the benefit of the doubt, who did I contact while a member of your site besides the ones I mentioned? AS XXXX said "names please!" )

4. Rose said that she does have the name of the officer and she has the date and who contacted me and as soon as she gets done with her comment, she will be contacting them again. (Rose, this is starting to concern me as I hope they did not harass the new tenants of the home I moved out of. I doubt that though as I would have heard about THAT! And further more, if someone did warn me, I am a law abiding person and if warned I would have never posted about you again. But, since I was not warned, well, go figure. Send me the name of the officer and the time and date this happened. I mean since it was me I should have the right to know don't ya think? I am sure you have my IP number, so I am pretty easy to find. So far no one has knocked on my door and I am always home pretty much.)

5. Rose says it is not up to me to police the Internet or harass her for over a year and a half. And it is not up to me to dedicate an entire blog to her and that she apologized to me and gave me an olive branch requesting that I end all this and I hit her with the branch! (Rose, I think it is up to many to police the Internet as if many did not, trust me,. there would be many more horror stories if someone did not take the time to police the Internet. And it is up to me to dedicate my blog anyway I see fit. It IS my blog. Go back and read your apology to me Rose, it was full of how awful I was and then you apologize? Besides, my blogging on you has nothing to do with me, and I thought I had already made that clear. I did not hit you with an olive branch. Think about it, you took the branch and hit yourself as far as I am concerned. But, that is just my opinion.)

6. Rose said it just goes to show that I do not want to resolve the problems between us. (Rose, again it really has nothing to do with the problems between you and I but how you treat people in general. You have used and abused me and my husband in your token of play, but that is really not what my blogs are about or at issue here. Most people can see that, so maybe you should open your eyes and see that also.)

7. Rose says that I have no right to talk of her behavior and need to take a look at my own. (Been there, done that), and several people have emailed her thinking I am a stalker. (people emailing me with links concerning her and google alerts does not make me a stalker, I am just warning people!)

8. Rose saidI could not address her on her blog so I had to address it here. (DUH, you think so? I felt I had a right to do so since my name was mentioned all over the comment section by you.)

9. Rose said she requested that I stop harassing her and this behavior. (Got your wish Rose, as this is my last blog concerning you, but I hope to make it a dozy!)

10. Rose mentioned names of the people that she was in flame wars with (which I will not do) and said I stated that once she removed the content I would stop. That the content has been gone a long time and I still continue to post. (I don't remember saying that, but if I did, send me that stuff. And regardless, I am stopping now, so your wish has come true.)

11. Rose said that I blogged about Mylot, yet others are receiving the same abuse from people at Mylot. That I can't read. I can't see that. Yet it was her, just her. (I don't even know how to reply to that, as her words were just so confusing when it came to that. Sorry Rose)

12. Rose said I stated that she was banned from ABCTales and she was never banned and she is only guilty of inviting a member who started a topic on ABCtales as he was pissed at her, and others replied in defense and it became a war. The user went back to TW and is still a member and a friend. (Well, readers, if you read my comment, I never mentioned ABCTales, but since we are on the subject, I do have a copy and paste where a Tony said that posts were removed due to insults and trying to destroy their reputation. I will agree that it never used the word BANNED, but from the way the discussion lead, and further discussions, it did look like a ban towards you. I also have a copy and Paste of someone with a close relationship of using a screen name of RADIO that was highly upset at Rose for taking something he wrote and Rose using it on TW without permission. As well as all the discussions concerning this that followed. If you were not banned, then I apologize for using that in my blog maybe somewhere, but not in the comment section in question again, and I will find out more on this for you, and for me.)

13.Rose said that I post lies on my blog, for example her breaking into my sitemeter and that I have no proof and it was I who set it to public and it was my own stupid mistake. ( Rose, do not feel comfortable questioning me on this right now as this in under investigation, and it was set to private and everyone knew that. IF it turns out that you did not do this, I will apologize for it. I just find it strange that my sitemeter was broken into twice and the last time it was broken into and I was alerted right away, you were on my sitemeter. The person that looks into my sitemeter besides me had already set it to private again two weeks before this happened. WHY in the hell would I have it set to public when I told people to post anonymous if they wished if I would not have set it to private? I really am not that dumb regardless of what you think. And up until two weeks of the first time it was set from private to public and then again when you just happened to be on! No one and I MEAN NO ONE ever came into my sitemeter while set as public except YOU. Why? AS everyone knew it was set to private. Sounds fishy to me. Things are in the works to get the ending story to this, so worry or don't. Now, what other lies can you use for examples?)

14. Rose said concerning Mylot that I stated that "I am once again angered, as from what I have read, the majority of these people are really kind and compassionate." And she explains that I should read what others are saying, and if they were so kind, XXXX would not be blogging about them. (Rose, Mylot is made up of at least 95,000 people and I read a great many of your posts toward people and if they even DARED to disagree with you, you went freaky. I don't know XXXX so therefore I cannot comment on her problems with people or the other parties involved. Personally a lot of stuff fell under MATURE content, which I was not able to view since I was not a member. But, I did see you antagonize many there, for example a young mother that talked about a child's haircut and her opinion of little girl haircuts and you just picked on her for no reason at all. That was uncalled for. The link can be follow here concerning giving little girls boy hair cuts? I know you are going to say you did apologize to her and you did. But what was your point to start with messing with her this way? What was the problem? Were you having a bad hairday? You really do not want me to post more links of examples of your behavior at Mylot do you? Rose, I can give several links of your behavior and how you treated people, but dang, I already have so many links, and if the viewers are interested, they can just go to your profile and read your discussion threads and responses themselves to make an opinion of their own.

15. Rose says she still has access to my blog and can get in with no problem. (As stated in the comment section, I took the ban off since I have moved and no longer have sitemeter that one can break into. Heck, if you want, you can even comment. BTW, I can access your blog also. Do it several times a day to get the links I need.)

16. Rose says I stated that someone was visiting my blot through FIREFOX Germany, and duh, that was she. That she doesn't view at 1024X768 and half the net knows that. And for me to pay attention as I am slipping HUNNY. (well, that is good to know and now the other half of the net knows, and you are right, I did not pay attention to that, but I think others did HUNNY!)

17. Rose says I stated that Google UK had removed all post concerning Rose Desrochers and Writers World Unlimited and that was a lie. (That was not a lie, just a problem with you reading. Go to UK google and put in WritersWorld Limited Rose Desrochers. Just tried it again. Here is the LINK TO HELP YOU OUT WITH THAT Read the directions Rose. BTW Rose, nothing was mentioned in the comment section about that, so I guess you are getting off topic again of what I commented to.)

18. Rose reports that I made a statement that she post information on Sex to increase her page rank and I don't know how page ranks works, that it increases her traffic and not her rank and what she posts is mostly educational. (well Rose, you got me on that one, as I did not know the in and outs of page ranks and traffic, but I am learning. I do disagree with you on educational stuff though being on your blog, and again, I did not make any comments on XXX blog concerning this. )

19. Rose reports that on Google Groups that someone called her a manipulative witch with a capital B. (Actually, I changed that, she used the word with a B) and that I had to comment on that too. That I did not notice the person was attacking everyone and not just her, and that I did not care because it was something I could post about her. (well, I don't remember that, but if you say so, it must be true. And the world manipulative W with capital B does bring you to my mind as well as other minds I am sure. Again, I did not say anything about that on the comment. Why do you insist on responding to other things not mentioned in the blog. I can give many links on MYLOT where you got upset where people got off your subject, and here you are doing it also.)

20. Rose said that I said that TROLLS FLAME WARS & CYBERSTALKERS would not be all about her, but anyone can see it is that way and an anti hate Rose blog. (well Rose, again I have to agree with you on this as most of my post are about you, and you wonder WHY? Don't you know you pretty much do this to yourself with me posting since I pretty much know you personally? And I did in my heart feel that I should warn others about you. But again, as reported this is my last blog on you, so you see wishes do come true. But do not be surprised if others blog on and about you show up, and don't blame me for their blogs.)

21. Rose says she has filed a police report of harassment and stalking against me again. (Gee Rose, have them come and take me away. I am getting so sick of this threat. I have heard this threat not just directed at me but others during your long history, which BTW started back in 2001 concerning your obsession with police. This link does not say you or husband ARTICWOLF was banned, but a lot of threads were removed for some reason. Bet we all can guess why! ICQ Again with your husband as a cop, and he doesn't sound happy in this link! Frankly from what I can tell it has become a joke among readers concerning whose who as police and your police threats. Keep reading about this, as I have more to say in the blog about this of what an attorney that is a good friend of mine says about this. Interesting information!)

22, Rose says that she knows that I will not stop following her around the net and harassing her and for me to leave her alone. (Rose, google follows you around the net as well as others. I can't help it if they feel the need to alert me to what is going on. I don't have the time to follow you around, but evidently many do, and many that I don't even know about considering the links I have been sent. Like I have said many times in this blog. This is my last blog about you, so count your many blessings.)

23. Rose says that I should leave her alone and get on with my life. (Good advise Rose, and I will. I am really tired of interrupting my life concerning my thoughts and time about you and your ways. I have way to much to do than spend half my day concerning myself with you. Or playing on the Internet almost 24 hours a day like you do.)

GEEZ that was exhausting. It is evident to me right now that I will never get done with this blog in one day. I have to admit that I will be so happy when I finish this blog as Rose is right. I need to move on and stop thinking about her ways for a long time. I NEED A VACATION. I had this blog all figured out of all the things I wanted to say and all the hundreds of links I could possibly give, but it is just to exhausting to get this all done and I feel it is important to get this online. So, with that in question I will end this blog shortly, but before I do, I do want to make a few comments concerning this. And readers, please excuse me if they are directed at Rose, but I think she as well as the readers need to understand.

Rose, I have a good friend that is a lawyer and I talk to him about this all the time and have never asked him for advice as he is my friend. BUT, lately when I told him about your intentions of having me, how shall I put this, oh yea, JAILED, he did on his own bring some points out to me that others need to think about concerning my blog, and I did a little research on what he said to me. His opinion is that the reason you have not been able to pull my blog down as I have not violated my terms or TOS of service with blogspot as what I blog about are my opinions only. And that my views and my judgments are not forcing others to feel this way. He also pointed out that if an officer or an authority of the law did come and take me to jail based on your qualms with me that it would make city news and very fast national news, and gave many reasons why. It would change laws with the Internet as a whole, and all kinds of new laws would have to be started and go before Congress and the fact that my voicing an opinion on my blog is peanuts in comparison to the tons of sites and blogs that are up bashing , for example our President, and those had not been removed. He gave many more examples than the President, but I like that one best since he is very well know. The expense alone for the police and the city and the state alone, not to mention out of country concerns, would not be worth it when there are so many other things that are so much more important and needs to be dealt with on the Internet as well as real life outside the Internet, and the fact that little me could be so important to go to jail and serve hard time for stating my opinions about you. He also said that this could backfire on you if you came up in google like I said you did, and while I am pretty much out of the picture on google concerning my behavior on the Internet. I did like his response of if someone did come to take me away, please call him as it could be the opportunity of a life time for him to get involved in a case such as this. His name could possibly be in highlights. And that he would represent me for free just to get his name in highlights. I thought that was pretty funny, and at least if the authorities do come and pay me a visit as you insist they did or will, I have free legal help. That's a relief. (whipping sweat off my brow!)

Now, this is the last on this blog concerning Rose. But I certainly do hope to do a blog soon on what my friendly lawyer said to me and give examples. (He promised to send me links) So now Rose, you can go to bed knowing that you are safe from future blogs of mine. Yet, I am a little pissed off that I did not get the opportunity to express more of what I wanted to say, but I am just to exhausted concerning you. But I do believe that I need to get this out ASAP in case the world ends tomorrow or I get so busy with my own life that I cannot get this blog on.

Now I hope the readers have an idea of what LIES BENEATH! Keep in mind there are many cancers amongst us on the freeway we call the Internet!

PS. I will probably edit this blog as I am sure I have made some grammar mistakes here and some links might not work or add more links to express my blog. But the bed is calling me now!

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Friday, June 08, 2007
I am sure many will find this comical, and it really is. Everyone needs a good laugh, so here goes.

Rose started a thread on MyLot where she claims that she sicked the authorities on me and actually came to my door. Never happened, and what makes it worse is she was accusing another member who I guess she found threatening that that member was me, and had that members comments removed, so now the thread looks like she is talking to herself. She claims that the authorities are after me again, so everyone please start a bail bond party for me. LOL. She says she can do this as my blog is anonymous, therefore it is a Federal Crime. Geeze, I guess I should have named it KATIE FAIRCHILD'S BLOG. I am giving the link, but not sure if one can read it without being a member if it is under mature content. Not sure. Anonymous Internet Harassment Federal Crime This is absolutely ridiculous . Like the law has nothing better to do with their time but come after me all because I am bothering Rose. Give me a break. Not once have I ever threatened, abused or sent Rose ugly emails.

Rose, you might want to be careful as this could backfire on you without you meaning it to. I know you read my blog as the person that monitors it told me you were on my blog for 14 hours the other day. I guess you forgot to sign off.

Signed yours truly,


Just in case the other folks that read my blog do not know what my name is. I doubt that though. Knowing my full name was easy to find through Rose and her whines using my full name all over the Internet. BTW, does this law also relate to Rose when she had me under HALL OF SHAME with others. Regardless if it is gone or not, I have it all copied and paste. Hmmmm.
After reading this Rose, go back to Mylot and start a new pity party.
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Tuesday, June 05, 2007
Case# 14 Rose Desrochers Is At It Again.
It has been a long time since I have blogged, and that has been for many reasons. My life has been quite busy even though the grand boys left 2 months ago. Spring is here, so therefore spring cleaning, the garden is up and needs to be attended to, and pretty much life in general. Also, I have not really been up to par since my daughter left for war in Iraq recently.

I had actually decided at one point not to blog about Rose anymore, as I could not change her ways or completely warn others about her, and the importance of doing so somewhat left me of even trying to do so. With so many new changes in my life, which a lot of those changes were soul searching times spent in my garden, I had pretty much given up on being concerned about her and wasting my time with her.

But that all changed recently, as I decided to visit the new and booming
MYLOT site. This site has a lot of potential and I actually learned about MYLOT from reading one of Rose's Blogs a few months back. While I was reading all the discussions, which by the way, many are great and well thought out, I decided what the heck, I will check Rose's profile out while here also and what she has to say and how others respond to her. OH MY GOD!! I guess I came in at the right time to see what the heck was going on AGAIN!

The drama has started all over again. And it is truly sad. She has once again managed to start flame wars, flying insults to members, criticize, belittle and hurt so many feelings here. I bet many can guess why! They did not agree with her opinions or play by her rules. And of course, she is the victim again if members shot back in defense of her outbursts. She has managed to get so many angry with her, a forum almost dedicated to her shows up in cyberspace. And of course she is angry about that, as she does not appreciate people talking behind her back. She must have forgotten what she and her husband did with the forum on Invision Graphics called HALL OF SHAME, and what that felt like to many, to include myself. I am glad to report that HALL OF SHAME on that site is now down.

She has angered and insulted so many on MYLOT, and what is so sad about this, is that from what I can tell, they are really nice and compassionate people, and many used to be her friends and on a list like MySpace does, but apparently once they disagreed with her, she uses the option to deleted them off her list. This is just such familiar behavior with her. This has happened to so many, and not just on MYLOT but in the past as well. Sad thing is, the members on MYLOT have no idea what they did wrong or what happened, and feel a great deal of hurt, and even guilt!

But many did not tolerate it from the beginning and flew with their own remarks toward her, and she wondered why? Many of those comments and discussions were deleted, yet I did my thing again of copy and paste to save. Sometimes I am scared to death that something will come out of all this and my computer will be taken for proof concerning her. LOL And I cannot say for sure, but I think she had something to do with many of the comments and discussions being removed or deleted.

Thing is, now that others are in defense and pretty much ganging up on her, she cries victim with new discussions or new comments on other discussions. In her own discussions and in comments, she talks about how she would never insult people or resort to name calling, when that is the very thing she did. AGAIN! Does this not sound familiar with her behavior? WHAT IS WRONG WITH THIS PICTURE?

I am once again angered, as from what I have read, the majority of these people are really kind and compassionate and go over and aboard to give others and she a chance to speak, or try to explain their cause, especially when she gets upset as they feel she just did not understand. And respond to that. And they continue to do this after they have been attacked by her. Many times more than once. Yet, she has the nerve to call foul as if a game and victim.

Being compassionate of what one believes in is understandable and admirable, and needed to make the world go round. We really all want to speak our mind and voice our opinion and let our voice be heard in chance to change things we feel so compassionate about. That is what makes
FREEDOM OF SPEECH so important to us all. That in many ways is really what makes the world go round as it changes, and will change laws, thoughts and the world in general.

It has taken me days and days or reading when I can find the time to do so concerning this new outbreak with Rose, and it breaks my heart to see how cruelly Rose has treated so many there. It makes me want to once again warn and fight for the victims that Rose places in her path. And as always, when things get hot coming her way, the discussions or comments were given by her of how awful people treat her for no reason. As John Stossel would say "Give me a break".

I guess I am not ready to let Rose go without warning people still, and I hope others will see with this blog of WHAT LIES BENEATH.


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