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Sunday, August 26, 2007
Case# 24 Internet Abusers! The Word Is Out In Protecting Your Victims!
Last night, I decided to do something new, something challenging. I decided to try to make my blog more available within the Cyber blog communities. My reasons had to deal with others encouragement to promote my blog. It may have been a mistake on my part to even try, but hey, I am always up to a new challenge. I found out through my efforts that I actually was being stalked by a member on a popular blogging site that is wonderful in promoting individual blogs, and through my quest a certain someone was parked there. Keep in mind, this particular blogger has over and over called me a stalker, and has sworn up and down publicly that the police is after me. (By the way, I no longer mention names, yet I am sure many can guess who I speak of!) This person found my user name of what I tried so hard to conceal due to worries of concernng their stalking behavior, yet somehow my link was available to this individual. Now I am forced to really re think what I say and do on the Internet concerning this individual. And think I did for a long time!

Actually, I have to re think many things, as past victims of this particular stalker have come to terms with their particular horrors concerning this, and have even allowed themselves to forgive this stalker, as well in a sense, promote the stalker. And I really appreciate and applaud them for this. I am not ready to do this yet, and I hope to explain why within this blog.

Why? I guess it goes back to personal encounters verified by others long before I even entered the picture. Not only that, but it goes back to the day (or days) where and when I spent a great deal of time in writing about PSYCHOPATH & SOCIOPATH DISORDERS & BEHAVIOR, and where I was illiterate on the subject at one point, finally facing it is what lead me to the why of writing about it. And glad I did as it has taught me so much concerning dealing with this type of behavior.

Psychopath and Sociopath behavior deals in great detail with the subject at hand, and which by the way keeps my blog alive and well everyday due to the number of constant visitors reading daily this particular blog. (I hope they do not mind finding it twice!) From reading my stats count, it is evident that Psychopath and Sociopath behavior is a major problem everywhere within the real world as well as the Internet world.. I hope to at least educate possible victims to this by keeping readers aware of these important subject matters dealing with this behavior!

OK. Ok, back to the WHY? Just pretend this is the TV show of JEOPARDY! You can be the judge! The category is what is a sociopath or psychopath. The answer is the same!

Who has the inability to accept or recognize social norms?

Who deals in repeated lying, being deceitful or uses many aliases, yet if discovered on one, just happens to find another alias while using the same game plan of being conning and manipulative to others in order of personal or pleasure profit and gain?

Who has a lack of remorse and irresponsibility concerning others, and then rationalize their behavior within their minds, disregarding the ones they have hurt, mistreated and many times destroyed?

Who posses a narcissism behavior or grandiosity, the need of admiration from others, yet total lack of empathy for others? Let me explain this more so that the game players will not be confused. Concerning GRANDIOSITY , they need a sense of self-importance, and they accomplish this by exaggeration of their achievements, what wonderful things they have done, their religion, how they care, and expects to be recognized in a superior role for this. They have an unreasonable sense of entitlements and expectations, yet expect favorable or automatic compliance with their expectations. And with their interpersonal goals, they take advantage of those in their path to achieve their own ends, and that can be many things. And sadly, they are void of any empathy, and do not realize (or recognize) or identify with the feelings and needs of others, and showing arrogant behavior and attitude is a given.

Who concerning Internet abusers have a personality behavior where they crave and feed upon constant need for attention, and are not happy at all when they are not the center of attention. Their writings are displayed in impressionistic form, and lacking of details, yet get very angry if questioned on this?

Whose behavior is manipulative and self centered, yet hard to recognize at first until you personally get to know the them, and the destruction they have caused? (HINT! The psychopath troll or abuser makes a point in provocative comments in order that emotional responses will be given by others. And many times when responses are given, they challenge the conversation, many times breaking the rules of chat or forum board, therefore being banned, and then cry VICTIM and go back in under a new identity.)

Who, especially on the Internet shows behavior of asking for forgiveness at times to win their game, and change their stories so that others will read it, using words of " I made a mistake", instead of telling the entire story? (HINT~ Keep in mind the problem is that others are now questioning their behavior, and reading about it via the Internet as the abuser is not forming a new game plan, and they must do something to change the results of what is going on as it is starting to look bad for them. The attention they are getting now is not what they wanted or hoped for, so they must ask for some type of forgiveness. It is part of the game!)

Who turns out to be superficial and glib to you now, yet when you first met them they came across as very charming, intelligent and articulate individuals?

Who are very aware about you and what other people find appealing and interested in concerning you, and work diligently to present themselves in these favorable ways toward you, yet they tell tons (lies) of stories about themselves and their achievements and their attention need is fed when others think and believe on them, never knowing any better?

Who is recognized as Egocentric~Total self-centered and under the unrealistic opinion that what everything and everyone does (or should do) revolves around them?

Who has a superiority complex to the rest of society and thinks and feels that they should not be questioned or concerned about their reasons of why they are guilt free when it comes to violating all rules. That they have the right to be arrogant, boastful, controlling, not to mention COCKY?

Who have you discovered to be manipulative and total deceitful, and now recognize their greatest talent is lies and then more lies, yet they still continue to carry on with their deception even when caught? (Being caught is no big deal to them, even when confronted, as they just alter the details of their story as someone will believe them, and they count on this!)

Who totally lacks any guilt, remorse, empathy or emotions in their behavior and does not have any ability to step into another's shoes", or relate to how the pain they have inflicted upon others is devastating? (HINT! In the psychopath, they rationalize all they do and therefore do not feel any remorse or pain and possible destruction that they caused to others.)

Who exhibits impulsive behavior which is evident that revolves around then of the here and now , pretty much "living for the moment in time", and seeks instant total gratification, where the giving is none on their side of the coin, and little or non consideration is given to the consequences of their actions?

Who lacks total responsibility and reliability in their behavior, and has no understanding or even cares about social goals when it comes to commitments, obligations, rules, or life in general to a degree, and cannot be counted on for anything, especially when making and breaking promises is not a problem with them, regardless of how it affects others? (HINT! As long as it does not affect them, they are good to go!)

Who has shown behavior problems that can be red flags existing before early adulthood, with problems evident now of their adulthood of constant lying, cheating, bully behavior, violence, and the list can go on?

Who has shown adult antisocial behavior, where after closer looking they come across as a spoiled child, with examples of standards and rules have no importance to them and as children they do as they please with no thoughts of how it will affect others . (HINT! While their ways might not be criminal, they are most definite immoral. Their self centered goals are still the same, to think only of themselves and disregard how it affects others. )

Who has shown more problems that I did not even mention here, but readers with experience knows the answer as they have been there, done that, and knows the answer to the question? (and feels embarrassed that they know the answer to it. DON'T BE, just realize it now)

In ending concerning Psychopath and Sociopath behavior, I wanted to point out just a few more things that I have read concerning this. (As well as personal experience and others that have contacted me concerning this.)

These people and their behavior exhibit poor emotional intelligent, lack of conscience and unable to feel attached to people except in their own terms of their personal value. They usually start a relationship with others, and will invite the victim to participate in their game. (Sadly, the victim has no idea of the rules). They display a Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde personality. In other words, they play the part of the role to rope one in, so that they can get what they want! They have no conscience and their biggest goal is for their gratification only. They come from all walks and talks of life, making it easy to fool the victims. It is hard to spot one at first. And when spotted by someone else, they cry VICTIM, and really think they are, as we do not understand them! They play games, hoping us to become a token in their play, and sadly many times without us even knowing it, we do become tokens in their games. Yet, when we see the rules are out of order and we do not want to play by their rules, we become a subject of their vengeance. And this is very scary! While the majority of us do tell some little white lies, and feel some guilt on this, the psychopath and the sociopath cannot or will not discriminate why it is that they lie, cheat or steal. With them, no one matters, and it could be you as a friend to them, family, but most likely you will feel in the end SUCKER! I am hoping this blog will stop your SUCKER effect, but no guaranties are made on this.

I am sure that you as a reader have figured out all the answers to this made up game of mine resembling Jeopardy. And that in the long run brings reality into view. (Remember it could be you as the victim here!) Don't play this game, especially if you see signs from the examples given. Trust me, there are many honest people and caring souls within the Internet and in your reality world that will never give you the opportunity to answer these questions with a yes, or "I know someone life this!" This blog is only a warning tool, and I hope it at least helped one person. Maybe it was you! Bottom line of this blog was for one to know what really "Lies Beneath!"
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Thursday, August 16, 2007
The other night I watched PRIMETIME CRIME (scroll down to the bottom half to read more) about a guy named Eric Cooper who was married or engaged to 10 women at the same time. All the women said that he was extremely charming and sported a Naval Uniform, and told his wives that he was a Navy Seal and also an Officer. He even charmed some of the parents of the woman. And of course, his purpose of marrying all these ladies had to do with financial gain. Thankfully, he was caught and convicted of bigamy, as well as other charges. His release date is 2020.

It is apparent to me that many bigamist use military uniforms to attract women for their psychopathic gains. Apparently military uniforms represent stability and benefits for women. Also when women see men in uniform, they think that their wonderful prince charming is a man of honor and courage, usually based on the stories that the bigamist feed the women.

I was sent a request not long ago to do a blog on a particular man that is an alleged bigamist, in hopes that my blog (along with other blogs) will help locate him so that he can face these charges.
Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

This man, NATHAN ERNEST BURL THOMAS, JR, has been married to two women at the same time, but by law, one is not allowed to call him a bigamist until he is lawfully charged in court. This blog by Cyberpaths EOPC CALL FOR INFORMATION: NATHAN ERNEST BURL THOMAS, JR. - ON THE RUN! , has been reprinted here in full with permission of EOPC. EOPC has been blogging on him for a few years in efforts to alert the public of his fraud against women.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting


Nathan Ernest Burl Thomas Jr.
Male, African-American
Age : 53
Occupation : Retired Military (he may tell you he's CIA or Special Ops) and now does sales for a company called Ecoquest
Where he might be : Germany or Illinois or Texas USA or British Columbia or Quebec Canada
Work # : ( 210 ) 380 - 1684

Some of his online nicknames:

Some of his possible email addresses: He has been cleaning his online activities and has already closed some email addresses he used to communicate to one of his “wives” and other targets:

Nathan Thomas, former Chief of Housing at the 6th ASG in Germany, is one of the biggest psychos and a criminal WHO MAY HAVE COMMITTED BIGAMY

Nathan Ernest Burl Thomas Jr, aka Nathan E B Thomas Jr., date of birth 03-DEC-1952, born in Arkansas, uses the online dating sites, pen pal sites, etc. to find vulnerable women!

His MODUS OPERANDI is always the same:
He tells his targets he is a widower from a Puerto Rican woman called Felicia, who passed away of cancer some years ago - (we sell fake Kleenex for all those who have cried hearing this fake story) - and he will fake a strong sadness for this imaginary woman.

After some time, probably after meeting the target, he loves bomb his “woman target” and starts a torrid relationship. He flies to the “victim's” country or pays for his victims to fly to meet him as well. It’s a perfect romance copied from the best love story out there.

He acts like a gentleman, fakes ethics & religiousness, helps old ladies on the street, loves children, gives money to beggars!!!

You will NEVER see his "house" - he will always stay in a hotel with you.

As if that weren’t enough, Nathan Thomas also implies he is a CIA operative, and Special Ops. He will say he is a paratrooper who trains "his men" for missions to Afghanistan, Iraq, etc. This is completely false. The CIA has never heard of him.
Spends a lot of money, used to drive a BMW 850 while in Germany and always stays at Hotel suites.

He offers women expensive gifts, generally gives laptops (KEYLOGGED!!! so he can track your every move!).

This LIAR, CHEATER and SEX ADDICT, GOT MARRIED to a woman in Canada, WHILE BEING STILL MARRIED to Mrs. Georgine Thomas with whom he supposedly lives, in Texas.

There’s also a STRONG CHANCE THERE’S ANOTHER WIFE, called Marion, living in Germany, with whom he has two kids - Alina and Nathan.

He has other adult children, one of them Cindy who may be living in Texas and at least two grandsons in Germany.

This man's imagination is better than a Tom Clancy political thriller - but also PURE FICTION. He calls himself THE BLACK RIDER in his stories and he fantasizes about being a hero by cutting & pasting news stories about Al Queda to unsuspecting targets. He justifies his long absences by saying he's on "CIA special operations", or he is "deployed in Iraq." To some targets, he also says he is in Afhganistan.

The truth is that he goes from one wife/family or girlfriend to another. Georgine thinks he goes away on business for his company when he goes to stay with another wife. When he goes back to Georgine, the other wife thinks he is back in Iraq, and so on… or on a "secret mission"...

He takes explicit photos and makes porn videos with his targets, as well as asking some of his wives/ girlfriends to take sexual pictures & videos - saying they are personal, just for him (LOL) - that are probably sold by him to porn websites.

There are reasons to believe his brothers may be his accomplices, and also someone in Germany - he communicates with at least one woman named Isabel in Europe. What their relationship is, is anyone's guess.


It’s also likely he has already been deported from some country in Europe while he was active military.

He has a company “Thomas Special Services, LLC” at:
591417 Encino Park
San Antonio, TX 78259,
which appears to be a cover of possible his criminal activity.
He also does business with Ecoquest International.

Nathan Thomas IS NOT A CIA operative. He is just a retired military and was the Chief of Housing in the 6th ASG during 2002/2004 and also dealt with private rentals in Southern Gemany. He current given address is San Antonio, TEXAS! (see above)

If anyone has any information about this man, PLEASE COME FORWARD and help stop his predatory and criminal activities.

Thomas is aware that people are on to him and has been frantically cleaning his online activities, erasing things and has already closed some email addresses he used to communicate with his “wives” and other targets. These may not work:

He uses several nicknames like Grizzlybear, Suntzu, DSZO, Bear, "T" or T_Bear (they may have slight variations as well)

IF YOU HAVE ANY INFORMATION WRITE TO US and it will be passed along to law enforcement.


EOPC Cyberpaths has written several blogs on this man, and I have provided some links and some excerpts to give the readers a better idea concerning Nathan Thomas.

In these links provided, emails from Nathan Thomas are available where he constantly lies and lures his target. More Blather From The Predator and Some Lures of the Predator of the Month

When reading these links, notice how he always calls the target Cutie or Lady, but never calls her by her first name. I wonder if he does that as he has so many targets, he is afraid he might put the wrong targets name in.

Excerpts from this link CYBERPATH: Nathan Ernest Burl Thomas Jr , the target explains of his behavior and how it devastated her.

"He told me he was a widower. He told me his "wife" Felicia, died of cancer some years ago. He had three children (one daughter and two boys, all grown up). According to him, his daughter (Cindy) was in the military in Korea and the other two sons were in the US. He told me he had grandchildren. He presented himself as deeply suffering from being lonely and still broken up about his "sainted wife's" death. (TYPICAL SOB story to lure in a good & compassionate person)

Then, a second meeting came and this time was different: I got emotionally & romantically lured in by this man! Afterwards, we met a lot and he always treated me like a gentleman; very caring. He was spending a lot of time and money to be with me. He gave me several presents. One of them was really expensive: a laptop computer!

I found some answers:
- Thomas is married (he got married in Las Vegas/Nevada in 07- August-1995).
He married at the age of 42; (no record of divorce)

- His wife is alive and well and her name is Georgine;

- He stays available (on instant messengers) day and night on the internet (till 4am/ 5am in the morning). I don't know how he can function if he barely sleeps!; (because he's a predator and he's looking for more foreign born, abused women who won't question him after he LOVE BOMBS them, they are hooked and probably grateful for his attentions.... its all a lie)

- I believe all the photos he sent me were taken by other girlfriends (Prague, castles, etc.). If he lived in Germany for so many years why does he need to be always touring Europe? One of them was taken by his wife for sure (the one at the lake in Chiemsee);
- I've confronted him but he denies everything. He feels no regret and he blames me for everything since I don't trust him. He tried to tell me I was putting 'him and others at risk' and the CIA would be upset with me. He's not CIA! He's sick! (BLAME SHIFTING OF THE PREDATOR)

He asked me not to harass him (they ALL accuse US of harassing them. Since when is demanding truth & some honest explanations harassment?).
To sum up: I was cheated, conned, betrayed by this predator (as is his wife, or wives, or numerous girlfriends)! He faked being a gentleman, helping old ladies, giving money to beggars, faking religiousness & spirituality, being CIA morality and being ethical but its all an act. (and a LURE!) "

There are several links all over the Internet concerning this jerk. And one needs to keep in mind, Nathan Thomas is just one of a large group that are predators and so called ALLEGED bigamist. This is a national growing problem, and many of these men now use the Internet as their tool when searching for their newest targets. I highly encourage any one who has an Internet relationship, no matter how wonderful it sounds, to research your prince charming. If you think that you might be romantically involved or married to a bigamist, I encourage you to read I Am Married To A Bigamist What Should I Do?

Donna Anderson from made this comment concerning bigamy, which pretty much sums a bigamist up.

Donna Anderson comment:
People who commit bigamy generally are not simply "in love with love." Bigamy is often a manifestation of a far larger problem - the bigamist is a sociopath, a social predator. Sociopaths have no conscience, no remorse, and no emotional attachments to other people. Sociopaths do not feel affection, but they proclaim their "love" to manipulate their targets into giving them what they want - usually money or sex. The fact that it is impossible to verify whether or not someone is married enables these predators to victimize people. Experts estimate that 1 percent of the population are sociopaths - that's 3 million in the U.S. They devastate millions of lives. These people are fluent liars and con artists, and the US legal system is woefully inadequate in dealing with them. A marriage database would be a basic step toward helping innocent people defend themselves.

Other links available on Nathan Thomas.

If anyone knows where this man is or has any other information concerning him, please alert Cyberpath EOPC and they will make sure the information gets to the proper authorities.

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Tuesday, August 07, 2007
Case# 22 Trouble Makers On The Internet
Don't you just hate it when someone goes into a discussion or forum board, and starts a flame war, belittles and embarrasses people, just for their own satisfaction of their attention need? And they start their behavior as soon as they get there.

I have been keeping up with an individual who is doing this on practically a daily basis. While she claims that she has her heart out for the community, the fact is she is trying to takes these communities down a notch or two, and with no valid reason to do such a thing.

This particular person believes she is an expert on many things, (TOS, Privacy, rules, etc. when it comes to discussion boards) and if you disagree with her, then you are automatically put on a hit list, and she will blog about it, brings it out in the discussion forum and several other discussion forums, knowing full well it is going to bring contention among the members, the owners and herself. Personally, I think she does this just to get attention, to show off and to try to convince readers that she is some type of expert, and hoping that the members will read her blogs. But if you boil the truth about this, it all boils down to power of what she can do, and will try to exert that power anyway she can, never even considering what the outcome or repercussions could be. Or even cares for that matter. She uses the excuse

"Most don't even bother to read the terms when signing up. I spent hours going through networks and I did not find one place where a user had outlined a specific license on their profile page. Therefore as it stands users can create derivative works from any content submitted there." on this particular discussion forum."
LINK is given so that the reader can understand the entire discussion and responses by others.

Well I have a news flash concerning that statement! It is not the sites owners fault that their members do not read the TOS, or whatever. At least it it is there to read! And even if members did read it, they might not have found any problems they were concerned about in it. So why would she even care if the members read all this stuff? Geez, if she is trying to warn them, she is going about it in the wrong way.

Here is another
LINK that points how this individual is just trying to create havoc for no good reason. . (I think many readers will recognize this person from other places they have visited themselves before.)

I could provide dozens of link concerning this and at least half a dozen sites she is questioning in just the last month about how they run their own site, how their TOS is wrong and unfair, but I think the two links will give you the general idea why I consider this trouble maker behavior.

Now, I do believe if you find something wrong with a site, regardless of what it is, that one should PRIVATELY email the support links and voice your concerns and complaints there. My experience on the Internet has been very successful with doing just this. There is no way in the world I would go to the discussion boards and try to put the site or site owners down in front of public view of others for my own personal attention gain (or should I say game?) or write blogs about it with the intention of harming the site. Most normal people that I know of would not do such a thing, and if they did, I would rethink my relationship with them.

But, trouble makers are all over the Internet are doing this on a daily basis. My husband, who loves to play role playing games, told me that he gets so disgusted and frustrated when he plays a role playing online game with others, as many are there just to create havoc, they do not go by the game rules and just try to kill everything in the game (which is not how RPG are done), as well as if it has chat, they constantly try to provoke people and start flame wars. The immaturity of many members doing this is what made my husband stay away from online games.

Anyway, end of my rant about how trouble makers make life on discussion boards miserable for other members or members thinking of joining. It really is frustrating for members on discussion boards having to face this type of behavior. And I bet many people who are thinking about membership in some of these sites, read these types of discussions or her blog, therefore rejects the idea of joining the site. Could it be that was the trouble makers intention and has this all thought out?

Keep in mind there are thousands of trouble makers on the internet doing just this same thing, or something in common of this behavior. I chose this particular individual as an example as I have been following this story line for over a month.

What really LIES BENEATH the trouble maker?

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Saturday, August 04, 2007
Case# 21 Emotional Blackmail On The Internet
Recently I have become very interested in researching emotional blackmail, especially in regards to the Internet. And just like everything else dealing with Internet horrors such as scams, frauds, trolls, stalkers, etc., emotional blackmail is rampant on the Internet. In all reality, people who scam, fraud, stalk and troll the Internet, generally use emotional blackmail when doing so in some form or fashion. Also, one can see a great deal of emotional blackmail on blogs and discussion forums and dating sites. Oh, woe is we.

Examples of scams and frauds using emotional blackmail can be found over and over again in Nigeria emails asking for money due to some sad story, such as a death in the family, or accident and they need someone to get their money to the US for them, with promises of sharing the thousands of dollars for helping them. People actually fall for this and find themselves in financial devastation. Cyberstalkers and trolls use emotional blackmail when they are finally outed by writing blogs or going to discussion groups, where they give sad stories about how they are being wronged and they are the victim in order to save face. Dating sites have tons of emotional blackmailers and use it as a tool to attract the opposite sex, usually for financial gain, and besides being emotional blackmailers, they generally are also adult Internet Predators.
EOPC Cyberpath Blog has dozens of blogs and information on this particular subject. Keep in mind, many emotional blackmailers use their own blogs as an emotional blackmail tool, believe it or not, just to get comments as the are in need of constant attention. These bloggers can also usually be found on several other discussion forums giving one pity party after another, mainly just for the comments they expect to receive, as this will fill their need for attention. This is really sad as it is sometimes the only way to have some type of fulfillment in their disfunctional lives.

Everyone is guilty of emotional blackmail to some degree. We use it with our children by saying things such as "If you do not clean your room, I am going to be very disappointed in you." We use it in many ways, but if you see certain emotional blackmail tools directed at you on the Internet, red flags should go up! You might want to stop and rethink about this individual.

If you find yourself in a
FOG, by the emotional blackmailer, chances are you are becoming a victim of the blackmailer. In other words, if an individual manipulates you to somehow feel FEAR, OBLIGATION and GUILT, then you are probably dealing with an emotional blackmailer. BEWARE, as it can only get worse as time goes on. The emotional blackmailer uses many tools so that the victim will feel the effects of the fog. A few examples are making unreasonable demands to seem reasonable, or making immediate demands of you and expecting you to make an immediate response, manipulating the victim so that the victim feels selfish, comparing the victim to others that the victim does not like or approve of, pushing the victims "emotional buttons", realizing how much effort and pressure needs to be applied before the victim finally gives up and gives into their demands. There are a lot more tools the emotional blackmailer will use, but I think these will give you a general idea.

If you are in contact with a person on the Internet, and are starting to become concerned about their behavior, such as are they really my friend, what do they really want from me, etc., then keep these things in mind. Are they asking or begging demands from you that you do not feel comfortable with, and if you are resistant and notice that they continually pressure you, or even threaten you (threaten can come in many forms, such as high school jarb of "I will not be your friend anymore, etc."), or do you see a pattern of repetition with this person, or have noticed this person treating others the same way, chances are, you have an emotional blackmailer on your hands. Google them right away as this is usually repetitive behavior of an emotional blackmailer! RUN AWAY NOW, and run FAST!

If you still do not recognize they are an emotional blackmailer, then maybe this will make things clearer for you. Are noticing that you are starting to feel no longer important, insecure or bad about yourself and the reason you feel this way is due to the emotional blackmailer and what they have corresponded to you. Or are staring to question your own ideas and goals or are starting to feel isolated. Are starting to feel stressed out and unsure about your self, and it is affecting your daily life? If so, consider that a BIG RED FLAG. The emotional blackmailer knows exactly what they are doing and that is why you might be in a dark FOG! GO TOWARDS THE LIGHT! Get away as fast as you can and go find others who are genuine and stable on the Internet. Emotionally stable people do not want to try to control you, manipulate or intimidate you or put you down for their own personal gains. Stable people do not contradict you just for the hell of it, or abuse you, and then say it was all in humor. Stable people do not try to thwart your goals, but generally instead try to encourage your goals. Stable people do not act like your personal thoughts and achievements are trivial and do not try to increase their own power by making threats towards you.

Genuine friends on the Internet do not forget your discussions with them or forget promises and agreements made between the two of you, yet an emotional blackmailer will use this as a tool against you. And then when they do, they somehow figure out away into convincing you that it was your fault that they did so. Emotional blackmailers are players and will play on your fears, ambitions, sympathy, values, ideas, friendships with others, and so much more, all in order to control you until they get what they want from you. They can and will use tools such as threats to end their relationship with you, reject you and blame it all on you, or give you the "cold shoulder" and encourage others to do the same, all in efforts to control you for whatever reasons they have in mind.

The emotional blackmailer is in very close proximity to an Internet Psychopath, Sociopath or Dissocial Personality Disorder. Their overall goals are closely related when it comes to their victims. See
Psychopath and Sociopaths Disorders for more information concerning this. A few examples, they do not have the capacity to maintain long lasting relationships, yet, they have no problem at all in establishing them. They are incapable of having any guilt feelings, and do not learn from experience of their problems on the Internet, nor do they believe they should be punished for their ways, as they feel they have done nothing wrong. They will blame you (or others) for any problems that arise, or give rationalizations for their behavior, and cry victim themselves. They convince people that they are not what others say they are and try to hook their victims in by pity of all the horrible things that have happened to them. And they do this over and over again, especially on blogs and discussion forums. They tell lie after lie if someone else tries to warn you about them, and they shift the blame to the party that tried to warn you, and then create stories of how the other person is out to get them and that they are the real victim in question! It is a NEVER ENDING STORY. My advise is to close the book and cut off all contact with them. As if you do not, they will rope you in, and you can find yourself in a miserable state of confusion as to what happened, not to mention the possible loss of finances, or in many cases a broken heart. Sad thing is, when people do finally let go of the emotional blackmailer, the blackmailer just searches for a little while and finds their next victim. Sadly many are going to be hurt by the emotional blackmailers on the Internet in many ways and in many forms.

There is a great deal of excellent information on the Internet concerning emotional blackmail if you would like to know more about it. Just Google "Emotional Blackmail" and thousands of sites will pop up on your screen! If you feel that you are, or might be a victim of an Emotional blackmailer, or know someone who is, I encourage you to read as much about this disorder as possible.

After getting a comment from Fighter 2, one of the 4 bloggers at EOPC Cyberpaths blog, I decided to edit my blog and include these links as they all are related to the behavior of an emotional blackmailer.

"Modus Operandi" of the Emotional Blackmailer



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