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Friday, March 21, 2008


Mike Kings real name is Mike Dodd. Apparently for years he has been using his wife's maiden name to hide his identity. 

UPDATE 3/26/08
I see Mike King, (or the site owners) have been busy removing information given of what I had linked to the blog. This is really not a problem as I have a complete copy and paste of everything!!!!!

It has been a long time since I have posted to this blog. Other challenges beside home life have taken up my individual time. There is no short story to this blog, even if I wanted it to be so. But I will at least try to give a short version of my findings. It all started at the end of August, when I joined my first social networking site. This site was very new at the time, and I pretty much jumped right in, and meet many wonderful people, and wanted to make a difference at RFN, better known as Rotatrix Friends Network. And in my efforts of helping, I was made a staff member. Then an executive staff member under the direction and role of Mike King, who told me that he was a co-owner with RFN. In reality, it turned out that he was nothing more than an administrator at RFN, and nothing more. The owner discovered that Mike King was doing things and making changes with RFN that he, as an owner was not aware of. The owner of RFN admits that this was partial his fault of not keeping up with what was going on with RFN, due to his fathers unexpected illness, and then the death of his father. But once he discovered he was being taken advantage of as some members were alerting him to things unknown to him, he promptly removed Mike King, and another administrator from RFN. From there, he sent out a message to all staff members of at least 40 members on staff of the removal of Mike King as administrator, and expressed to them that if they wanted to remain on staff with RFN, to let him know. Of course this caused a flurry of confusion among all the staff members, and all but two, which I was one of the two, stuck with the owner. All the others went with Mike King to build a new community as they so believed in Mike. Since that happened, the brains of the original staff members left Mike and his new community Mike is trying to build, as new things have come to light concerning this. And they discovered that they were also trying to be conned by Mike King's words of promises that no longer held water with them.

I do apologize for this being such a long blog, but I felt it is of great importance to stick with my theory of outing and exposing people, such as Mike King, that takes advantage of people on the Internet. Days upon days have filled my time with researching this, and now I bring it to the public attention of the Internet. I am angry with myself that I believed and took for granted of what Mike King told me and the other staff members in our private staff forum. And I never even thought about investigating or researching Mike King until I received the letter that all staff members got from the owner of RFN . Well, my research is done now, and my hopes are that it will alert others to the ways of Mike King, and people like him that take advantage of people on the Internet in ways of scam, hype, fraud, lies and so much more. Like I said, this is a great deal of reading, so you might want to bookmark this, and read it when you have time to do so, check out the links, etc. in regards to your time. And, please, if you have had any dealings with Mike King, or people like him, please leave me comments on this to better educate the public concern of others using the Internet. It could help and make a difference to others. My goals have not changed on exposing those that need to be exposed.

As I have done before in many of my blogs, I put my thoughts in BLUE and in parenthesis in blogs, and have done the same here. Also, all date time frames will be in bold.

This is the first important information material I found on Mike King where he joined a very large business site that goes by WOSAT (Wings Of Success Advisory Team) He was placed on Team 6 of WOSAT according to the Board member and Group Leader meeting., dated Wed 4th January 2006.

According to this next link of Wings Of Success Advisory Team, WOSAT dated March 18th, 2006 of their Minutes of Board Meeting, something must have gone terribly wrong with WOSAT and Mike King. ( A great deal more is in this link, which is given in cache for easier reading and finding concerns mentioned of Mike King in this link.)

Dr. King, the owner and founder of WOSAT addressed the issue of Mike King several times. Dr. King stated concerns that Mike King took the WOSAT principle to use as his own, and that Mike King intends to take 50% of everything for himself, and then give the other 50% to others. Dr. King stated that Mike King was in direct competition with WOSAT, and using the WOSAT model, and expressed that if anyone joined Mike King's IMU (Internet Marketers Unite) team, that you would no longer be a part of the WOSAT team. There was also a problem with the issue of Mike King recruiting others from WOSAT and giving them titles in his organization. Dr. King explained that Mike King left WOSAT on bad terms, and that Mike King tried to take over WOSAT, and when Mike King could not acquire an officer's position with WOSAT, that Mike started blasting WOSAT and started to try and get members from this. Dr. King went on to express that Mike King seemed to be a very inconsistent kind of guy, by using the example of Mike King quitting WOSAT 3 times, and they allowed him back 3 times. That after Mike King was not able to acquire a VP position with WOSAT, he placed a negative post in the WOSAT forum. It was also added that it was not good for others to be around people like Mike King, due to the lack of trust in these kind of people.

I am assuming that Mike King must have meet Dr. King from the Adlandpro community, as WOSAT and Dr. King were part of Adlandpro. And Mike King joined Adlandpro 11/5/05. When viewing this link, Adlandpro of TSMsolutions , make sure you spend sometime looking at the tabs at the top. Notice the ABOUT ME tab, where Mike King states he has a Masters Degree in Marketing, and that he has been an entrepreneur since the age of 14. He also states that since 2005, he has become well known as a top Social Net worker, Relationship Marketer, and has built several successful ventures and helped his downlines to do the same. He ends by saying that he is President/Owner of Social Networkers Corner.

Now, that is pretty impressive stuff. Fact is, it is not true, and as you read more, you will see all the lies and inconsistencies of Mike King. But many people bought into his words and lies, and I would even hate to think or count of how many people were hurt, disillusioned and lost a great deal of money due to Mike King and what he convinced innocent people of.

When you check out the WEB PAGE TAB, it talks about TCMsolutions, and is very long. What is stated in this tab follows below.

1. INTRODUCTION: TCMsolutions is a team of Entrepreneurs, and that one can make money by helping others succeed, and also profit from helping Non-Profit Organizations that battle against Child Abuse and that TCM will be the first on a global scale concerning United Voice Against Child Abuse. (this entire Introduction is very long, but this is the meat of it.)

2. Ownership of TCMsolutions: TCM is the brainchild of Mike A. King, and the name and organization belongs to the ownership of Mike King. Mike further states that he has implemented a Profit and Part Ownership into TCM, where 49% of the profiles will be divided among active members, and areas of involvement will be discussed at the June (keep that date in mind) unveiling, and volunteer groups worldwide will have an equal say in company decisions.

Mike King did not want to take the role or responsibility in the important decision of an identity of TCM, as his members are better than this than he is. He is leaving this up to his earliest members, and starting in Jan. members will have 6 months to work together to create the online site, and it will launch after that. That he believes in the success of this, and all should have a say in what the opportunity will amount to.

4. PUBLICITY - VS - ADVERTISING: Mike's personal goal in the creation of TCM was to discover away to trade unlimited free advertising and public support to Entrepreneurs online, in return of them providing support and awareness working toward the same goal of Internet Marketing success. Launch date will be Jan. (does not give the year, but I think he is talking about Jan. 2006), and all members will be involved in the course of input concerning this. And in trade for your business as a member with TCM, one will be involved in the attention of thousands of others who support this, as well as supporting themselves. Every time a donation is sent to one of their chosen NPO's, a newsletter will go out to the supports, and these people will come to your site in droves to support you in return. Also, but being a part of TCM, one will have the option in ways of contacting the media via global scale, and those yo invite will also read the news reports on your service, products, etc. as well as your fellow members. Mike King also states that there will be another unveiling in May (remember this date) which at this time is a secret, but will make members money from the free publicity and promotions included, and one will earn an income from all of this, which will also generate repeat customers to your site.

5. PUBLIC RELATIONS: TCM version of Public Relations will draw potential customers and clients by using a Marketing method of People Selling. It works in different ways and through different programs, but basically the same theory is that it allows members to sell themselves, which will build long term relationships with their customers. According to Mike, the theory of how this will work will be explained in more detail when they are closer to the launch date.

6. SHARED PASSION: After 15 years of Mike being a professional fund raiser, he chose to dedicate his business to help organizations that fight Child abuse, as he is a child abuse survivor, which is where his passion comes from. He hopes to see TCM become the lead supporter of organizations that touch his membership, and his personal goal with is to make it a reality and will invest hours to accomplish this.

7. Co-ordinated Marketing:
Instead of members who join to sell a product or service, they will be given the opportunity to advertise instead of what they represent. Yet, on the same token, TCM will be adding products and services as they expand and will be global marketed with all profits divided among the membership. (then he goes on to give an example which is confusing to me.) His co-ordinated (BTW, this is his spelling and not mine) plan is to require members to spread the word, and once TCM is launched in Jan., interested clients, customers and supporters will then be directed to a site that has a list of the NPO's supported, and programs that have been taken in. Members will also be required to list TCM on their website to let supporters know how proud they are to be members with TCM. In return, of advertising TCM's site, members will have all of their companies listed on TCM where it is easy to read and their will be a directory.

8. TCM Division's: Adlandpro is in conjunction with this as they share the same desire to help organizations attain their goals, and a number of sub-communities have been set up for TCM members exclusively. One has to be a member of TCM and be placed in one of the divisions of TCM, then Adland will provide you access to free advertising resources. (three divisions are listed)

9. Adland's Commitment To Our NPO's:
Mike King states that Adland agreed to help their global growing Non-Profit Organization by way of creating sub communities for NPO's and Fund raising, which allows them to work in unison, exchange information and resources, and to communicate. (Another example is given inside the link of how this will work. Very interesting.)

10. HOW MUCH WILL THIS COST: Membership is free, BUT, if members raise money, $6.00 per member monthly goes to TCM, and the rest is divided to members after final expenses. Then 60% goes to NPO's, 40% is divided at the end of the year between all active members.

11. CONCLUSION: TCM principle is very basic, and cannot tell more of their secrets at this time due to someone stealing their idea and TCM would not be needed if that happened. Mike King further states that he can insure you that if you join this team, the ideas and concepts available to make one an online success, better than any competitors which they will out number, and you will hold membership in a revolutionary company. (YEA, RIGHT!) In ending, Mike King states to send him an email to join, and he will place you on their membership list that is growing rapidly.

OK, end of that information. I tried to bring the meat out of each category, as there is a great deal of information listed in the WEB PAGE tab. If one did not know the scams of Mike King, this would look very good to them. According to his profile, his user ID is TCMsolutions, and he is a Social Networking Success Coach and also list his Company as TerraZap with a URL to View TerraZap's web site link, but the link is dead and takes you nowhere. Like I said before, since he joined Adlandpro in Nov. of 2005, I believe this is where he meet up with WOSAT, where he tried to take over what WOSAT tried to explain in their minutes of Mike King's con artist abilities.

In keeping on track with the time frame of Mike King, I give you this link
Community Director, concerning Community Relationships, date times between 2/18/06 to 4/26/06. Here Mike King talks about where people go to find their information, products, services and business opportunities on line. He states they go to people they can trust and know by reading about them, their achievements, etc. Then he goes on to say that GTCM's (I still cannot find out what that stands for) is a relationship builder directory, giving people globally a structured directory without all the hype and BS. Also a section is included for tips, Sales and Marketing. And another section is dedicated to Charities and Non-Profit Organizations, and a section on Business Opportunities. He states that the directory will bring Marketing Communities together where they can learn from one another and build potential clients and customers that will last over the years.

He goes on to state that the GTCM directory will not publish information unless it is realistic and provable. (What a JOKE) That it is important to be honest with people and to not mislead people as it could hurt you. (Sadly he did not learn from this, or I would not be writing this blog to expose him.) He ends by stating if you want to make history with him and build a true Relationship Directory, then accept his invitation. Of course he is the founder here, user ID is CommunityDirector, joined 2/18/06 and last logged in 4/26/06 and has 138 friends. (I wonder how many of these friends he swindled!)

Next in order of time frame of Mike King, I found this Living Solutions blog dated April 20, 2006, where a very caring blogger believed in Mike King, and posted information that Mike wrote titled HELLO Adland Friends.

Mike King starts off by saying he is the founder and CEO of two clubs, one is profitable and the other is Non-profit. He goes on to say these clubs are for global Internet Marketers to help them work together, assist, learn and promote their online success and to reach their potential. (Yea, I know! Same song and dance. This will be seen a lot in this blog.) Again TCMsolutions is mentioned here and the reason he is dedicated to it.

Then he introduces the IMU Club (if you will remember, this was spoken about in the WOSAT minutes in March 18th, 2006 with their concerns about Mike King.) The IMU Club will be the business side of UVACAG Corporation (United Voice Against Child Abuse) Globally, and TMCsolutions will be the fund raising side. Then of course he gives his story of how important this is, left with an invite, etc. And again he is founder and CEO of the IMU club and TMCsolutions. Also, this is where I discovered that Mike King goes as GOOFY NEWFY, and signs Your Buddy.

Having a hard time keeping up with this? Well, your confusion is only going to get worse. Next we have this link on Downline Partners where Mike King's user name is uvancafamily, and made a total of 3 posts in this forum, where he tries (and may have succeed) to scam people. DATE of May 13, 2006 (BTW, the link takes you to his posts available. From there you can look around and read them in their entirety. ) All 3 of these posts are dated 5/13/08.

First post is subject matter of THE GOOFY NEWFY. Here Mike talks about having a Goofy Newfy on board, and is there away he could introduce his own programs to the members here to build up his IMU club and introduce UVACA.

Next post is subject of The Absolute Worst Part Of Our Industry. Now this is funny and shows where he lies to people. He talks about what is killing the Industry and turning people away based on people wanting something for nothing, verse people being told they can have something for nothing. How people are looking for a quick fix, and this has given the Industry a bad name. Yet, ironically, he has the solution for the people, by recommending that they buy an EBOOK about the true secrets of Internet Marketing that he can offer to them for only $10.00. That the secret is simple, and the kind of people he wants to see come into the Industry, are not convinced by lies, but told the truth for a change. (ROTFLMAO, I am sorry, but this is so funny, and it even gets better.)

He ends with your Newfy Buddy, Mike and then adds a PS to the post. Mike apologies for preaching, but he came online just 6 months ago and started to make money in the Industry as a leader and he is sick and tired of all the hype and scams. (WAIT A MINUTE! In the time frame I have already given the readers, did he not say that he has a Masters Degree in Marketing? Did he not say that he has been successful online since 2005? Did he not say he is a successful Marketer with a track record of 15 years? OMG, he said even more than that! So what is it? A newbie of 6 months or a recognized GURU since 2005? Hmmm)

Next post is a reply from GOOFY NEWFY to someone. Here Mike tells this member that he is the CEO and Founder of UVACA, and that the members are on 6 different continents working for the same goal, with a number of projects he is involved in. That he is an Adult survivor of Child Abuse. (WOW, only on the Internet for 6 months, and look what he can do. CEO and founder of UVACA and sells Ebooks to! Amazing!)

Time frame next has been discovered in this, BLOG where there are 3 blogs of importance, dating first of April 13th, and ending on July 8th 2006. Once here, the blog title reads PRESIDENT'S MESSAGE. If you go to the link, you might want to scroll down to the bottom, as that is the order of dates on the blogs. But, I have placed them in order here to paraphrase of what was entailed in the blogs.

MY NEW BLOG, Posted April 13th, 2006 in IMU TEAM

Here, this dedicated blogger (and this is so evident that she believes in the cause of what she writes about, and I admire her for that. Sadly, I am willing to bet that Mike King took advantage of her and her loyalty) speaks about the launch of IMU on April 14th 2006, and would like everyone to get involved in the fund raising side and business side of this. She kindly tells Mike King thank you for giving her such a wonderful opportunity to make a difference with children. Then she speaks of how she made friends in the group that are survivors. (I can just imagine the sad story that Mike told her that probably broke her heart and felt so sorry for him. It might have been a true story, but chances are he used it to win her friendship and trust.) She also includes UVACA in this blog.

Next blog is Leading UVACA, posted Friday, May 5, 2006 in IMU Team

In this blog it is evident of her excitement of being part of UVAVA, and put a great deal of time in setting this all up with team leaders, and what everyone's position is. Listed first on the long list of members positions, is CEO CO FOUNDER, MIKE KING (Remember that now, as was it not before stated that Mike was FOUNDER, not co founder!)

The last blog is titled BACK TO BUSINESS, July 8th 2006.
Here the blogger speaks again of Mike King and says our CEO is a plan in action. How he organized two businesses for people to join and speaks of his vision as a team and what it can do for them. She also list links related to Mike King such as GNBS (goofy newfy buddy system, which evidently is a free matrix) She also speak of BRING YOUR BUDDY (you will hear more on this many times latter, known as BYB), and ends her post with excitement of how team work WORKS! The links given here still do work, but have no relationship to Mike King anymore I don't think.

I do not know what happened to all of this after July 2006, as I can find no more mention of it, but chances are, he swindled some caring and dedicated people and moved on to his next story and venture. And while I am on this subject, I am very concerned about this link in regards to a Petiton of UVAVU , as it is a petition concerning UVAVU, and I am wondering if Mike King, since he started this petition was also party to the 310 who signed it and their email addresses provided.

Next in time frame of Mike King, begins on the date of July 15th 2006
, and has to do with the Paul Darby Marketing Forum where Mike made a total of 14 posts. The Paul Darby Marketing Forum takes you to the posts made by Mike King, but at the link, you can also view his profile if you would like. Mike made all 14 posts in 2 days and then never returned.

Without having to paraphrase each individual post, I will just give you an idea of what he said. Mike is very long winded, so I just tried to recap it for shorter reading.

Mike starts off by saying how wonderful this group is and that he plans to spend a great deal of time here and pitching in to help when possible. That he is not a technical guy, but has been involved in offline marketing since he was 15 years old. That he follows the skills his father gave him of success ingredients of dedication, desire, honor, ethics, passion, etc. and to surround yourself with these kinds of people. Then Mike goes on to say that he is aka "The Goofy Newfy", owner and founder of the GNBS club, which is a $10.00 a month program, to cover the cost of BYB, and what BYB (Bring Your Buddy) can do for you.

In another post, he speaks about how he gives 110% to helping people have true success. (I can't count how many times I have heard that story myself from Mike King) Then he speaks again of selling eBooks for $10.00. If you want to read the entire posts, it might give you a better idea of how he cons people.

Next time frame is July 23, 2006 where he is trying to win 11 months of free blogging at this link of Who wants to win eleven months of free blogini?

Subject is Why Should The Goofy Newfy Win 11 Months Free Of Blogini?
Here he gives his name, and that he is the owner of GNFB, and the reason he should win the 11 months of free blogging is because it would be an opportunity to provide his team to the new blogging community, which would also include a training program called "I AM NOT A GURU" to Marketing newbies. He goes on to explain that this new training program will be dedicated to teaching newbies and those not experienced as Internet Marketers, that people do not have to fall into a category of being an Internet GURU to be successful on the Internet. He goes on to brag that this training program will be unlike anything ever offered and will be down to earth, straight laced Internet Marketing program ever on the Internet. (He is good huh? LOL So, as you can see from this link, a new idea has evolved with Mike. Never heard about it after this again.) He then ends with a PS inviting anyone who reads his message here, and is in need of Marketing Tools of quality and resources, to join his team in the link provided.

Next on the time frame is Aug. 25, 2006, where Mike joined this forum, onomoney Free Forum and only made one post. The only reason why I decided to use this time frame is due to what Mike said, which contradicts other things he has said, but somehow really tries once again to convince people that what he says is true. Mike gives his name and where he is from, and then says he is called "The Goofy Newfy" as he was tagged with that name due to his zany approach to Cyberpreneurship and Internet Marketing. He goes on to state that he has joined this group and will be joining others to find new global contacts where he can exchange information in regards to Marketing, Business opportunities, advertising and such. He goes on to express that he enjoys a long record of success online and offline for the past 15 years, and has a wealth of knowledge he is willing to share to those interested in learning about this Industry. He then invites others to email him, and he will take a look at their current online venture, and that he has over 10,000 global contacts that he can share these with. (WOW, 10,000 contacts! Pretty good for someone who has only been online for 6 months! LOL) Then he signs it "Your Marketing Buddy, Advertising Team Leader for the $7 Miracle Team, with a link.

The $7.00 Marketing Team, yep, that starts in my next time frame.

Date frame is from Sept. 22/2006 to Oct 21/2006. Total posts made here are 66 posts.
Again, the link provided of the $7.00 Miracle plan goes to Mike King's total post area, but you also have the option to view his profile also from this link. Once again, especially with so many posts, I will not cover them all but do some re capping of what he expressed in these posts. This may be long in doing this, and I will try to hit the things I think is most important of how Mike King operates, leaving the reader the choice if they want to read more, to follow the link above.

(Again, there is no way I could count how many times I have heard these words from Mike. So much that it almost sounds like a broken record.)

Mike's first post starts of by saying he is among the best of family and friends that a man could ever hope for to surround him. That many already know him as they hung out with him as "The Goofy Newfy". Then he goes on to pump you up with information that he can't wait to introduce all here of his new plans for the IMU101 Advertising Assistance and Training portion of his team. Everything done will be directed at promoting success for all.

Next he speaks of the difference between OPFM and his group, and to the members he speaks powerful words of WE ARE THE MIRACLE! He speaks more about OPFM and how professional they are and what their primary focus is, which includes once again about BYB. Mike goes on to say that there is no other team available on the Internet who so cares about each other, and helping others with success. That the forum will fill up quick from global friends, and he looks forward to working with all. (YADA, YADA, YADA, some song, just a different tune that I heard at RFN!)

Mike continues to post about the birth of the team, and to his family of over 1,000 members strong with shared goals in mind, and to help every member to have success on the Internet. Mike continues with his personal contributions to the team, and how everyone will benefit from it. That he has invested close to $500.00 in promotions and advertising online and offline to get everyone started, and will be adding to it as they grow. He then goes on to say that any fee for BYB is used for tools to benefit the team, as well as the growth of the team, and that every dollar he earns outside of OPFM will be reinvested to cover the advertising of the program on a large scale.

Then in a Sept. 24 post, he talks about how happy he is to see how active everyone has become, and that he is trying to take some time off to be with his wife Tracy, so he might not be around much as he wants to get to know his wife again. (what about his daughter Chandra? Why does he not mention her in this and wanting to be a father to her?)

He goes on to say in another post that he and Carl (rmcglobal~Site Admin, and I recognize that name from RFN!) are very busy in getting everything working and functional, so to not be alarmed if they do not respond right away as it does not mean they are not reading the posts, but difficult to answer individual to them. And as a reward of being patient and understanding to this issue, that they promise to buy them a round of drinks when we get to the ISLAND. (Talk about hype and broken promises. Go figure!)

Sept, 26, 2006 posted by Mike, that he is sick to a serious bug flu. He goes on to state that he works in a hospital so this is not uncommon to have this happen. That he is bedridden, but had to post to let everyone know that he was thinking about them and he will be back on his feet soon, and that he has many surprises for them once he is back on his feet and active again. To encourage them, he states that the entire Internet Industry is watching them now, and they share the attention of some very heavy hitters and showing that the little guy is possible t share success on the Internet, that they are the future of Internet Marketing and the next wave of leading the future. (As a staff member, I heard about Mike being sick before, and I do not believe a word of his illness now after what I have discovered and am using this excuse so many times.)

Oct. 01, 2006, Mike posted that he was JUST CHECKING IN, as the doctors have him under restrictions of how much time he can spend on the Internet, as he has pneumonia and a spot on his lungs that is not going away, and the doctors do not want him to exert himself. (Trust me people, Mike gets sick a lot when the tough gets tougher and people start questioning things. I have seen this many times before while at RFN as staff. It is his outlet, and he uses it a lot I think to make others feel sorry for him!) From there, he starts talking about phase 2 of things, and delivers an announcement that anyone who joins BYB will be eligible for a draw of 20,000 unique views to their site of choice, and this draw will take place on the 15th of each month, and that the end of the year, a major prize will be awarded to the member who has been the most active. Then he has a question for everyone of what they would think about him creating a flip matrix system. If you have time readers, read the replies to this as everyone has no idea what he is talking about! Mike ends this post for all to check out the contest and Incentive program for BYB that he so heavily invested in for the TEAM!

Oct. 1, 2006, Mike posted a BYB UPDATE. Of course he is still sick, but did notice that members were wondering about what is happening in the phase of their program, so he will try to explain to them. That he and Carl introduced the BYB as a secondary program to the $7.00 Miracle Matrix for several reasons. That the members need to be reminded that when they joined the team that 50,000 registered members were already in place of OPFM, and decisions had to be made on how to make their team grow as a small TEAM in a huge organization, directed at GOAL and growth.

(GEEZ readers, if you get time, please try and go read this post, as it is so long winded by Mike, not to mention totally confusing and so full of Hype, it is just pathetic!)

Oct. 1st, 2006 Mike once again is able to post the subject of EXCITING BYB CONTEST. (Pretty good for someone not back in the saddle again, especially considering how long winded these posts are. LOL) Basically, what Mike is saying is that he has the biggest contest and announcement, and prize that no other is offering on the net to promote loyalty and growth for the TEAM. He talks again about 20,000 unique views and an opportunity to launch a Marketing Campaign prize worth up to $200.00. But, according to Mike, it only gets better of the prize available as he invested in a package of 1,000,000 unique views to be awarded to a member of BYB by the end of October. (Remember that readers, as his last post here is Oct. 21, 2006, never to heard from again here! I am curious of what happened! Can any readers expand on this?)

Oct. 10th, 2006, Mike posts the Subject of HEY GUYS YOUR GOOFY NEWFY BUDDY IS BACK.

Here he apologies for being ill so long, and it took longer to get back on his feet than he expected. (Poor Baby) That it has been brought to his attention that members on the TEAM felt that he lost focus, and has been spending all his time on BYB, and that he should be focused on the OPFM TEAM build. Mike stated that this was not the case, and the reason he brought BYB Phase in was that it was a program that was paying, and he thought it would be a good way to get the members into some quick profit. Mike stated that BYB was not working as planned, and that he would place BYB on hold, and use it only for the tools and resources it can offer to help build OPFM. He stated that he would continue to pay for the $200.00 month advertising concerning the TEAM Rotator. But, as of today, his interests are with OPFM and will be removing several posts from the forum on BYB so that the TEAM focus can be on OPFM from now on. Mike went on to say that Carl had informed him that members were generating unhappy questions about BYB when he became sick, and Carl felt Mike was doing wrong by the members. Due to this, Mike stated that he was more than willing to change what he was doing, as he loved everyone and was dedicated to the TEAMS success.

Oct. 21, 2006 was the last post from Mike to a member that he welcomed back and said he missed. That he emailed this member a lot of information, and if he did not receive it, to let Mike know and Mike would resend it.

END OF THAT FORUM. Hmmm, wonder what happened to Mike and all of his wonderful promises!

From Oct. 21, 2006 until the summer of 2007, I could not find any information on Mike King. Of course it is possible that I missed things, or Mike could have gone into new places under new screen names that I have not discovered as of yet. As stipulated in this blog, Mike has admitted that he worked at a hospital. Sometimes I wonder if the lack of time between Oct. 2006 until summer of 2007, if he was not admitted to a hospital for psychiatric problems. Or, for that matter, psychopathic problems maybe. If one goes back and reads my top rated blog on google on Psychopath and Sociopath behavior, one will see that Mike King fits very well in certain areas of what I touched on and described in that blog.

Remember, at the beginning of my blog, I told the story in brief detail of how I meet Mike and how I was even sucked AGAIN in believing things on the Internet that was not true concerning what people, such as Mike King feed me. And in turn I believed him! These last few links go to show that he still lies about his position and titles and tries to scam and con people. Mike King was never an OWNER, Partner CEO or Founder of RFN, yet he tried to convince everyone he came into contact that he was. He was only an administrator, no different than me being an administrator at RFN. But in the given links, one can see where he tried to convince the Internet public otherwise.

Here at LINKEDIN dated June 2007 he gives false information that he is the OWNER of Rotatrix Friends Network. To view his entire profile, one would have to register with LINKEDIN, and I do not want to do that at this time. UPDATE ON THIS. THE LINK NOW SHOWS THAT THE PROFILE HAS BEEN REMOVED. NOT SURE IF MIKE DID THIS OR LINKEDIN, AS THEY MAY HAVE READ THE BLOG AND DO NOT WANT TO HAVE THEIR NAME ASSOCIATED WITH MIKE. At least for my records, I do have a copy and paste.

And at this blog link, Ray Jackson, dated June 11th, 2007, Ray writes a blog where he is partner's with Mike King at RFN, and this is false as well. It seems most people that Mike King talks to, they believe him and take for granted what Mike says is true. I feel sorry for these people as in reality, they were probably innocent bystanders, and the only mistake they made was believing Mike King!

Then I found this LINK where this individual actually thought she was a partner with Mike King at RFN, and was very excited of what Mike promised of how huge this would be for her. I could not find a date on this, but the time period is summer of 2007 when RFN launched.

This LINK shows a comment that Mike King left to someone on another networking social site. I found several of these comments left to members at other places, but am using this one as an example.

Notice the comment says thank you for adding him to the members friends list, yet ends with MIKE KING, RFN FOUNDER/CEO. Titles Mike KING made up!

Right now, this is my end to this blog, but I am sure new things will come up concerning Mike King in relationship to fraud, brainwashing, lies, scam, etc. All comments to this matter will be considered. At least readers now know "WHAT LIES BENEATH" concerning Mike King!


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