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Thursday, November 26, 2009
Case# 57 Plentyoffish & User Finding His Rape Victims Online
(from 2008) Following a probable cause hearing involving sex assault suspect Thomas Currier on Wednesday, prosecutors involved in the case are urging anyone who may have had contact with the Hampton Falls resident to contact police as soon as possible.

Currier, 34, of 6 Marsh Lane, is currently being held without bail at the Rockingham County House of Corrections and has been charged with aggravated felonious sexual assault.

The charge alleges that Currier drugged a female dinner guest and then sexually assaulted her at his home Aug. 3.

At his Wednesday hearing held in Hampton District Court, Currier waived probable cause through his attorney, Olivier Sakellarios.

Sakellarios argued the issue of bail during the hearing, stating his client should have the right to post some type of cash bail and not be held without even the possibility of release.

Deputy County Attorney Tom Reid petitioned the court to maintain Currier's bail status during the hearing and told the court the alleged sex assault may not necessarily be an isolated incident.

Reid said that according to several women who have come forward since his arrest, Currier has displayed a course of conduct over the past several months that leads Reid to believe Currier is a danger to the community.

Currier is alleged to have met the women through various online dating services, such as and, and allegedly made attempts to get women to meet him at his residence.

Reid also revealed Currier is currently being investigated on another outstanding charge of criminal threatening and theft.

According to the deputy county attorney, on Aug. 7, Currier is alleged to have invited another woman over to his house and after she refused to engage in some type of relations with him, he threatened to shoot her and then stole her purse and money that was inside of it.

All of the individuals that have come forward have reported Currier getting angry when they refused to meet him at his home alone, said Reid.

Another disturbing factor, Reid said, is that Currier's 11-year-old daughter was present during some of the encounters.

Reid said that if the court chose to amend bail, he would ask for it to be set at $500,000 cash.

"The community is in too much danger from him," said Reid.

Sakellarios argued Currier is an upstanding citizen and father and should be given the opportunity to work and provide for his children.

The Manchester attorney even presented a witness at the hearing and stated that she was familiar with Currier and he never made any sexual advances toward her when she spent the night at his house.

Since Currier was arrested, two other women contacted Foster's via e-mail with similar stories of having nearly met up with Currier at this home.

The women were directed to police, who later confirmed the woman relayed similar information to law enforcement.

During the hearing, Reid maintained that all of the women that have come forward so far have no relation to each other and no motive to bring forward such allegations.

Ried urged anyone who may have had contact with Currier online or in some other form to notify police.

Following the hearing, Judge Francis Frasier said he would take the bail arguments under advisement and make a ruling at a later date.

Two men are in custody in New Hampshire on rape charges, in a case in which police say women were drugged, then raped after meeting the men through an online dating service.

After the arrest of 34-year-old Tom Currier of Hampton Falls this month, authorities said they heard from other women who reported online contacts with Currier. He is being held without bail on two rape charges.

Saturday, police announced another man, 32-year-old Shawn Hutchins, was arrested on two counts of rape and one of acting as an accomplice to Currier. Hutchins is being held on $500,000 bail.

Meanwhile, police want to hear from anyone who has had online contact with Currier or Hutchins. They say Currier met women on and They say he went by the name AWalkToRemember08 on

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Tuesday, November 17, 2009
Case# 56 John McFarlane Kills Woman Who Snubs Him on Facebook
(note the 'scorned woman' nonsense this predator uses)

(U.K.) A stalker was jailed for life yesterday for murdering a mother with a bolt gun used to slaughter livestock.

Fitness instructor Mary Griffiths, 38, had been due to meet police earlier that evening but her appointment to discuss the harassment had been put off until the following morning.

The divorced mother of three was asleep when slaughterman John McFarlane smashed through the back door of her home with an axe.

Mary Griffiths was shot by slaughterman John McFarlane with a bolt gun in front of her children after she called him 'delusional' on Facebook

He turned off the power at the fuse box before rushing to Mrs Griffiths's bedroom and attacking her as one of her daughters slept beside her.

The Old Bailey heard he punched her repeatedly, tried to strangle her and shot her in the shoulder with the bolt gun as she screamed for help.

McFarlane, 40, who blamed Mrs Griffiths for 'ripping out his heart' after she rejected his advances, dragged her downstairs while her daughters Jessica, 13, and Hannah, ten, tried to fight him off.

A neighbour saw him continue his attack in the street, where he pinned her to the ground and shot her twice in the chest just before 3am on May 6.

Maxwell McDonald, who witnessed the murder from his window, described the shooting as being 'clinical, deliberate, like an execution'.

McFarlane also hit Jessica around the head with the weapon, which he used at work to stun cattle.

Neighbours tried in vain to revive Mrs Griffiths, but she was later declared dead in hospital.

The court was told McFarlane fled to a friend's home around a mile away in Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk.

He sent texts to friends, saying he had taught Dublin-born Mrs Griffiths a lesson for ' ripping out his heart and stamping on it'.

Police later found him bleeding heavily after he slit his wrists in the garden of the house.

McFarlane admitted murder and was jailed for life with a recommendation that he serve at least 20 years before being considered for parole.

Mr Justice Bean told him he had deliberately armed himself with the stun gun after deciding to kill Mrs Griffiths.

He said he would have ordered a minimum 30 years had it not been for McFarlane's early guilty plea and evidence he was suffering from a mental disorder at the time.

In a text message sent to a colleague before the killing, McFarlane wrote: 'Yes JB (McFarlane) is off on a revenge mission to teach people a lesson who stamp on your heart.

'I will spare the mother, not the beautiful girls. They like me will die. Hasta la vista baby.'

He followed it with another saying: 'This is what rejection does, it ***** you up. All I needed was a cuddle and to be loved.'

His choice of weapon echoes that of the psychopath killer in the Coen Brothers' 2007 film No Country for Old Men.

The court heard Mrs Griffiths met McFarlane at martial arts classes. They became parttime instructors, teaching in Bury St Edmunds and nearby Newmarket.

Mrs Griffiths, who divorced her husband in 2007, regarded McFarlane as a friend.

But when she started a new relationship, he began telephoning and texting her constantly, prompting her to ask him to 'back off'.

McFarlane then began ignoring her at the gym and around that time she had a tire on her car slashed, although she did not know who was responsible.

When Mrs Griffiths's relationship failed, they became friendly again.

On hearing Mrs Griffiths had broken up with her boyfriend on April 23, McFarlane left his wife.

He moved to a friend's home, but then stayed two nights at Mrs Griffiths's home, sleeping on the sofa.

Mr Harvey said he had upset Mrs Griffiths during his stay by going into her bedroom, but she made it clear his advances were not welcome.

McFarlane later posted a message on Facebook, falsely claiming he had been having an affair with her.

Hours before the attack, she called police to report harassment, and an appointment was made but postponed until the next day.

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