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Saturday, September 30, 2006
Readers, like the title reads, my opinion is voiced here, and I know others opinions differ than mine. (Found out it is very important to stipulate that it is my opinion.)

The majority of my readers know that Rose Desrochers is very upset with me (probably with good reason, as the rest of the blog will show) and she whines and complains on her blogs and other sites (and comments) that I am trying to discredit her. Well, if the truth be known, she seems to be doing that all by herself, along with a little help from her friends, and what I am doing is pointing out facts that are researched, as well as my own personal opinions. (anyone is more than welcome to give her some cheese to go with her whine!)

My problems do not lay with her loyal readers and fans in regards if they choose to see the truth concerning her, and believe every word that jumps up from her keyboard reaching readers, and soon possible victims of her. Yet, I expect to see in the future, some of these loyal readers and fans to come out with their own horror stories concerning her. It always has happened in the past, and it should be expected in the future.

Rose, in my opinion and the opinion of many others, exhibits abusive behavior and problems on the Internet. And this behavior has been noted since 2003, that I personally know of. (Maybe before then!) And in my opinion, pretty much anything she writes if full of lies or half truths, or twisting of words to fit her to convince others when questioned, in hopes of satisfying her loyal readers, yet suit her at the same time. She is very good at manipulating, conning and leading others to false grounds.

As far as I am concerned, Rose falls into many behavior problems actually in a blog I wrote awhile back dealing with Abusive behavior problems. I know the blog above in question is long, so I will try and break it down for the readers.

For example:

1. ALIAS ~ "The psychopath troll makes a point in provocative comments in order that emotional responses will be given by others. And many times when responses are given, they challenge the conversation, many times breaking the rules of chat or forum board, therefore being banned, and then cry VICTIM and go back in under a new identity."

Rose goes by many names, and the ones that I am familiar with are:
(there could be many more)

When one goes to research or google Rose, in order to find out more about her, these alias need to be in place to find out more about her behavior and true history. Also, the majority of these ALIAS have been banned from many, many sites, especially forums that she disrupted and started flame wars on.

2. BANNED~Concerning being banned, Rose has been banned from numerous forums where the threads are no longer in place and even if you find it in a google search, the thread will not come up as it has been deleted or removed! Since I started my So called trolling on her, I also went through the time and effort to COPY AND PASTE every forum and site I could find (and I am sure I missed some) in relationship concerning her and placed them in the appropriate category and date that I set up within my journal. These threads no longer available consist of of ugly name calling, threats, insults, private messages, etc. to the readers at these forums. (Of course this did not sit well with the readers there and they came back with their own words and complained, which ended up with her being banned!) OK, Rose, not your fault. Sniff, sniff!!

3. FLAME WARS ~ Rose would (and still does) try to start flame wars with others by trying to convince members on forums that certain people or businesses was (were) a scam, run illegally, is bad, beware, etc. etc., without any research what so ever. It never occurred to her to dwell deeper in research of what she might write and report on, but probably just taken off something she read somewhere, and she is OUT to get one from what she read! The other side of the story in question does not matter, as she did not read that story first!! In her process of her fingers hitting the keyboard, she cares nothing about how the outcome might play out of what she reports, or how it might effect and hurt people and businesses at first glance and in the long run. And of course, once the word gets out to the parties in questions that they are trending dark waters from someone unknown to them, (or someone they trusted at first, and then angered by who knows why) they immediately respond to their reputation at stake, defending their personal reputation, or business, and placing themselves before public view before google and all the world to see. CAN YOU BLAME THEM?

For example, a poetry site much like Todays Woman, was in the news at forums for a very long time, due to a battle over and about a link. (I do not want to mention their name, as their lives have finally gone on, regardless of Rose hoping to destroy them.)

Another example is WritersWorld. While it is evident that there may be troubles brewing with them concerning others, I do not believe a word Rose types on her keypad in reports, as the majority of all she does is lies and untruths and twisting of words and truths. At least in my opinion. Besides, I have not heard their side of the story, which is only fair. I do know this, if I google WritersWorld, problems do come up, mostly dealing with Rose. But, if you google Rose, all kinds of problems come up with all kinds of things!!

4. CONTROL ~ Rose wants to be in total control, and if she is not, or things do not go her way, anger sets in with fire! And if one starts her anger, then the phrase we are all familiar with of "Don't get mad, get even" goes into effect and into new heights with her.

For example ~ James Landrith described on his blog here and here his whirl of events with Rose, and doing so, she became angry (or angrier) with him, and actually blogged that he was associated with porn! She used this tactic again with George English at Pooper Scoops. With me, her anger was a different approach, where in hopes to get at me, her only choice was to go after that sells on eBay expressed at Invision Graphics Hall of Shame HERE. (you will have to read all the dribble to find it, so unless you are really interested, don't waste your time, just trust me!) Recently, I heard where she went into a brand new site that had not even opened its doors yet or established itself, yet she took the time to find and hit the survey that it was THE WORST, before it was even open to the public, all because she did not like the person. Sad, so sad!!

Anger seems to come easy to Rose, and if you are brave enough to disagree with her, you need to beware and look out. The effect of rocks may crumble and buildings may fall, enters my mind and opinion!

For example, noted onJames Landriths blog, (and mine as well) she was angry with someone at Fight Bigamy because in an email they did not agree with what she wrote concerning Perverted Justice and how they operate! Rose had actually written a blog in favor of Fight Bigamy, but removed it due to the fact that they did not agree with her on that subject, so, she went so far as to send hateful emails to Fight Bigamy as they did not agree with her!!! GO FIGURE!!! Quoted comments from James Landrith blog, (Links given above)

"Written by OneOfSeven on 2006-06-10 08:06:05
I must agree! She approached my Fighting Bigamy discussion group about doing an article on a National Marriage Database petition we have begun and asked for bigamy victims to write her, telling our story, which some of us did. She wrote the article and received several comments. Yesterday, she emailed me for a comment on a Perverted Justice article she had just written. I responded privately to her (did not comment on the actual article itself) saying I didn’t agree. She insulted my intelligence insinuating I did not read what she had written, and then removed her article about our group and the database. It seems as if you have a different opinion than Rose, you’re in trouble. I wish I had seen these comments and James’ post before I told my members to write to her and give them their stories."

And then from my blog Searching Rose Desrochers from the same person above, as well as others in the comment section! Reading this makes it easier to understand how she operates!

5. CRY VICTIM ~ Rose is a perfect example of crying victim as shown here where the blogger was trying to point out and explain how one can reach the public in blogs in regards in subjects they write about, but she used his blog to cry victim, since he had used her as an example! She then used the same blogger here to try and start a FLAME WAR with little ole me, (or better known to her fans as the head witch) but it did not work. And the blogger in question was right that there was a deeper subject matter in my blog, one more important than he!

Rose also wants to twist facts concerning things she writes on her blogs and other places that are contradicting to her actions found in other ways. For example, she was questioned on why she read private messages, as according to her site of Todays Woman PRIVATE MESSAGES entailed this here "What are private messages? The administrators of Todays-Woman has permit members to send private messages to each other. A private message is not email. Private messages are one-to-one communications that can only be read by the recipient. You can read private messages through your account. You have the option to elect to be notified by email whenever someone sends you a private message (you can set this in your account). This option can be disabled by todays-woman administrators if you abuse this feature. To send someone a private message, look for the private message icon on a post a person creates. You can send a private message through the person's member profile, or from a comment left on your poem/ story or article. To read further about the moderating of private message please read. Do you read my private messages? Please note anyone advertising their business should contact one of the administrators first. Please do not send spam messages through the system to other members asking them to check out your website exc."

Yet changes and then she reports this here concerning PERSONAL MESSAGES and that PM stands for Personal Messages and NOT Private Messages and her reasons behind to make up excuses of what written by her before! And then continues with this blog to make herself clear! OK, I give, I still do not understand PM when it comes to her concerning private or personal messages.

Contridicting herself again where she writes an article concerning never putting Children's pictures on the Internet here , but then has children on her front page at Todays Woman with a excellent group that supports sick children, (do not get me wrong, the site where they are is for an excellent cause, my qualm is she says one thing and then does another, and when questioned on this, responds with they are sick children and predators are not interested, or along that line, so to speak!

Rose wrote in one of her blogs that SEX SELLS!! And so it does!! That is nothing new, especially on the Internet! Yet, according to my research, ROSE DESROCHERS sells if you want your google and page ranks to go up! And while that is nice seeing this on my sitemeter, what my intentions are is to expose Rose for real, and just like anything else, this is a controversial and debatable subject!
I have not even scratched the surface in this blog when it comes to Rose. It would take an entire book to point it all out. (That is in progress also).

I just had to get this off my chest as I do have other things I really want to blog about that are much more important than Rose and her ways. So, hopefully I can leave this alone for awhile and get on to other projects I want to explore and write about. But, I do think she fits very well with my header of my blog of "WHAT LIES BENEATH?"


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Thursday, September 28, 2006
Case# 3. Thoughts And Considerations: Rose DesRochers is Funny, Strange and Bizarre
Thoughts And Considerations: Rose DesRochers is Funny, Strange and Bizarre
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Monday, September 25, 2006
Case# 2. Thoughts And Considerations: A NOTE TO ROSE DESROCHERS
Thoughts And Considerations: A NOTE TO ROSE DESROCHERS
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Sunday, September 24, 2006
Case# 1. Examples Of Cyberbullies

Cyberbullies Crave For Attention

Before the Internet the bullies we personally knew or had heard about, were probably few in our daily lives. Many times we could see them on the playground as children (this is where it usually starts, in childhood) pushing and taunting another smaller weaker child with the friends in the background laughing and egging the bully on. They would probably tell the bully after the attraction was over "How cool he or she was?" Which was exactly what the bully needed to hear, as it feed his hunger for attention. Some of the buddies would go home and feel bad about what had happened to the victim, but would never utter a word, as by doing so, they could be targeted as the next victim, and that's a very scary thought.

Then the Internet came available, which became a power tool for bullies, and the new term became known as Cyberbullies. And they could prey on as many victims as they wanted, and it was like Christmas everyday! With the world literally at their finger tips, they could search and find as many victims needed to fill their hunger of attention. (personally, I don't think they ever get full!)

Yet, they have one minor problem to resolve, and that is finding followers, as they must have a crowd. Then they have to convince people that they are wonderful, or how important they are, and exaggerate to manipulate people into believing just what they wanted people to believe about them.
And then the games begin! For example, here and here one would never think if you fell upon these site that they were cyberbullies, until after you became a victim yourself with their wrath. They are very good at what they do, and can fool even the best. Cyberbullies go after anything and everything they do not like, or agree with, or for no reason at all, and could care less who gets in the way, or who they hurt or destroy. ( in some cases~lives, businesses, families & even suicide). And victims are easy to find. Usually these cyberbullies have more than one victim they are chewing on at the same time, and skip back and forth to them, making sure no one was left out. Sadly, many times we become the victims just by responding to them. Where, if we had not, there is a chance they would go away due to hunger. On the flip side of the coin, they would continue to feed on a victim even if the victim ignored them. Especially if a comment section continues being fueled by their cyberbully friends, while the comment section fills up with anger and hate, smearing, ugly name calling, out right blatant lies, degrading, mocking (this list could go on and on) of the victim. Many times the victims want to respond, yet can't, because a private party is going on and the victim is not invited to join, but just to read (the bullies love that part!) A good example of that is here. They have no conscious at all concerning the victims, and as far as they are concerned, the law does not apply to them either. The only thing they are concerned about is the attention they crave, and sadly attention grazing means victim hunting.

For example Cicero from ToThePeople, decided that he did not like the idea that Sandra Phipps from Fight Bigamy supports a petition to set up a National Marriage Data Base, which "will ensure that the prevalent crimes of bigamy, fraud, embezzlement, and identity theft will be harder to commit against the people of this country, and the sanctity of both religious and civil unions will be protected." Of course this is going to be a debated subject, as any new law before passed will be debated on the pros and the cons. That is what makes America so great! So, instead of being mature in the debate, Cicero fueled a flame war rampage full of hate, sex, foul language, lies, smears, etc. here aimed straight and directed at Sandra. (If you take the time to read all 77 comments, expect to be their awhile.) In the comments section, you will also read were she is berated for being stupid and not seeing any red flags before getting into a bigamist relationship. Come on people, the phrase "He/she swept me off my feet" was not coined this for no reason. Bigamist are very good at what they do, and they appear honest and caring, romantic and treats the ladies as if they are the most important thing in the world to them. These ladies hearts tell them that they finally found the real man for them. And hearts that are good and caring and loving are vulnerable, and everyone has been vulnerable at one time or another. (Well, people who have hearts, which we can usually exclude the majority of the bigamist from.) Not only that, but on the chance that any red flags did come up, bigamist are highly skilled into conning and manipulating the victim toward a comfort level. If the victim questions about the bigamist about their job (since they have to go away so much with their glee of skipping to one wife to another) they can and do give the excuse that they work for the FBI or other secret job, and they cannot talk about their travels, and they are just going to have to trust them. Also, the story that they are in sales comes up a lot, but always insuring their victims that they can reach them by cell phone. (another great tool for the bigamist as they can set the ring tone for each separate wife) The traveling sales job lie often works great, as it helps the bigamist with his goal of wiping the victims bank account clean as they can use the excuse that sales are not going very well, and play the "poor me depressed role". The victim is going to want to help as they love the bigamist.

And of course the subject of taxes and expense comes up in the comments concerning the petition. That is expected, and yes, it going to cost. But, we need to look at the bigger picture concerning the petition and bigamist and why this law is important. Bigamist have caused many of their victims to fall into bankruptcy and devastation. Some victims suffer PTDD or other emotional problems. Some have had to go on welfare with children in tow. Some have had breakdowns and had to be treated by psychologist and psychologist. Not to mention the judicial system that has to deal with or prosecute the bigamist. Now, who do you think is paying for all these problems? The taxpayers! I think it would be interesting research to find out much our taxpayers money is going to support the above causes. I personally would rather see my tax dollars spent in efforts to save potential victims of bigamist.

The argument concerning invasion of privacy with this petition, I don't quite understand, but Cicero apparently does. Ya think maybe he has something to hide and this could expose him? For all we know, he, himself could be a bigamist, or Identity theft could be in his background and could be a problem. Don't be fooled by ToThePeoples blog, as the appearance looks like an intelligent blog at first sight, but this is what I call the Dr. Jeckle & Mr. Hide effect. Personally I think it is a silk screen that is used like a spiders web to catch and prey upon unsuspecting victims. In this particular case, it happens to be Sandra Phipps, who so passionately cares about this important cause and petition, and being a victim of bigamy herself, sadly gets smeared with anger and hate, lies and so much more in her efforts to help others. She is a brave one, and Cicero and his group could never hold a candle to her in comparison, as she exhibits backbone and character and moral values, while they have none of these attributes. Their behavior shows traits of sociopath and psychopath behavior, not to mention criminal behavior. Fighter, over at also did a blog exposing Cicero and his cyberbullying behavior, and has several more links to the story, if you are interested in learning more about it.

Other types of cyberbullies attack because they are friends with another cyberbully (many times they run in groups.) And joining the war with the other cyberbully also helps feed his attention level as well. And their attacks are unfounded and without any proof or research. They just dance their fingers around the keyboard in idiot style, thinking they know what they are doing. For example, James Landrith is a widely read and publicized blogger, and was attacked by Lord Matts blog, who did not have any of his facts straight, which made him look pretty stupid. James Landrith is very articulate and extremely bright, and came back on him here. Well, that didn't sit well with Lord Matt, and it was quite an embarrassment for him also, so another blog appeared. (Actually two). And James Landrith, quick as a wink, penned and published this blog. Make sure you read the first two links in James blog concerning this. The second blog is just down right comical, and consist of nothing but name calling. I am not kidding. An entire page of name calling, that Lord Matt had to dream up and evidently probably spent a lot of time thinking about. Maybe the words he used will work as keywords in searches with google, perhaps.

Then you can get these people that are coming after you, and you have to question yourself if they are true cyberbullies. They may have been convinced by their cyberbully friends that they are better than "the cats meow", and that they are lucky to know them, and the cyberbully gives them attention and kindness. So, they really do not know any better and are sticking up for their most wonderful friend. Admirable trait, and these people in the long run, generally get hurt. They believe in this cyberbully so much, they really think what they are doing is justified. In all reality, these people are probably very lonely and need a friend and found what they think is a good and wonderful friend with the cyberbully. For example, this particular blogger defends a cyberbully here and also chooses to go farther with her support here She also started this thread. And she did this all for her wonderful friend, which just happens to be a cyberbully. She has another blog on myspace, and after reading all her blogs (they are not that long or that many) my opinion is that she is a lonely girl and needs friends, and has what she thinks is a kind friend, which in all actuality is a cyberbully. If you read her blogs, you will understand why I formed this opinion, and will leave it at that. Maybe this blog will generate some traffic her way. I fear in the long run, she will be hurt.

Cyberbullying has reached epidemic levels on the Internet, and is becoming more of a problem each day. It is actually very frightening, and laws need to be implemented. We all need to watch out, as we don't always know "What Lies Beneath?"

Katie Fairchild

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Saturday, September 23, 2006
Welcome to my new blog!! Indigo Black, as busy as she is, has spent a great deal of time designing and working on this template for me. Indigo, thank you so very much. A great deal of back and forth emails from Indigo and I took place on the design and banners, headers, etc. that she put in the blog. Everything she did though, I liked. She had to spend a great deal of time on the header in working the bugs out. I can see the header and all fine. Can everyone else?

Also, after several discussions with Indigo of what to call the header, "What Lies Beneath" was chosen as it is a play on words, also that is where Trolls live via fairy tales, and I think it fits the blog well. Anyone have any suggestions concerning the blog? Indigo and I would take them into consideration.

I am working a blog right now of what I consider extreme importance, and hopefully it will be up soon. It is taking me a great deal of time to do the blog as it is much deeper than I thought, and I want to have all my facts straight, links and my personal opinion in order before I submit and publish the blog. And guess what!! It is not about Rose Desrochers!!

Regular readers and followers of Thoughts and Considerations, I do NOT want you to put a side link to this blog. Reason is, I might be making some bloggers angry, and I certainly do not want them going after you as well. If you remember my blog concerning Sociopath and Psychopath behavior, these people have been known to go after friends in order to get to me. Another example is Arrogant Angels blog where she goes after my husbands business in order to get to me. You might even want to consider commenting anonymous on certain blogs, as I have a feeling I am going to be stepping on some toes and making some Internet low lives very angry with me.

Anyway, at least please comment and tell Indigo and I what you think of the layout! Again, thanks so much Indigo. It means a great deal to me!!


UPDATE, Some information concerning Rose is covered. (Heck, I am a female, I am entitled to change my decision.)
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