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Wednesday, July 04, 2007
What is a Cyberpath? I have searched the Internet for a solid definition of a cyberpath, yet have not found a complete definition. I have found many sites that use the word cyberpath, and I understand what they mean and basically understand where they are coming from.

Cyber of course, is pretty much defined to the relationship of electronic communication, especially in relationship to the Internet in the ability to describe, voice, convey, etc. via a computer. From what I understand while trying to research this, the word Cyberpaths was originally used to describe how electronics work and the paths derived from there. For example, there is a site called Cyberpath, and it clearly has no relationship at all when we think of people as Cyberpaths.

Therefore, I am going to give my own definition of the word Cyberpath, so the reader can understand more of where I am coming from when I get to the meat of this blog.

CYBERPATH ~ People that possess a Narcissistic , Sociopath , or Psychopath personality disorder where they use the Internet as a tool against others on the Internet (their victims) in order to harm, bully, abuse, provoke, troll, torment, created conflict, destroy, damage, deceive, flame and inflame others for their own gratification , for example, seeking personal or financial gain.

With that definition in mind, it brings me to the heart of the matter of why I wrote this blog. The Internet is so vast and growing larger each and every day, and has become a enormous playground for Cyberpaths to prey and easily find their victims just by the touch of a keyboard and mouse. And their eyes are glued to the monitor until they get their "fix", spending hours and hours doing so, as their fix is what keeps them going, and many times, like drugs, it is an addiction to them, and needed everyday. And I for one, along with many others, hope to find away to warn people that can become victims to these Cyberpaths. I intend to be a "whistle blower" when it comes to these jerks, whether they be male or female. Thankfully, there are other sites set up that feel the way I do, and are much larger than my little blog and are full of information that helps warn people, educate people, help the victims, plus so much more, and I will be giving links for some of these sites within this blog.

Now readers, one needs to keep in mind when you see sites or blogs that are "exposing people", to be careful not to jump on the ban wagon of what you might have read concerning cyberpaths. Many times such sites, especially blogs, are by written by Cyberpaths, using their blog as a tool to gain people to follow their lead in their opinions expressed in their blogs that will attract or convince others, and can be expressed in such a way to confuse, yet lead others to their cyberpath side. Make sure that the sites you read or blogs in question, that they have proof of what they express when exposing someone, or have links they can provide to give you a better idea in forming an opinion. And if you use any reputable sites or blogs in order to help you expose your own story, make sure you are honest in whatever you say, as a good site will check your story out and will not (or should not) just take your word for it. Just because someone made you mad, or went against something you said or believed in, is not a good reason to exaggerate your story or tell untruths about the person you are angry with. Trust me, in the long run, this could back fire on you for trying to do this, and can come back to haunt you. But, if you do have a story to tell, and you are telling it honestly, many sites will listen to your story and try to help you in avenues of getting it across on the Internet.

If you are being approached or feel that you are in danger of a cyberpath, my best advice to you is to keep records of all communication dealing with this. Set up a file just for this individual, and place any emails, blog entries, forum comments, etc. in regards to a potential cyberpath. Actually, sometimes it might be several individuals, as many times they run in packs, but it is pretty easy to see who the leader of the pack is. Copy and paste, save all emails and screen capture as much as possible in case these things are removed later, so that you still have some type of proof. If you are not familiar on how to screen capture this link of MWSNAP is a great tool, especially if you are new to screen capturing. The best advice I can give you though is to google the person that is giving you problems, or their screen name or handle. Chances are, you are not the first person having problems with this individual, and doing a little research can really help you out before the harm is done.

There use to be a time in my life when I trusted people way to much, and I attribute that to having somewhat of a sheltered life and living the majority of my life in small towns. And when the Internet came into play in my life, I also found myself way to trusting. After getting burned, I became very leery of anyone or any site I come into contact with, and the first thing I do now is google or research their site or the person that concerns me, so that I can have a better idea of who or what I am dealing with. Doing so has saved me a great deal of grief, and a greater deal of knowledge. It has really helped me when it comes to deciding who my friends are on the Internet, or what sites or blogs I feel comfortable with. For those that know me well, already know I have googled them, and those that I refer to my Interent friends, or vise versa applaud me for doing so. I encourage them to do the same with googling my name.

In reference from the statements above, I am talking about individual relationships that one can get wrapped up into and then burned along the way. Now, I want to touch on other sites and blogs that are "whistle blowers" so to speak, that spend a great deal of time, effort and energy trying to expose and protect others from Cyberpaths. And trust me, when they do this, to me they are some of the bravest people known, as they stand behind what they do, and how they do it, as a great deal of time is spent to protect others from cyberpaths. Several sites were started because they were victims themselves, and have experience of what one goes through, and keep their sites up and running as it is just as important to them as the TV show "America's Most Wanted", or as important as scientist feel when trying to find cures to diseases. Cyberpaths are a disease on the Internet, and many are trying to stomp it out! And I am one of them. I am a WHISTLE BLOWER!

Now, with that said, let me introduce you to other Whistle Blowers who are concerned with Cyerpaths, whose sole intent is to help others who are already victims and also promote their sites so that others will not fall victim to a Cyberpath.

1. EOPC (Exposing Online Predators & Cyberpaths) is run by FOUR (4) people, 2 of which are outside North America and one is offshore. These individuals reports almost daily on what is going on in cyberspace concerning cyberpaths, and the blog fights to protect victims of the Internet. This blog is very educational and informative. The blog is always in the middle of your screen and the focus of the blog is on predators who prey on other adults. On the left hand side of the blog is full of information and links to help you if you are a victim. On the right hand side, several links are given of the previous blog entries as well as links to other stories and sites to help interested parties or victims.(Or know of potential victims in the Cyberpaths wake) It is an absolute must read if you are interested in cyberpaths or are having problems with cyberpaths. One could spend days at this blog and be thankful that they did!

2. Fight Bigamy is also another wonderful site by Sandra Phipps who is the founder and she also was a victim of bigamy. Fight Bigamy reports mostly of vulnerable women who fall prey to men who are married, sometimes married to multiple woman, usually for financial gain, that take advantage of their victims. Majority of these women have no idea that their spouses already have other marriages intact. These perpetrators come off as charming, intelligent, successful, kind and caring, but the perpetrators real goal is to suck the victim in for their personal financial gain. This site has excellent links for victims that have fallen prey to this havoc, as well as links to help others that might be facing these cyberpaths. Another must read! Make sure you read the ABOUT Fight Bigamy page under Fight Bigamy!

3. Another excellent site set up by Donna Andersen who was a victim herself, and spends a great deal of time and energy trying to save and salvage others that were (or could be) victims of cyberpaths in relationships of courting, marriage and love. This site has wonderful links dealing with what a sociopath is, how to spot a con man, Internet threats, Legal system failures, how to check out potential cyberpaths that might be predators, and super links to help one dealing with cyberpaths. The Love Fraud Blog is also a superior blog that gives advice and links to victims or possible victims.

4. Perverted Justice This is an powerful site that everyone needs to read and stay updated on. While the above sites I have given pretty much deal with relationships particular with marriage, dating, bigamy, etc., this site is all for predators going after our young children. There has been a great deal of controversy with how Perverted Justice does it job, as many people feel that this should be left up to individual Police Forces. I strongly disagree! Training the police to do what these people do (volunteers) to catch pedophiles would cost the tax payers thousand upon thousands of dollars to just receive the training these volunteers get. Perverted Justice has been in the news several times, such as Dateline and other many places in the news, and what they do has placed many predators behind bars, and have made their mark in keeping our young children safe. Like I said before, these cyberpaths are all over the Internet and having a place such as Perverted Justice to help up protect our children as victims falls into the category of superheros to me.

5. MILITARY FRAUD Review Journal on STOLEN VALOR: Acts of Dishonor has an excellent article concerning Military Fraud. I am really proud of people that expose people that fraud our government and our military. I think it is vital that the US people know who these people are as we want to believe all their heroic acts when it comes to battles and wars. The Military are people we count on and trust, and if they are not true to their cause and use false and fraudulent military experiences or war battle cries that are untrue, then I think it is very important that we know about that. How dare they take something so dear to our hearts and represent our country only as a way to self satisfy and belittle those that did die in the war. This is truly sad, so very sad. Stolen Valor is a book that I want to read, and will order it soon, as I am very interested in this subject.

There are many other sites that are "whistle blowers" set up specifically to expose people on the Internet, and I am sure I will be reporting more of these groups as time goes on. I am hoping that with the five that I have given that it will reach others, whether they be victims or not. A cyberpath that I know recently questioned me and what I do, and I quote her exact words ~"It is not up to you to police the internet". Here are my thoughts on this! It is up to me to police the Internet and will continue to do so if it saves just one victim, or comforts a victim, or educates, or alerts others of Cyberpaths. And I do not have a monopoly of policing the Internet, and hopefully more people will see the danger of these Cyberpaths and will help in this endeavor. And as far as I am concerned, we will never be able to conpletely warn or alert all people, yet, we will try, but if just one is helped or possibly saved by the horrors that Cyberpaths are capable of doing, then I feel I have reached some of my goals.

I am able to enjoy the freedom of having some type of status of who reads my blogs and what subjects are read the most. My blog that has been read the most, and is read several times everyday is PSYCHOPATH & SOCIOPATH DISORDERS. This tells me that many are interested in this subject and are victims, or know victims, or are at least trying to understand this behavior, especially when it deals with the Internet and Cyberpaths!

In ending this blog, let me say one more time again, I AM A WHISTLE BLOWER! Definition of a Whistle Blower usually comes into play if you are an employee, former employee of an organization, especially government or business related. While I do not fall into these categories, I do feel that I fall under the definition of someone who reports or exposes misconduct of others, or entities, especially in concerns when misconduct is a violation of law and a direct threat to the public at large, and when it deals with fraud, safety violations and corruption. Whistle Blower according to Wikipedia Therefore, when it comes to Cyberpaths on the Internet, I will continue to blog on CYBERPATHS and WHAT LIES BENEATH so that others can decide for themselves and at least, be forewarned.


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Investigated by yngathrrt @ 5:36 PM
Link To The Evidence| 8 thought(s)
Great article, Katie. And THANK YOU for mentioning my blog! Keep up the fantastic work.

Great Katie - one correction EOPC (Exposing Online Predators & Cyberpaths) is run by FOUR (4) people - not one - 2 of which are outside North America and one is offshore.

We all post as Fighter.

Hi Fighter, I have changed my blog to read that now, and thank you for alerting me to this correction.

Fighter and oneofseven, keep up your great work with the blogs as they are so vital for so many. Thank you both for your comments.

Thanks Katie

You may want to take a look at 7/9/07's post - on what the narcissistic rage of one cyberpath can do.

It's textbook - I am sure you have seen it in other online bullies. This particular guy (gridney) is one sicko. Sending us emails thinking we are his targets. Just bizarre. Scary to think he has a good job, lots of money, big house, travels and has a wife & kids - isn't it?

We mention Haberman and of course "Ed" Charles Hicks who, according to rumors, is writing a tell all book to "correct the facts." Sure... I hope the D.A. sees that book! And despite being thrown in jail partly for being an online predator, his probation officer says its ok for him to be online (on how many dating sites?)

Should you wish to share any of our predator's profiles - let us know. Victims are helped by your kind of support.

Just to let you know, another good site just opened up to expose them:

Here are my thoughts on this! It is up to me to police the Internet and will continue to do so if it saves just one victim, or comforts a victim, or educates, or alerts others of Cyberpaths. And I do not have a monopoly of policing the Internet, and hopefully more people will see the danger of these Cyberpaths and will help in this endeavor. And as far as I am concerned, we will never be able to conpletely warn or alert all people, yet, we will try, but if just one is helped or possibly saved by the horrors that Cyberpaths are capable of doing, then I feel I have reached some of my goals."

Just wanted to say well said. My thoughts to.

Great article!!! See or for lovely articles.

I've been the victim of a cyberstalker/troll for 6 years now. We went No Contact with her. And she finally left us alone for a little while. But then I noticed she is back at it. Saw she was using my full name to slander me again. I have been so traumatized by all this
I have never had to deal with this kind of situation in my life, until I met my husband. His ex wife has done everything she can to destroy me.
Before me she targeted my husband and harassed him on a daily basis. Using the kids to do so. Now they are older and she can't do it anymore. Yet she still to this day continues to slander me online, make up lies, and even accuses me of harassing her. When I just want her to leave me alone. She has made websites about me, pretended to be me online. I just wish she would stop.
But I gues sociopath will never stop and this is how is will always be. I feel hopeless and defeated

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